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Huge? Eh, once the battle engine is fully done (and that's a fair bit of work!), it wouldn't be a horrible amount of work to add in something like that since it's almost entirely reusing the existing code for damage calculations, animations, and so on. Not anywhere near that yet, though!

I'd've thought the bigger problem with PvP is that the FF7 battle engine isn't balanced at all for PvP - i.e. players often have abilities that do massive amounts of damage because monsters aren't capped at 9999HP. So spells and limits that would just take off 10% of a boss monsters HP will kill a player outright. Unless you took the simple approach of just "multiply everybody's HP by 10" or something...

This is why people talking about wanting PVP never made sense to me. There'd be no elemental/status weaknesses to exploit or protect from, and one use of Ultima or Knights of the Round would wipe an entire party at full HP. That's why the only turn based combat you see able to do PVP successfully is Pokemon, because there's basically an infinite combination of fighters with those weaknesses and strengths I mentioned before. Without those stats, every fight would just be a slash battle of attrition.

Yeah, the analog autorun is new. Hopefully they can be fixed to work in tandem. In the meantime, the only thing you could do is turn off the analog controls in 7h driver settings and use the actual autorun mod from "Gameplay Tweaks" (you would just miss out on the omni-directional movement), or the better option is you can use both analog control + the actual autorun mod which will essentially always play running footsteps by default but you can still walk and hear walking footsteps by lightly pressing the analog stick+cancel button (since you're using the analog controls, you're probably rarely walking anyway), or of course turn off footsteps all together.

Retouch theme in battle view has the top character hp/mp numbers cut off slightly at the top.

Can't replicate. Looks fine on my end.

The game crashes everytime on New Threat 2.0 when using FT or ESUI once you choose abilities in battle mode. It doesn't crash when turning off FT and ESUI.

Turn off the "Using Echo-S" option in ESUI.

V2.29995 seems to have also misaligned clouds level up bar - exp earned on the level up bar is showing progress passed where the bar ends and continuing outside of its box and onto the menu.

Please ensure whether bugs happen with FT off and both FT and ESUI off before reporting here.

Disclaimer: I haven't played the game in years.  I'm just now thinking about a replay will all of the new mods.

Last time I played, I used a music mod which worked great for most of the game.  However, there was one scene that it completely destroyed.  It's the exact moment that Cloud grabs the sword and it starts shaking.  In the original, the music is perfectly synced so that the most epic part of the track plays exactly when that happens.  The mod broke that, and it really destroyed the impact of the scene.

Now you might be thinking, "yeah, but that was a long time ago.  Have you tried it recently?"

No, but I've scene recent YouTube videos of others on that same scene, and they had the same problem.

So, what I'm asking is if at this point there is any music mod that has fixed that (or a separate fix outside of any individual music mod).


It's not specifically a music mod thing... The regular vanilla PC music doesn't loop enough times to have it crescendo at the right time... Since music mods generally use vanilla as a template, or use different tempos, most of them don't have correct timing either... The Echo-S soundtrack may be the first music mod to have correct timing for that song. Maybe Anxious Heart fixed it too, idk.

Color schemes don't work on previous saves. It only works on new games. But I will put in a force for previous saves as well.

Is working for me.

Troubleshooting / Re: Game not launching
« on: 2023-01-15 03:58:20 »
Hi today I was trying to play FF7 off of 7th Heaven. But, I was getting an error message every time I would launch it. The game was running fine just yesterday. I didn't mess with anything from yesterday and today. Here's the message that shows up when I try launching the game.

### Launching Final Fantasy VII ###
Checking FF7 is not running ...
Checking FF7 .exe exists at D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe ...
Verifying installed game is compatible ...
Verifying game is not installed in a System/Protected folder ...
Creating missing required directories ...
Verifying English game files exist ...
Verifying game is full/max install ...
Verifying additional files for 'battle' and 'kernel' folders exist ...
Verifying all movie files exist ...
Verifying music files exist ...
Verifying latest game driver is installed ...
FFNx seems to be present.
Verifying game driver shaders folders exist ...
Verifying ff7 exe ...
Checking a profile is active ...
Checking mod compatibility requirements ...
Checking mod constraints for compatibility ...
Checking mod load order requirements ...
Looking for game disc ...
Found game disc at F:\ ...
Applying changed values to registry ...
Copying ff7input.cfg to FF7 path ...
   using control configuration file [Default] Steam KB+PlayStation (Stock).cfg ...
   Copying D:\7thHeaven\Resources\Controls\[Default] Steam KB+PlayStation (Stock).cfg -> D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\ff7input.cfg ...
Creating Runtime Profile ...
Unknown error when launching the game: Input string was not in a correct format.

