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This might be a silly question but are you actively hitting the draw cap or just not seeing big draw numbers? I ask because if it's early game, your characters may not have a high enough Magic stat to draw the big numbers.

Ahhhh....after I was writing my answer to your question I got some thoughts about "Was RaW corectly installed?" and I installed it to a temp-folder. And viola I saw that 2 dll files were missing (bass.dll, ddraw.dll).

I reinstalled the game that often with all mods, that I completely forgot to install RaW clean (not only copying the RaW folder with the music inside).
Thanks for your answer, it helped me to find the solution  :)


this is a really great and challenging mod. But somehow the draw cap during battles isn't working for me...I've installed RaW and put the "Ragnarok_mod.txt" in "FINAL FANTASY VIII\RaW\GLOBAL\Hext"

It's the only file in that Hext directory.
Is there something I did wrong with the hext file?

Sadly it's a well known issue for FF8 remastered....
But there is a workaround, you need to use the opengl injection tool SpecialK:

The same solution was posted in steam:
This should fix it  :)


I recently downloaded FF8 Remastered (via Steam) and installed the Demaster Patch. After unpacking the zzz-Files (via integrated Mod-Manager and/or via zzzDeArchiver), I've got an error message:
"can't open configuration file: 'config.txt" (see screenshot)

After some research I've found out the config file ....\My Games\FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered\Steam\76561198002523132\config.txt was missing, because the game was never started before.
The attached launcher from demaster doesn't create this config file by it own. So I needed to repair FF8 Remastered via Steam and I started the normal Launcher just once. Than the config file was created and after that I could use the Demaster FF8 Launcher.

But this should definitely be mentioned in the readme, that the game needed to start at least once or the Demaster Launcher should be fixed in this way.

See attached Screenshot for the error message:

I would like to try it but the link is blocked, asking permission now

Yeah I can confirm that, the download link for google drive is still blocked by a request...

Hello, this is a really nice mod :) Thanks for your work here but I've found a missing texture, while riding a chocobo. There is no texture for this sweet chocobo :(

I've searched the hashmap RebirthFlame_hm.csv and found out, that "char_sqworld_13,12571052299668781849" is doing this bug (1st entry in *World Map) after deleting it, all textures working fine.

 May be this is helping others.


Hey there, I've found a little texture problem in the junction section for the characters. I'm using the german menu overhaul from norwin.

All textures working fine, there is just a problem with two icons. In the picture from the added link below, you can see that two icons for ST-J (ZU-K) got some extra pixels. I've tried to change iconflmaster_15.png, but this file seems to be fine...even iconflmaster_13.png. And I don't know how to fix this  :/

It would be nice if anyone could help me

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