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Troubleshooting / Re: hard drive mod path
« on: 2014-07-01 00:31:36 »
Well, this is sitting on a external drive
I remember that I did something a long time ago to play some japanese game that switched part of my OS to japanese.
for example, in my bootleg config, it shows the japanese yen symbol instead of the slash but when copy pasted it is just the slash
That's probably the cause of the error because upon further inspection, that copy pastes to this
if windows is simply confused and reads the path like that because of my windows settings, then I don't even know how to fix this because I don't remember what I did to get to this state to begin with. Something with the regional settings, I believe.

found it. system locale.
reboot might take a while, so, uh, I'll report back.

So it's not my system locale.
And I have no idea how to fix something with Aali's driver

Troubleshooting / hard drive mod path
« on: 2014-06-30 22:28:30 »
Essentially, this

INFO: tried to load g:\game\ff7\/mods/bootleg/field/blin62_3/blin62_3_15_00.png, failed

times 200 is my problem.
As you can see it tries to find an impossible path like ff7\/mods
thats \ followed by /, not a V
Where does the game store this path? I searched the registry but couldn't find it and it's also not in a config file.

I'll send you my beta Flevel (that has most if not all of the Nibel flashback rewritten)
I'm busy right now so I'll get around to it later this evening. You do follow me on twitter I think, (twitter/KuuTenko) so you don't need to ask on the forums.
Playing through that, fixing grammar and spelling as well as textboxes that do not fit(remember to use menu overhaul because that is required and I adjust the text for that) would be step 1
Step 2 would be to play through the rest of the mod (that is, up to the end of cd1) and give me feedback especially on item placement, random battles, bosses as well as stolen and dropped items. What is broken. What makes it too easy. What is pointless. And so on.

Any one of the following is helpful and will enable you to help. More than one is even better.
1) You can write custom enemy AI
2) You know your way around field script code in makou reactor and you can get to a goal with minimal instructions
3) You can edit models
4) You can edit music (proper looping .ogg of the custom OST)
5) You are very knowledgable about the .exe and can do advanced hex edits
6) You have lots of time to proofread custom dialogue and bugtest the mod in general as well as provide feedback of the game experience.

In any case, there are lots of things I'd like help with.

Not much. I haven't heard from more than a handful of people that played past Midgar and I was hoping to gather some feedback from the release.
(That and I've gotten completely absorbed into Kancolle)

Disclaimer: Neither game actually being made in America except small chunks of Unity.

Ubisoft are just damn lazy, they've got half a million people at about a thousand different studios working on Unity and they can't even spend a little time to work on at least making the customization morph to a female figure, hundreds of games have done it before, many more will do it in the future.

Most games just use a slightly scaled down male skeleton and replace or tweak a small number of animations to give it some femininity by adding a wiggle to the walk animation or sexing up the idle poses.

Disclaimer: Their main market is still american white male teens

They refuse to do it because if they did, shitcreed would not be male power fantasy enough anymore and that will hurt sales with aforementioned idiots.

I don't think you understand the concept of GAME ASSETS

"Female models in Assassin creed? But that would double the workload."


America, ladies and gentlemen.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 3 Steam Version
« on: 2014-06-15 03:20:29 »
Not really
It lacks the popularity
A passionate soul might do it eventually but I wouldn't hold my breath

God, now this one girl I know will never fucking shut up about this. I hope they cancel this.

Aerith and Sephiroth have the same pool of animations to skeleton and if you pilfer enough from aerith you can probably replace all the cloud animations with those from their pool

I hope people don't spoonfeed you because not willing to go to any effort and still wanting things that usually warrant effort is just beeing a leech.

Sure thing. Next time dont speak for other people.

Everyone is not you.

Facts are universal. It doesn't matter who tells you.

The heck does everyone have against Tidus all the time?
Would you rather have second Snow or Tidus? Bah some people these days...

Just because rotten nuclear shit is worse than regular rotten shit does not mean it's not still SHIT

General Discussion / Re: FF7 AC complete now on Netflix!
« on: 2014-06-03 14:25:59 »
The real question here is why would anyone want to watch this (most likely again, even)

What was E3 agai-
Just kidding, I know it's this pointless hype generating turdball convention that's a giant money sink for big companies, money that would be much better used employing more people and not letting valuable franchises and IPs rot.

My prediction: It'll be big.
As always.
A big turd.

This isn't really that massive in scope. I have an NPC for this outside midgar I use for testing purposes that works pretty much like this.  (Of course the NPC is not in a public version, haha.)
Not sure what you mean with "It'll help out with Nightmare". Do you mean my mod or are you also making something nightmare titled?

giving rewards or disabling them is very, very easy like NFITC1 said
Make a dialogue option that sets or unsets "skip after-battle screen" in the fieldscript and shazaam, no need to even edit the monsters or anything
same can be done for no-game-over, no-victory-pose and so forth. There is no way, at least not that I've ever come across, to only one part of the battle reward.
It is technically possible to copy the entire inventory into variables, store them temporarily and then paste them again after battle (so whatever you steal / drop is pointless because it'll get overriden by the stored variables) but thats a LOT of variables ans a LOT of script. You'll need to run that as external script in mode 3 to make that work. Cloning the monsters is the much worse option because that will eat a gigantic ton of encounter slots.

as for the 'unlock' part, simply run a string of gamemoment checks, and for the weapons, a bit check on the weapon_killed variable (I have this somewhere in my PMs)
you'll need a bunch of copy pasted lists, each with one more entry and then have the NPC use a list depending on the game moment variable which then

What took me the longest, by far, was searching each field script for the gamemoment variable set after beating a boss in the story. The rest is almost just copy paste. You can even let the NPC set a custom battle BGM of your choice if you're feeling eager beaver.

I would feel bad for hijacking if I had feelings but on a topic like this, where clearly only a handful of fields in the game are touched and nothing else, is there a way to dynamically patch something like this into the field if the field isn't vanilla?

Gameplay / Re: Where do you find starlight?
« on: 2014-05-15 11:00:24 »

Gameplay / Re: Where do you find starlight?
« on: 2014-05-14 22:02:24 »
Starlight is something you have to walk back to Sector 5
There's a man walking around that will trade you one of the pharmacy things for Starlight
I /think/ I also had another way to get it but it's been a while since I overworked that part.

There's a Nightmare thread btw where you can ask, I usually check that every day

Edit: Oh yes I remember. Starlight isn't actually called Starlight but the street name for a drug. Iirc some NPC tips you of to the name

Completely Unrelated / Re: Net Neutrality petition
« on: 2014-05-03 17:36:59 »
Internet please

Completely Unrelated / Re: VR job positions
« on: 2014-04-29 17:09:41 »
Are you an advertisement bot you?

that's a timer issue related to aalis driver from what I remember
I had the same problem and fixed it somehow. I think with YAMP and the minigame limiter or something? it's been years so I don't remember too clearly

The only workaround I had in mind was to use the follow-up effect on Tifa's limits to simulate an X-3 limit with the X-2 limit and then adjust the learning rate of the X-2 limit.
I couldn't get that to work though and I honestly don't remember what it failed at

you 'remove' this patch by replacing kernel.bin kernel2.bin scene.bin flevel.lgp and ff7.exe with the vanilla versions

this is easy to deduce if you actually look at the patcher

Yes, this is the Nightmare Conversion option in Bootleg 0040

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