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I know the game has 'slots' for these, as seen in wallmarket, but apparently it can't handle more than two limits.
Has anyone experimented with this?
Specifically I want to enable limits which are originally 2-1 as 1-3 ( basically, the first of the next higher level is moved one down but is ALSO at it's original point. ) To get the 1-3 / 2-3 etc limits obviously I'd raise the necessary "limits used" really really high

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Changing a function
« on: 2011-02-14 17:45:43 »
I've planned to adjust all INNs in my mod to only restore HALF the HP / MP of everyone and don't touch status effects. Now, the game itself doesn't have such a function. ( oddly enough, there are 3 versions of "restore all HP / MP for every party member" and one that also removes status additionally )
Now, where would I find where that function is stored, and how would I go best about changing it?
( going in and removing the function and replacing it by 3x "increase hp" and 3x "increase mp" is not really an option because that screws with the script file too much )

Another thing: Tent's have a unknown function, but it's pretty clear they restore all HP / MP ( which is too powerful imo ) but I've no clue how to best change this. I thought about using the mega-lixir formula for this, but I found that to be working against me ( tents worked everywhere now ) I assume the tent function is stored in a script somewhere ( or it even accesses the same function as INNs which would help )

Then, is there a way to restore hp/mp by 50% with one item? recovery always restores you completely, regardless of what the item strength is. Using MHP * power and enabling "affect MP" results in a ether function.

On that note, is it possible to make status effects linger after the battle like anger / sadness? I guess the game lacks flags to set those statuses on a character but well, was worth asking.

Outdated and replaced by Nightmare

what I really, really want is some sort of debug-original npc that lets you do boss fights. Lets say, you get that as reward for beating all weapons ( Ultima, Emerald, Ruby ) and it lets you re-fight all the weapons and a few select other bosses or all. ( sure, this might provide problems with the duplicate item drops and stuff, but seriously, after you beat the weapons, there isn't much left to do. )
That can't be so hard to script. Some standard dialogue, some fancy choices, with "start battle xyaz" in the script I think.

How would I best go about this and how would I add it? I could just add it to an existing NPC that checks for something to decide whether or not to display it, but I'm not exactly used to messing with script files.

For example, the spells of the contain materia or full-cure ( turned into a stronger cure )
I know about the wiki, but I couldn't find anything specific on this ( or rather it is TOO specific, and I dont understand it )

If I simply go and make full-cure toggle to multi when an 'all' materia, the animation starts and the game crashes midways into the full-cure animations. If I do it with the contain spells, it only shows the animation of a random target being hit and then distributes the damage to every damage.

Now, I want to fix that somehow if thats possible ( theoretically it should )
I dont know what exactly causes the full-cure animation to crash the game when the whole party is hit by it. Aka, the animation is shown thrice, once on each character.
The contain spell should show the animation on every enemy ( just like ice2 does for example. I dont understand why that doesnt work )

In general, I want to abolish the
"Red master materia enables all summons infinite times" thing
"Can't sense" on boss monsters or those with too much HP
The question is, where do I even find that data? a search on "Sense" "Materia command" or similiar stuff returned nothing in the wiki and the forum search. From what I gather, back in the day ( 2001, 2004, 2006 ) people said that that stuff is in the battle engine. Now, we have wallmarket and dozens ( or close to ) of other editors, but none seem to really edit the workings of materia such as deathblow, steal, sense, and other command materia. Is that all still undiscovered info or am I just not looking hard enough? ( seeing how battle mechanics is still without page on the wiki, I guess it's still undiscovered info. makes me wonder if it ever will be discovered )

Troubleshooting / Lock / Delete please D:
« on: 2010-09-08 09:15:49 »
I dont know how exactly this happened, but it did none the less. I made some changes to the scene.bin with Hojo and adjusted a few monsters ( more or less, making them stronger ) Funny enough, I didn't actually touch any locations.

Now ALL battle pointers are messed up. For instance, the first fight in the game are two goblins dealing >1k damage
Battles in the train graveyard are from reactor 5. This only happens when I start the game via hardcore though. ( and no, thats not 'intended' )

my guess is that I messed up, somehow, the scene.bin or overwrote the wrong scene.bin ( which shouldn't happen, since I didn't actually use save as... but just save ) I have a couple ( 10 or something ) of backups of the kernel.bin files but forgot to make one of the scene.bin.

 I am just.. weirded out that this happened. I mean, it SHOULDN'T.

Anyone an idea what caused this? And sigh, oh the pain of doing all this stuff again.

edit 1:
after further testing, I can say, its not the scene.bin thats messed up
something else is.
I suppose it can only be the kernel.bin as the same bug happens even if I replace scene.bin with a brand new h_scene.bin and rename it to scene.bin
But what in the world could cause that?

edit 2:
I tried replacing the battle.lgp but that did nothing

edit 3:
from the wiki:

Every time you modify scene.bin file you must also keep this table updated or you'll end with VERY random encounters (wrong battles in wrong places). You can use SceneFix (  program, which'll update the table for you.

refering to kernel.bin
now, the link for said tool is dead and I haven't the slightest how to fix it manually with wallmarket at the scene look-up tab. It also puzzles me since I only adjusted the HP of some mobs and nothing else.

edit 4:
..... *head @ desk*
ok, i obviously didnt pay attention so I didn't see the GLARINGLY OBVIOUS "Update kernel.bin" function in Hojo. Not knowing that the scene.bin changes need an update in the kernel.bin, I overlooked it.
somehow delete this mountain of shame please.

In particular, I am trying to change Aerith's default field model ( after using the amazing-hulk, err, remix patch ) to the one wearing the dress when infiltrating conero's mansion. Since you dont actually control Aerith ( climbing ladders and such ) there should be no problem with using the other model.
Am I prone to run into game breaking problems in cut scenes with this or is it safe?

the main question is, how I would go about finding / setting the flag again after you're dropped into the sewers. While on that topic, just for fun, I'd like to see if its possible to change clouds field model to the one wearing a dress too ( for funny moments ). Same for Tifa.
I dont think it can be done via BlackChocobo edit.

If this is the wrong forum for this sort of question, please excuse me, but I wasn't sure what sub-forum this should belong to.

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