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Hello!  Thank you so much for your work on this.  I know you're getting tired of this project, and that's fully understandable... but it's new to me, so I have some comments and questions if you're still willing.

1) The Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition patch is now 3.04... it looks like the most recent installer doesn't accept this version.  It looks like you were previously specifically checking for TWUE to be a valid source, so I thought I'd mention it.  I used your installer on a fresh US 1.0 file, and then applied the TWUE patch on top of that.  It seemed to work fine!  Until I got to the first fight in Narshe, at which point I get the battle music but a black screen and a softlock.  Any advice?  Perhaps is there some way to get your installer to view the new TWUE 3.04 as a valid file, so I can do it the other way round?

Edit: Turns out my "fresh 1.0 file"... probably wasn't.  It said it was, and the installer thought it was, but when I grabbed a verified rom from and tried patching it again, it worked fine.   So if you're someone in the future coming across the same problem of crashing at the first battle... check your source rom one more time!

2) Have you seen the "Orchestral Fantasy" youtube channel? ( )  This guy does FF6 live instrument covers that are incredibly accurate to the original OST, including an English voiced cover of Aria de Mezzo Carattere that's true to the original Woolsey text.  He doesn't have the full soundtrack yet, but he does have a significant portion of it available.  I'd love to use his versions where possible.

3) On that note, is there any way the installer could make use of your own MP3 / FLAC files instead of downloading from your server?  That would future proof the project as well, and let anyone maintain it with new music as awesome fans make new covers.

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