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General Discussion / Re: Trailer for Last order dub
« on: 2020-06-21 20:31:36 »
Just watched their completed version. SOOooo worth it!

So whenever I look at the field models through Makou reactor, I barely get to see and arm/leg, and maybe it spins or zooms depending on what mouse buttons I press. Tried Shift, CTRL, and Alt keys with mouse buttons to try and get models to pan. Again, only Zoom/rotating. Am I missing something? I see on Tsunamods Youtube that it seems to default to center and I'm guessing that it is like that for everyone else. I'm just curious how I messed mine up between unzipping it and turning it on lol. Thanks, I appreciate any help.



Ok I've seen your project come up but wasn't sure if it was still in progress. Awesome features! Guessing they're only in your engine though so I'll have to download and try it out. Plus maybe see what I can tinker with on it. How'd you recommend getting started?

Hey folks, Long time on and off tinkerer here that some of you may remember. Glad to see Qhimm is still going and doing awesome things. I've started downloading the tools and fiddling with FF7 again just to see what can be done. After seeing things with the New Threat mod I'd be jazzed to see what I can do. Although more than likely I'll just break my copy of the game alot lol. Looks like Makou Reator will be interesting. Kimera was a headache to get installed but finally got it working last night. I still remember the trick to remaking movies in ff7 and have flash mx to do so. Not going for a big project Like the Zack project wouldve been.

However I'm curious what other Qhimm members have to say about what things in modding they are excited about? I see Qgears and a few other projects have been ghosted. What things should I try doing just to tinker?

@Shard:Yoshinori Kitase was recently asked in Weekly Famitsu (during an interview about the G-Bike game for mobile devices) about possibility of a remake. He states that the G-Bike game would be watched and could "pave the path". It is still a Schroeder's cat of if or not it will be remade but yet again gives SE a look at the customer base for such a game. Just crossing my fingers on it. And yes most likely they wouldn't make FF7 moddable. Most likely if it is at all moddable it is because we figure out how to.

Really wish they would quit with untested ideas for awhile and catch up on HD updates/remakes. Aside from FF7 I'd want FF8 update.

Q-gears is an exciting project and yes I do know of it. I used to frequent the boards and even made some attempt at adding a mod. Though needed help and completely failed especially once a laptop overheated and I tended not to make backups. I'd be excited if Q-gears got to the stage of an usable tool like Elderscrolls Construction Kit. If there were ways to convert the FF7 files into updated resources and more easily moddable because of that, it'd be fun to poke around in it again (for me). Alas it'll be a long while before any such thing happens.

Ok with the G-Bike demo teaser supposedly test running the idea for a remake to FF7, I started to nostalgia for FF7. Thank you steam for making it easier to install. Anyways I got to thinking about the remake. I know I havent been on the boards or contributed for a long time so this post is out of the blue. Let's say that SE makes the new FF7 to be everything we dreamed for. Open world, moddable, Pc plus playstation, hq graphics, the works. Would Qhimm community switch over to modding the remake or continue working on the original? Most likely both I'd wager. What types of projects would you all enjoy bringing to both versions if there were the tools/resources for both?

Glad to still see things going on healthily here :)

General Discussion / Re: Automated modeler
« on: 2012-04-21 01:38:11 »
While a modeler of that degree might not be applicable to FF7 we could do something where modelers could pool parts they make, parts from the game, etc. and you could scroll through them. The program has to be made though and has to read ff7 model files. Quite a task.

So quick update:
With school and everything I've gotten about halfway through the script. If I could use my laptop to play I'd be working on it at night but alas, my laptop is being all screwy. Apart from that, I'm working about 2 to 4 hours on it one day a week. Was monday till my late start classes but luckily wednesday opened up (ditched a girl to get my wednesdays off. So know I'm suffering for making you all wait lol). Sorry it's taking so long. Having to make edits and such for the story. Writing up new profiles for the characters and whatnot.

