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WIP / Re: Sephiroth mod
« on: 2019-11-13 09:05:29 »

Looking at your video, it seem you swaped characters data in the kernel.bin to make this? It is a fast way but not a complete one, as you noticed. You should start working with makou reactor tool if you want to go on with your idea, it's the best field scripting tool and it also allow to swap field models among many other things.

As for battle models, I would suggest you to stop swaping kernel.bin data, it turns characters into 'Nibelheim flash back Sephiroth clones', which isn't very interesting for the gameplay. I would rather suggest to 'convert' the battle models you want into Sephiroth with Kimera tool, though it can be long because most of the time you can't just swap bones and leave it as it is to get a decent enough result, and keep various animations like limits in working order.
I wrote a tutorial to begin with modeling work but it's in my native language, french.
Unless you understand it, I could try to translate the relevant part about battle modeling bases if you would like but I don't have the time right now. Just let me know if it interest you.

General Discussion / Re: Export FF7 Battle models
« on: 2019-10-29 13:19:54 »
Kimera don't export the files to a new format so you aren't using it wrong. Proud Clod is for modding battle formations, enemies stats and AI, not the models.

I only read about graphic packs like Reunion or Satsuki pack, I don't use them but from what I understand, the latter at least do convert models to png format somehow. So it must be possible.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2019-10-29 02:31:59 »
As of now my objectives are:

1.   To change some lines of dialog in existing scenes.
2.   To add some extra newdialogue to existing scenes.
3.   To add some new scenes with new dialogs. (with “scene” I refer to the moments in the game where the characters enter into a place, walk around, their models do some animations, talk to each other, all without input from the player except for pressing the “confirm” button to make the dialog advance, for example the “date” scene in the gold saucer).

My questions would be:

1.   ¿How difficult would be to do those changes?
2.   ¿Is there any program / tool that would allow someone to do those changes without prior programing knowledge?
3.   ¿Could I apply those changes on top of the “Vanilla Combat” version of N.T.?
I should clarify that I intend to create this mod only for personal use, and in no way I mean to disrespect the authors of N.T. I ask this because I wish to use Aerith in the story changes I want to implement, and N.T. already has her modded back into the game, also because the translation of the scrip is a lot better in N.T. version that it is in the base game.

Well, that is it, many thanks in advance, and I hope to read your answer soon. :)

You can do all this with makou reactor:

You don't especially need to know a script langage or to have previous experiences with modding, I think so at least since I do have a bit of experience but this tool is convenient to the point that it 'speak' normally to the user in most areas, making the field scripting very easy to understand quickly, compared to other games.
Though modding any game is time consuming, especially since projects can tend to grow the more things you learn to do.
I must wait for a moderator approval so my apologies if this post show up after Sega Chief or someone else already answered.

General Discussion / Re: Export FF7 Battle models
« on: 2019-10-29 02:12:10 »
It depend on what you are trying to do, if it is to mod the game, have you tried Kimera?
FF7 models are divided in parts and doing modifications can mess up the animations if you aren't careful, again it depend on your goals but I don't think you could check how your models are holding up in that regard with a program like blender, while you can with kimera.

If it is for a other purpose than modding the game, I think there are some converters used by graphic packs to put models in png format somehow but I can't tell you what tools they use for that. They must be around though.

The expected enemy animation index is slightly different to the player character animation index, so when taking a hit without adjustments an invalid animation gets played and it hangs. To get around this problem you can manually adjust the Damage Taken animation to a different ID. Add this to the enemy's pre-battle AI:

12   2060
11   4088
60   08

That translates to:
Self.DamageAnimID <- 8

Thank you, thank you and thank you, Sega Chief. It is working great! I thought about something like this yesterday, except I must have made a mistake and I putted it in the main script, not the pre-battle, it caused crashes that almost made me give up and go back to the Rufus animations.
You just saved me from settling with a more limited option.

I tried animations 5 and 6 as well as 8, they are also working on a Vincent's based character.
One thing, I don't understand where is the < in your code (no 45 opcode), or what it's purpose would be?
To me it reads: Self.DamageAnimID - 8
Which is enough?
Anyway it works and I am keeping the info in my notes.

And thanks for your Tifa's anims list, I will be keeping it as reference as well. Much more detailled than my Vincent list for sure.

Ok, I have solved problems 2 and 3 but the first is still bugging me.
I took a couple screenshots if it can help someone to reconize the problem:

The model take a hit, does a half kneel animation then come back to it's idle anim... Then nothing else happen, the camera just stay on him and no one else will act, including party members if I select them a command or if I don't.

About problem 2, I tried animations one by one and made this list, it's not very complete as far as details and accuracy goes for some anims, but maybe it could help someone else who has trouble sorting out which anims attack and cast magic in party members:
Vincent anims:
03 change, move forward
04 change, move backward
05 taking damage?
06 taking damage?
07 fall on ground?
08 dodge?
09 steal?
0A 360 degre turn on self, taking damage?
0B dodge?
0C gun sling?
0D run, runaway?(anim freeze the fight)
0E run again?(anim freeze the fight)
0F Character disappear
10 dodge?
11 materia casting 1
12 fall forward and disappear
13 yet again a dodge?(anim freeze the fight)
14 attack, Shoot
15 attack, Shoot 2
16 attack, Shoot 3
17 attack, Shoot 4
18 attack and move forward without going back to initial position
19 attack, Shoot 5
1A attack, Shoot 6
1B attack, Shoot 7
1C attack, possible mime?
1D materia casting 2
1E Enemy talent casting
1F Invocations casting


I hope this is the right place for this, I am doing a bit of modeling for something and I can't figure out the following questions so far.
Long story short, I made a new foe battle model using Rufus's animations, but they turned out too limited for my purpose, so I switched the model to use Vincent animations. My troubles:

1, Whenever the new model take damage, the fight freeze, it's not a crash, everyone keep moving in their idle animations but noboby will move to do something else, player party included.

2, Depending on which animation I choose in Proud Clod for the attack commands of my model, the game crash in the fight's beginning, and I have made loads of testing to make sure it does come from the physical attack animations choices. Some animations will play without crash, but so far none of them is one that shoot a gun. I had a lucky break with magic casting and found fastly a animation that work, but for the physical I seem to be doom at trying the 40 animations from Vincent one by one? Or can someone tell me which animations numbers are supposed to be the attack in the party members models?

3, Because of the Vincent's skeleton/animations, the model have several weapons attached to it, and of course I can see them in Kimera but how do I choose one for the model in game?
Battle models don't have rsd files that seem editable like the field ones, and I know I can delete the weapons files and give my model a hand with Rufus's gun for example, that was what I did at first, but I realised that the game were actually looking for the weapon(s) file during some crashes, so I tried working with them but not only I can't figure how to make one show up in game, it hasn't solved my 2 other problems above neither.

Please, and thanks in advance for saving my sanity.

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