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Not great. No upscale, whether Waifu or AI, will make those "NPCs" look better.

So planting HD models in with Photoshop might be the best bet. You might be able to touch them up but some don't even look like a human anyway. :P

As for locations with NPCs like that, I think what Devina posted is just about all of them. BG and Deling are the only places I'm aware of that have them.

You are the best. Since I've followed your process on Twitter for a long time now it's really exciting to see how far you've come with this project :) Thank you. 

Thank you. And you're welcome. :)

this is very slick work to see this game in such beauty, the wife actually asked me if i was alright the other night . couldn't stop smiling at my screen lol , i was wondering  tho ,people that are running the giga pixel test, as it is a test do you want us to share with you some areas we find that stand out ? not meaning to step on toes i can only imagine the work you have put in already, just a thought  :)

Haha. Well, I do appreciate it. :) Nah, you're fine. That's actually what I would prefer. So people can tell me if they run into anything they don't care for/can do better. "Test" also means jaggy edges.

Thank you for the italian version ;D

You're welcome. :)

in general this French version 3 is much better than the 2 :) , but by the way I noticed that for the square and rectangular panels or some detail of the decor and for everything that is number or letter it is less beautiful even illegible compare to version 2 for the moment is the only major problem that I saw ^^

For some reason Gigapixel hates text and numbers. I'm checking to see how I can improve that. Sadly that was one of the things waifu2x did better.

version 3 is really amazing . i wonder though if we can further enhance it the bgs by modifying the backgrounds that have text to further enhance it. 

Looking into it. If Gigapixel can't do it better then those fields might have to be upscaled by another program or manually touched up.

The whole game.

Updated. People can now use field textures upscaled with Gigapixel. Currently in the "testing" phase and hoping to have a finalized version in the future with smoother edges. Current version will have a few lighting issues and problems fields which will hopefully be sorted out soon. Will also be implemented into the remaster if and when possible. ...Think that's all.

I'm having this kind of problem:

And my folders look like this:

Any ideas on how to proceed?

PD: Steam overlay is disabled

Haven't come across that issue in my testing... But, uh... I have to ask because of how your setup looks to me. Is this a cracked version of the game or an official one? If it's cracked then I can't guarantee there aren't compatibility issues and I can't help you. Not saying it is, but I feel like I need to point that out. As far as files go, everything looks right.

Edit: Actually, no. Your files aren't correct. AngelWing Spanish is just a necessary add-on. You're going to need the English AngelWing hashmap, too.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-19 22:47:33 »
Were you unable to get the saves working? Or do you plan to just release videos and packs as you progress? Either way, I'm glad to see all this moving forward.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-17 07:03:09 »
I can't tell you how thankful I am for this, thankyou so much, I'm positive they will be super useful! :)

Hope so. They're at all points in the game for this very reason. Field upscales. Look forward to seeing the results. Be nice to use and to compare with my own tests. And Happy Birthday. :)

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-17 06:42:54 »
It's no problem. :) I'll send them now.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-17 06:06:35 »
Alright, so it finished generating the images in about 40 mins (about 2K images), so that was pretty darn fast. Based on generating Balamb, I think doing the masking takes about twice as long (my gpu does the images, but my nasty i5 does the masking). So I'm gonna go watch a movie and it should be done by the time it's over, then I just need to import the images with Pupu, which shouldn't take long. So I'm guessing I'll be seeing what it's like in-game in less than 2 hours. If I'm still awake enough, I might just spit out a video tonight for this which will free up tomorrow for me since it's my birthday. Seeing no issues would put such a smile on my face and would make for a great b-day gift for myself :P

I'll likely put all/many of the images I can't show in game due to lack of saves into a slide show also so people can see what else was produced in the video.

If you need saves, I have them for just about every part of the game. Don't mind sharing them with you if it helps you out.

Oh, I've seen it. And like Covarr said, there is already a thread for it. Been keeping an eye on that, too. I'm actually running my own tests with the one used in the FF7 thread (Gigapixel). Things look promising and it doesn't seem to create much false detail like the others.

Also I tend to talk/post about my tests on my Twitter these days. Kind of silly of me not to post about them here. :P

I'm very impressed by this as well. It does an excellent job with FF7's fields. At least from what you posted, CaptRobau. I even tried this method on some of the FF8 fields and it seems to give some pretty great results. Great find and I hope to see this completed. :)

there are no new textures in the french version. the bghall_7 folder is empty. there is that upscales original textures of bg_hall7a

why the other languages is entitled to new texture more beautiful redone from a to z but not French? I have the impression that French always stays last in all... we do not have the right to the same quality as the other languages?

