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Sorry if this is the incorrect place to put this question.  When I set up FF7 with Final Heaven originally I set it to my Video Cards HDMI Audio Out.  How can I change the audio out to a different sound card though? I do alternate between two different audio outputs fairly often, so any help would be appreciated.  Thank you so much.

7th Heaven / Re: access within steam
« on: 2015-02-13 01:29:41 »
Thank you very much! I now have it running just the way I have hoped for!

7th Heaven / access within steam
« on: 2015-02-11 00:10:21 »
Hey, first off I wanna say to all the creators and people who helped mod this game, thanks so much. I'm enjoying this game all over again thanks to the mods here, and 7th Heaven.  I used Bootleg before and 7th heaven is so much better, having the ability to try out new mods without a whole new install.  But I have a question.  Is it possible to access my modified ff7 within steam using a custom shortcut?  I like having the access within steam using a controller.  I've tried using the ff7.exe directly out of 7th heaven, but that seems to revert ff7 back to a buggy "unmodified" version of the game.  I know I need to open the game within 7th Heaven, but I guess what I'm curious about is, is there a way to click one "shortcut" to open 7th heaven, then automatically load the game from there.  My goal is to have one shortcut and open the game without the need of a mouse/keyboard.  Thank so much!

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