Spoiler: show
Like Tifa being more of an android then Barrett was. Mainly to explain her arms Zack being drawn more to Cissnei after Aeris. Tifa's search for Cloud and being adoptive mom for Marlene. Introducing Aerith and Cissnei to Zacks' parents. Less crazy Sephiroth, moreso out for revenge. Like when up North Crater the first time, replays some scenes from Cloud's past, I put in more of Sephiroth's thought's on his state of mind, losing his friends, etc. leading up to his "madness". Cissnei revealing her real name. :)

I think "Squall's Dead" and "Rinoa==Ultimecia" make the story better.  I was bummed when Square explicitly ruled them out.
Love the romantic merit to that. Ultramecia stalking squall in dissidia as her past lover.

Just wondering if I should post updates? Pretty much story spoilers though.

On a side note: Discovered that The Ancients are most likely the Saronians from FF3. Thank you FFtactics for that bit of trivia (materia in FFT describes Saronians as the creators of materia). Sorry for the thread revival. Figured it would be better to keep information on Ancients in one thread versus making a new one.

You know the monsters being grown in the Nibleheim reactor. Just read up on Velds history, and it doesn't give a timeline for the Kalm bombing. So perhaps the people in the tanks are Kalm survivors. There for Hojo's experiments in merging people and materia.

General Discussion / Re: Download links don't work
« on: 2012-01-29 08:00:11 »
As said, if your CDs are scratched, it could cut sound data. My best suggestion is to create IsoS of your disks and change reg to run movies off hard drive. That way if you need to replace a movie you can get one off YouTube, fix the framerate, convert to avi, and replace bad movie files.

As to the files that no longer have links relating to megaupload . Megaupload was shut down recently and won't ever be back up.

Similar boat to you. However I first suggest that you look at your schedule and what you want to do. Consider the fact that you don't seem to want to put in the time to do research, let alone having the time to do the modeling. I don't mean to be rude, just pointing out something I myself have done in the past and learned from. Anyways use google to search for modeling tutorials throughout qhimm.

Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith in Wallmarket outfits.

Literally fell out of my chair laughing at this one. I've seen the good, bad, and ugly of FF7 cosplay. This is one of my new favorites along with Zombie Aerith and Jenova (yes I know I have odd taste). Just wondering which cosplay images other qhimm members have favorited?

General Discussion / Re: I need to find that tool.
« on: 2012-01-06 21:25:06 »
Well, the audio still does. Everything else is fine now, though. :)
What do you mean audio!? Oh wait, you mean it doesn't have voice acting. Besides for that I see nothing wrong with the audio.

General Discussion / Re: FFVII DVD Resolution in 1997
« on: 2012-01-06 05:00:37 »
omgg now we find this!?? Why don't all of us chip in  ;D
Hope we can get this somehow that would be awesome!

As I said, if two other people either chip in $500 with me, or more people chip in, I would buy it and rip it. But I don't think that'll happen with it being audit season and all.

General Discussion / Re: FFVII DVD Resolution in 1997
« on: 2012-01-05 16:50:21 »
I still think it is quite funny that even after years of hundreds of fans research, we still managed to discover something new.

General Discussion / Re: FFVII DVD Resolution in 1997
« on: 2012-01-05 03:42:45 »
Nowhere in the original listing does it say that it contains *all* the FMVs.. the table of contents lists 18 clips when in fact there are more than 100 total.
Yeah, 14 minutes of clips just doesn't sound right. Damn! I mean, having those 18 clips would be awsome. But not for $1500. So that is off my list to buy.

