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Hi guys!
I need a little help to correct a mistranslation in my language (italian) in the official translation.

When you draw a magic, the message is wrong. I post two screenshot.

First one is the right message present in FF8 for PSX and PC. The second one is from FF8 Remastered.

FF8 PSX/PC: "Ottenuto: magia Scan, 8 unità" (English translated from Italian: "Obtained: magic Scan, 8 unity")
Spoiler: show

FF8 Remastered: "Ottenuto: 8 Scanmagia" (English translated from Italian: "Obtained: 8 Scanmagic")
Spoiler: show

I don't have the screenshot, but if you draw just one magic even that phrase is mistransated.
Sounds like: "Ottenuto: 1 Scan" (English translated from Italian: "Obtained: 1 Scan").

I tried to search this phrase on game files but I don't know where is it!
Every single word in this phrase is present in the file Kernel.bin but i don't find the complete phrase.
Someone can help me?

Thank you all!
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I have reviewed the Kernel.bin files in all languages available to me.
I noticed that everyone write the phrase the same way.

In all languages, the number of spells is written before the spell name and they are close. In the original Italian translation, the name and number are reversed and separated by commas.
Example in English:
- Received 7 Scan s!
- Received 6 Blizzard s!
Example in PC/PSX Italian:
- Ottenuto: magia Scan, 7 unità

The undelined parts are words contained in the Kernel.bin file. Those in bold are loaded accordingly.
In the italian translation of the Remastered they used same (I think) pointers of the English (and the others) language. The word "magia" in the italian Kernel.bin, correspond to the word "s!" in the English Kernel.bin. Using same pointers, the phrase in Italian is written wrongly:
- Ottenuto: 7 Scanmagia

Now I just have to figure out how to separate the number of spells (eg. 7) from the spell name (eg. Scan) in order to form the sentence exactly as it was originally intended for my language.

The problem is that I don't figure out how the game point to the Kernel.bin to form the phrase.
Can anyone give me some suggestions?
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