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7th Heaven / [FF7] 7th Heaven+FFNx Guide&FAQ
« on: 2020-05-09 15:55:25 »
There has been many issues and questions arising from using 7th Heaven v2 recently.

Attempting to manually solve these issues to optimize your FF7 modding experience can become a complicated process. Not only can it be complex, it is completely unsupported by the 7th Heaven team, and will never be recommended or supported. If you continue to pursue any of the modifying-7H-stuff then you are warned, and you should assess the risks and benefits (as well as your technical skill level) before you decide to jump in. There are, however, other sections of the guide that include useful information and techniques to improve your modding experience while also using the default 7H experience, so I still feel it has value until those things become irrelevant as well. I still may delete the guide soon based on response to this.

Until 7th Heaven is updated, or another modding solution is released, I wrote this guide to help people in the interim. It is extremely detailed and laid out step-by-step. It covers every common issue I have heard people come across and provides a walkthrough and solution for the following.
  • I Own a Copy of FF7 on Steam is there a simple modding solution?
  • Using many HD mods causes FF7 to crash frequently!(after battle or in the field) [7H v2.2+]
  • How do I manually update 7H with FFNx?
  • How do I change my FFNx Configuration?
  • 7th Heaven gives value cannot be null error. What do I do?
  • FF7 Feels slow/choppy with FFNx and many mods. What can I do?
  • How do I install DDS texture packs?
  • How do I convert my own mods to DDS?
  • I'm lazy, can you change my FFNx.cfg file for me?

Again, here is the link to the guide. I had to put it off-site because these forums do not support markdown language and the guide was formatted and written for markdown before I realized this fact. Sorry about that.

The need for this guide may not exist at some point in the near/mid future. Whenever that happens someone can delete this thread if they so desire.

UPDATE 7/3/2020 - is also at the top of the guide itself

**7th Heaven now uses FFNx natively with a default installation!, you dont have to manually alter the 7H installation anymore to solve common issues caused by the use of the legacy Aali driver. However, 7H gets updated fairly rarely, and is actually in beta right now. FFNx actually gets updated daily pretty much, so if you want to use a canary version of FFNx, or possibly a stable version upgrade that is released ahead of its incorporation into 7H itself you may want to still follow the contents of this section, but depending on factors at the time it may provide relatively little value to go through the effort. FFNx is only rapidly updated currently in the pursuit of major features and bug fixes at this stage in development. this will slow down at some point and become less and less relevant to even consider the already-questionable decision to try and mess with the default driver included with 7H**

**If you would rather just play with the stable version chosen for the release of 7H but you want to either:
learn how to acquire and use IRO mods in the first place, click here.
or just convert/use all DDS texture mods for enhanced performance: click here.

**You can also manually change all the config options that are not included in the UI of 7H.
as well as change the UI of 7H itself but i havent written that yet - if people even want to know how to do that or want me to just make a custom xml to be distributed here then let me know!

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