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Just a heads up your reunion has an error with 60fps using the overhauled character models on the steam. I have extensively tested this using the final fantasy 7 converter, overhauled models, default models, and weapon optional mod. During the intro the first battle off the train when the two guards attack the screen goes black and music continues to play before receiving and unknown error but only if you have overhauled models activated using the default models things proceed as normal. As I said after extensive testing I noticed another poster on the thread mention the same problem and you yourself hinting at it being the 60fps option. Sure enough I did another clean install ticked off the 60fps and kept everything else on and it worked like a charm.

Ps: when using the ff7 converter and modding the game in the C/Games folder the 60fps and the overhauled models seem to work fine though the text in the text boxes become skewed.

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