Strange. It shouldn't be empty. I thought for sure I dropped everything in there. I'll fix it.

But know that all languages matter to me. I wouldn't have gone through all the extra work if they didn't. But as stated, if you come across any other errors, let me know.

Edit: Fixed it.

"Optional: Mcindus was kind enough to completely rework the game's directory sign and I gotta say that I quite like it. And he did it for all languages! But in case you don't want to use it, I've left the original upscales in the textures folder. Just find "bg_hall7" and delete the folder. Then remove the "a" from the alternate one below it and you'll be good to go."

not in french. why I have the impression that French always passes last...

Not sure what you mean. It's for all languages. I just used English as an example here. Am I missing or forgetting something here?

Whoa whoa whoa I don't think this file is good to use to fix the intro.  I would get rid of it if I were you, guys.  There are some issues with collisions for other languages, etc.

It was meant to be a quick fix for this guy. I didn't think it'd show up here. :P It will work on English, but I can't say the same for all languages.

So this happened to me in my recent playthrough. It happened once for Quistis when Zell was the leader and now as Irvine as party leader.  :-o

That actually happens with Lunar Cry in use. But it's really my fault because that means I missed a hashcode for Irvine there that would prevent that. :P

Oh. Right. Hey guys! Totally not dead or anything. The mod has been updated and it's for (almost) all languages! Check it out if ya like, yeah?

Hey there.
Is this "square lights" an AngelWing issue?

Yeah. That's one of those errors I'm referring to. I believe I've disabled the code for that in the newest version I've just released. Or rather, I hope I remembered to. :P

Hi, i want to report a critical bug in this mod. When i play the game aprox 5-6' and i cross some screens bettween zones and the displays turns black (or enter in a fight) the game it crashes (stop). The system shows me this message. I try to run this mod without the rest of other mods and continues happen. Help me please

Chances are that isn't caused by the mod itself. I would test the game without any mods first just to make sure it isn't the game. Because things like that can happen when something in the game files gets corrupted or missing and needs validation from Steam.

I can definitely help out with this.  I have several texturing programs, and if I could get my hands on a good obj of the characters, then I could easily retexture them... however - the obj's available out there all have UV's that are offset. (outside of the normal UVW range) - and if the UVs are off, then my texturing process is borderline useless.  That being said, I can always help whip up a 'mix'

That would be greatly appreciated. :)

I would love to see the original faces but with the updated textures for the clothes, I really like the original face look like you did with the "upscaled" version, but the clothes are not detailed like in the other versions. Any chance you could do that?

I could always give it a shot. My only fear is it not looking natural or it might clash. But who knows? Have to fix Selphie in the upscales anyway... So I'll look while doing that.

Does anyone know how to put these together? I like to keep an album of the static backgrounds and these look great but they're not in a format that I can save to a photo album. I've got the ones ripped from FFDream but they're LQ, look like garbage and I've noticed from my most recent playthrough that they're even missing some of the backgrounds from the game

The contents in this mod can't be pieced back together for viewing outside the game. At least, I don't think so. Could be wrong. You can extract the field files from your game and use PuPu to get the backgrounds in layers. Those can be put back together and upscaled the same way I did mine. Not to mention you can also get fields that aren't used in the game this way. Which is always neat to see.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all  :)

Aw. :) Hope you, Covarr, and the whole Qhimm community have/had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays as well.


I have a problem with this mod, It's easier to see the problem than to explain it:

when I launch GeDoSaToTool before start game (resolution 2560x1440):

Screen_ff8_1" border="0

when i don't launch GeDoSaToTool before start game (same resolution as before):

Screen_ff8_2" border="0

I can see the problem even during the game and I haven't touched any mod settings of the default ones.

Thank you

It's the DoF. You can either lower the value or turn it off in GeDoSaTo. That should fix the issue you're having.

hello the link has been dead for some time. Is it possible to do something? I have been with you for a while and your work for ff8 is great. thanks you !


I've tested the links and it all checks out. Not sure why it isn't working for you... It's a big file and might say "whoops", but you should still be able to download it. And thank you. :)

Will you update your upres algorithm like we discussed? :)

I'd like to try. Have to relearn it again, though. Had to reinstall Windows since my last time trying it. Want to experiment with both Project Eden as a template and yours.

Should people also be using your files with project eden? does it fix many of the same issues?

I'd say so. It should fix a lot of issues with Eden as well as make more textures work/upscale. Of course, when my next update comes along I'll also disable any hashes that causes problems that can't be fixed by me. Those will have to be dealt with if/when a new hashing method comes along for Tonberry.

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