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Hi guys!
I need a little help to correct a mistranslation in my language (italian) in the official translation.

When you draw a magic, the message is wrong. I post two screenshot.

First one is the right message present in FF8 for PSX and PC. The second one is from FF8 Remastered.

FF8 PSX/PC: "Ottenuto: magia Scan, 8 unità" (English translated from Italian: "Obtained: magic Scan, 8 unity")
Spoiler: show

FF8 Remastered: "Ottenuto: 8 Scanmagia" (English translated from Italian: "Obtained: 8 Scanmagic")
Spoiler: show

I don't have the screenshot, but if you draw just one magic even that phrase is mistransated.
Sounds like: "Ottenuto: 1 Scan" (English translated from Italian: "Obtained: 1 Scan").

I tried to search this phrase on game files but I don't know where is it!
Every single word in this phrase is present in the file Kernel.bin but i don't find the complete phrase.
Someone can help me?

Thank you all!

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