General Discussion / Re: FFVII DVD Resolution in 1997
« on: 2012-01-05 02:56:39 »
Holy crud I am tempted beyond belief. Even if I did get it though for that much I'd turn into a Gullum (however spelled, LOTR). And even then what would I get, since all I'd want to do is spread the resource to anyone that wants to high definition the game.......Between this Cd, saving, and a new gaming computer is where my xmas money is in a struggle. I'd happily buy it if other members would paypal donate some of the money back over time. I could by it in the next couple of days if anyone is interested in splitting the cost at least in thirds (so about $500 apiece)

EDIT: Dearlord, if I had the money I'd be buying up half of that things you cant ever have list. Especially imagine if I got hold of that playstation development kit for 65,0000$. Worth a few cars, but I would buy it. Also the light up nintendo sign and Final Fantasy Orb. 188 Sealed PS1 Games (only retro system I have and on it's last leg of having the power cable being held at a certain angle to make it play) DEAR LORD THE CHRONO CROSS DESK CLOCK!!! I WANT!!! YESS!! I'm ordering it! $25
Also Nintendo German Beer mug! Haha!
Life sized LINK!!!

...I need a winning lottery ticket and a bigger geek pad.

...Now kicking myself in the balls for cutting a promotional game box for Starcraft II into poster size...could've sold that in 10 years... maybe.

Graphical / Re: FF7 Redesign (Added Wedge)
« on: 2012-01-04 09:19:43 »
One thing I do know about coordinating outfits, hair color, etc from anime, game, cosplay, etc. Is that having two base colors versus more is always better. Simpler on how the eyes scan over an outfit or image. Try making the pants same color as her hair. Sorta makes for a dark earthy color scheme versus being brown, dark brown/black, and dark pink. For example when you look at her normal avatar, her main colors are pink ( ribbon and dress) and red jacket. As said before, you do what you want, I am just passing along what I have observed.

And yes I notice you matched the ribbon to her pants. It is harder to see if someone just does a quick scan so the three colors clash. Perhaps do her ribbon as the dark brown or black.

Also curious about her key necklace.

wow new found respect for android. Wish I could play ff7 on my Ipad without resorting to a virtual desktop connection.

General Discussion / Re: What Went Wrong?
« on: 2011-12-28 04:45:00 »
Only cinematic games I tend to like are the old final fantasies we like(7,8,9,10) and metal gear games.

Yeah at this point I agree. Rose colored glasses seem to be the the in style for us oldie retros.

General Discussion / Re: What Went Wrong?
« on: 2011-12-28 03:10:21 »
It is a wonder that now a lot more smaller and more independent game companies catch my eye then big companies. Heck only big companies I watch anymore are Bethesda and blizzard. I think at this point the unreal engine owns independent games pretty well. I think that the game industry may be moving into an era where simple works best. I mean, look at the success of alot of iPhone and iPad games. Dark meadows, infinity blade, angry birds, and other quick scoring games are the success. Nowadays, enjoying a good rpg is like reading a book. With work, family, and other daily life, it is hard to get the time to enjoy such things.

Rather, the few of us that have the time to enjoy it, it is hard to find new stuff to suit our tastes. So now a lot of us have turned to modding, programming, graphics, and use of free game engines to try and create games that are good works in our eyes. Just like when only elite few were artists and writers, slowly being the elite few of game development is coming to an end where even kids are putting out award winning works, or people use wysiwyg game builders and make a quick buck.

I don't know if that is a bad or good thing. I mean think about how much any community opened up with the Internet. The art community with deviant art. Flash developers with new grounds. List goes on. And because of that people get to share, experience, and enjoy new ideas. Often for free now. So why not games.

Also to let everyone know I am highly thankful to kuroda. While there is a part of me that wants to do this project on my own on personal pride, I had to reconsider. If this mod was for me or for the community. All in all I think it is best to consider it for the ffvii modding community since that was my intent originally. And the less I have to do of the modeling, the quicker I can do other aspects like the movies. Kuroda will also be helping me with the story which is likely to change as we get more models and details changed into the mod.

For now though kuroda is getting mainstay of models and menu stuff. I am handling the movies and writing a rough draft of the story. Then me and kuroda will put our heads together to flush out the details.

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