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FF8- Adding model to file
« on: 2021-04-10 03:46:03 »

    I am a beginner to create mods. I started modifying ff ix a few weeks ago and never had any other experience related to this. I am also French, which adds a difficulty for me to communicate.

    A big thank you to the many programmers who helped me on discord, I have a lot of admiration for all the work you're doing so it can be  intimidating to ask questions, knowing that I have a hard time mastering the subject .

    I learned to use the deling editor of myst6re to modify the game, apply new textures, etc ...

    Trying to make a Edea and Rinoa main character mod.
    Problem is, since every fields have there own file, sometime the character I want is missing (example Edea's model is not in any fields of Balamb).

    How can I hex edit to add the character to the file?

    I tried to replace the fields, tried Berrymapper, searched the forum.

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