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[PSX/PC] kernel.bin data editor - Doomtrain (v1.0.1)

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Does this work for the steam Remastered version?  I've been trying to get it to work, but I just can't figure out how.  If it is possible, could someone post step by step instructions?

you need maki's Demaster and Deling editor.
-Unpack the game using Maki's Demaster tool you should have a folder name DEMASTER_EXP

-Using deling editor locate the main.fs file under DEMASTER_EXP\data\lang-en (assuming your laguage is english) and open the file
-On the deling editor open the eng folder and locate the kernel.bin file . double click it to extract
- you Can now use doomtrain to edit the kernel.bin file
- make a back-up of the kernel.bin file before opening it using Doomtrain.

to make it work in the game you need to replace the kernel.bin with the edited one on the main.fs file you opened earlier.

How do I extract the relevant file from /FF8DISK1.IMG, which I assume is a custom archive format SE used?


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