If anyone has a fix or knows what's wrong. Please let me know. It would be very much appreciated.  ;D

The reason for this error is because Finishing Touch requires 7h 2.9+

Sounds like your mods folder (which contains a folder called "textures" and "7th heaven") isn't in the right place... It needs to be right by ff7.exe

I guess it's a total coincidence that 2 separate people have been asking for the exact same multiple, obscure, old, out dated mods, German translation, map/radar textures,  at the exact same time.

As has been explained to you several times, this mod is just the original PSX/OST songs... Which exactly what FFNx Music is... Use that instead. There's no reason to keep asking for this.

It's not a texture. That's why you can't find it. You're looking for the file mark.dat... But you can't do anything with it. It's just a yellow shape.

You can remove it with hext, but that's about it.

Hey UpRisen! Thank you for your mod. May I ask you which battle hud is this?

You've asked this question before in discord. You've been answered before. multiple times.

10 years my dude... 10 years...

make sure your 7h and ffnx and mods are up to date. MSN needs to be above NT.

Latest version is the biggest number.

-Now all FMV are not chibi version (Thanks Cosmos)

Oh apparently he did replace them. I wouldn't have thought he'd use the non-chibi in his own pack. At least not without an option to turn them off...

Well the actual SYW fmv's (Not Cosmos version) is still available from the 7h catalog. You could grab them from there and port them in.

SYW movies don't alter anything. they just interpolate the frames and upscale... So you already have what you're looking for.

as far as I know, only SYW 4 works with Reunion. The Reunion guys keep an SYW4 pack for that and they know how to do it.

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2022-11-29 00:39:05 »
I can't find "Qhimm's subscription link located in the miscellaneous category". I did manage to find an old 7th Heaven catalog entry from 2020 with a link to a version of Project Edge, but it's only 153 MB, while the link is over 600 MB.
Is the original post wrong? Or is there merely another link to the current IRO that I just can't find?

7th Heaven comes with the catalog subscription already built in. Project Edge is in it.

Traffic on the forums has been dwindling the past couple of years. A lot of that is due to much of the modding day-to-day having moved to our discord server. So if you're wondering where everyone is, you can get in on the conversations over at

That isn't to say not to post here. Not at all. The forums aren't going anywhere. You can continue to use them as you always have, if you like. Mod homepage threads are still kept up-to-date, threads are still going and FAQ's are a handy resource, but if you want to talk mods, Discord is where a lot of it's happening. And if you need mod/technical support, you'll get it there way faster and more efficiently - in fact for tech support, it's preferred. Troubleshooting is far easier and faster through discord in conversation form. There's always someone online willing to help basically 24/7. A troubleshooting thread on the forum that would normally take a couple days of replies, formatting visual aids, waiting for responses, etc. would only take 10-15 minutes total on Discord... You're more than welcome to still ask for help here if you prefer or are otherwise unable to use Discord, but just know there's a better/faster solution available.

- The Qhimm Moderation Team

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2022-11-04 10:00:33 »
ok basically to have the new fields you absolutely have to use the 7th heaven updates -.-

What? No. How selective is your all's comprehension? Are you just ignoring anything that doesn't support your agenda? As has been stated several times (though not all at once in list form like this), there are several ways to get these fields:

-Jusete posts the finished fields here. Admittedly not always as quickly as other options.
-Jusete posts the finished fields as well as progress updates/conversation on the discord more regularly.
-The fields are uploaded to the 7H catalog.
-The fields are available via torrent.

Like, aside from mailing out flash drives to your physical address via the postal service, I don't know what else you want from one dude who does this for free in his free time. He doesn't owe it to you to do what you want and in the way you want it done. You have options. If you're just only willing to use option 1, then that is on you.

Your attitudes about this have really irked me.

That is not the point. It has nothing to do with liking other forums or not. Anyway, I give up.

That was literally your starting point:

Is it possible to post the new fields here as well? I also have no interest in having a Discord account.  ::)

For posterity, here are the fields previously not in the topic:

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