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I am happy to announce, I am running all mods absolutely flawlessly w/ v2.03 w/ Cache Size=200.

I played the game for roughly 3-4 hours straight w/o a crash.

Thanks for the tip Mcindus.  I am going to revert back to the v2.03 Callback and drop my cache size down in Prefs tonight to see if that works.  To me it sounds like a logical problem why only Project Eden appears to crash the game w/ Tonberry.  The texture sizes of the pre-rendered backgrounds are probably the largest sized (memory-wise) textures in the game.

Looks good Mav, I will test it first thing when I get home from work.  At this point I have the Project Eden folders memorized so it's a pretty easy process for me to add/remove it from Tonberry.

Can someone please give me detailed way to install this as have the steam version and it doesnt look like it has changed

Please see the Tonberry v2.03 Thread (, as you need to have the Tonberry Tool installed in order to inject textures into the game.

Umbra, sounds like you are having the same issue I do w/ Project Eden.  I will have you know, Mavirick's new Callback file DOES fix all the conflicts w/ collisions.csv (including the one in your link, I had the exact same issue).  However, it does NOT cure the random crashing while running Project Eden.  I used to run a modified collisions.csv file, but am now able to run on the stock one that is linked in the original posting.

I currently have every one of the latest mods installed from this website, EXCEPT for Project Eden (which is a drag).

SeeD Reborn
X360 Button Config
Lunar Cry
Rebirth Flame

TES, it's probably the Steam Overlay, it seems that a lot of people still miss this one, but it MUST be turned off unless you are using GeDoSaTo and Mcindus' FF8 loadout.  If that still doesn't fix the problem it may be the way Project Eden (if you have it installed) and Tonberry v2.02 interact w/ each other.  I am one of the people that Mav is referring to on feedback, I will try out his new Callback.dll and see if it fixes my random crashing w/ Project Eden and Tonberry v2.02.

Had it happen again, but only briefly during the Galbadia Missile Base.  While Selphie is your Main Character and in disguise, upon completing all the objectives in the base and walking up the stairs to the control room (still in disguise).  Selphie is missing, but still casts a shadow.  As soon as they take off the disguises she reappears.

Mcindus I too am receiving the 1/3 Mat and Low-Res Text in TT.  I started noticing it on Disc 2 in D-District Prison, as soon as I can play cards post-NORG, I will see if the issue persists.

It's funny you should mention Bugs, I actually came across one late in my evening when I made it to Disc 2.  During the D-District Prison when Zell is your main character, he is both missing when "Mean Guy" is kicking him (which was absolutely hilarious) and also while running around the various floors as your Party Leader, you simply see his shadow.  Battle Field was unaffected and functioned normally.

At work right now, but let me know what I need to do to help us both.

Omzy, love your mod and contributions.  After numerous installs and PMs w/ Mcindus and Maverick I finally narrowed down what was causing my game to crash randomly during screen transitions and menus by systematically installing and running mods in the game one-by-one.  It unfortunately was Project Eden.  I verified my mod installs and pathing w/ Mcindus and Maverick and they were stumped as well.  I attempted to relocate collisions.csv and hash2map.csv, but they didn't seem to affect anything regardless if the files were/were not present in the /tonberry root.  The game would still behave the same; everything runs fine and looks great, but it will randomly go to a black screen where I must alt-tab and I will receive an error in Windows that says "An Unknown Error has occurred".  I am currently running flawlessly w/ every mod listed in the Graphical Release Forum for FF8 on Steam except for Project Eden.

Long of the short, I isolated the problem, but I would love to know how to begin fixing it as your backgrounds bring FF8 up to PS2-era graphics (and I must have them).  Do I need to install PuPu and catch the dumps? Also, how do I enable Tonberry v2.02 to begin logging hash checks?

Thanks for all your hard work.

Just wanted to say thanks, looks and works great opposite Lunar Cry!

Mavirick, as a continuation from what I have been PMing you and Mcindus, how do I use the Debug Mode in Tonberry so I can find what is randomly crashing my games?  I feel like a proper write up of the Debug Mode should be included in the original post.

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