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If the save is bugged, there's nothing you can do about it afterwards? And is it the the only part where it can affect the save?
Take below with a grain of salt, I'm not really speaking with firsthand knowledge:

Final Fantasy 7, [and probably 8, as it mostly shares the engine as I understand], is a very fragile thing. Squaresoft had a lot of trouble getting the game to work initially. There's a lot of independently moving pieces and tracked values, and if any of them get out of whack than bizarre and broken things happen.

There's a guy on Youtube who breaks FF7 in strange and bizarre ways for fun and [not so much] profit. This search will show many of the ways FF7 can be glitched and broken *without* altering the game as shipped by the publisher. DLPB is going waaay beyond that with all the changes this mod makes.

while going through cosmo canyon with new translation off i discovered a vanilla bug that is NOT fixed in reunion

save file:
its the last save on there, the latter cosmo canyon save

I think you've somehow bugged this save-file. I tested the same spot in my set of saves and have no trouble at all.

edit: Probably worth mentioning my saves were created on previous versions of R06...

Can I use only the translation from the mod? Or turn off the audio mod?
 Cause i have no audio. Seen some people had this problem since the f version.

See reply #6416 on Page 257 of this thread.

I don't get it. Do i need to change every ogg file name in Music and SFX folder?
Their names aren't same with original ogg or some music replacement packs, such as Bonez' SFX Replacement Pack.
The naming scheme is unique to Reunion, for better or for worse.
You don't need to replace everything. Every file in CUSTOM\Mod_ID\Music and CUSTOM\Mod_ID\SFX with a filename that starts with the three-digit number from BASE will be used instead of the asset from BASE.

This is what my Music folder looks like, for example:

While we're here DLPB, may I ask a question about the Music module? What sample rates is it happy with? I've been downsampling to 44.1KHz to match what's in BASE, but would you expect it to work correctly if fed modern 48KHz audio files?

"[...] traveled as much I have."

The human brain's autocorrect continues to amaze. I had to read that sentence half a dozen times before I understood what you were taking issue with.

There's a bug turning up in my game, and I'm wondering if anyone else is having it. When there's a timer going - say, when opening the vault in Shinra Mansion or the rocket launch in Shera's flashback, the timer skips every other second. In Nibelheim, it goes too fast to enter all the numbers. In Rocket Town, the game gets stuck at 00:00 on the timer, but the message saying "15 minutes til launch".
I quickly tested both the Niblheim vault and Shera's flashback, and both worked correctly for me.  Only explanation I can think of would be you have speedup turned on, which I presume is not the case?

If you're not able to figure it out, I'd suggest compiling a full bug-report as per page 1 of this thread.

Is this mod possible to change the music and SFX?
Yes, both music and sfx can easily be overridden by your own "mod". See the Mod_ID parameter in options.ini

Oh, and a quick question, does someone know if there's something that can make the "Load" option available at the status screen, or just make "Quit" go into the title screen, instead of closing the game. Does anybody know if this exists and share a link please?

The feature you're looking for is called "soft reset", and I likewise have not had good results with it in the past.

Hey there, I just started using the reunion mod. It's taken me hours to get it all set up properly with remako mod, so it seems like almost everything is finally working, except a very important part, the re-translation.  Other parts of the mod are working, like 60fps battles. Remako is working too. But the re-translation is just not doing anything. I check by seeing is phoenix down is changed, and it isnt. This is making me crazy. For the love of god please help.

That doesn't make much sense to me. The retranslation is very integral to this mod. 

Please check in options.ini that
Code: [Select]
New_Translation = y
remains untampered with?

Also, did you select 'series canon' during installation? 'Phoenix Down' is series canon, it only becomes 'Phoenix Tail' if that option is not selected. Start a new game, and examine the very first line of dialog, from Barret to Cloud after he hops off the train:

New Translation OFF: "C'mon newcomer. Follow me."
New Translation ON: "C'mon, newcomer! Follow me!"

Sorry to ask, but if someone does edit that bug with Makou in flevel.lgp, would you be so kind to upload it please, i've no experience with it, so i'm afraid not being sure in what i'm doing if i try to fix it myself.

If my understanding is correct [take with a HUGE boulder of salt], flevel.lgp is actually built by the installer based on what options you select during installation. Using someone else's flevel.lgp may not work or might cause other bizarre issues.

are you wanting bugs with the original game reported here?

while testing stuff i discovered mandragoras (encountered next to chocobo farm) don't take action at all, kinda nice for testing stuff though :)

i always thought i was just killing them before they had a chance to attack until i was messing around for a couple minutes and wondered why nothing was happening

and as the initial line says, this is with or without reunion
I'm not sure I'd call that a bug. That's directly reflected in their AI Script.  Until you harm them, they are passive. Great for farming whatever it is [Some Chocobo breeding thing I think] that can be stolen from them.

I can't get the Choco/Mog Materia.
When I talk to the Chocobo at the gate, I get a "kweh" then nothing.
Was this changed somewhere?
As memory serves, it's a specific chocobo. I played through this section recently and picked it up without issue...
Try talking to the others?

Minor field script issue, base game NOT REUNION. I did a quick search on the Spreadsheet and was unable to find reference to this issue.

When meeting Cid for the first time, in the rocket:
Choose the first dialog option, 'Tell me about this rocket'
After the last dialog 'My last hope is to talk to the President', Talk to Cid again
He'll repeat the 'My last hope is to talk to the President' dialog, but you maintain full control and can walk around and access the Menu while the dialog is still on screen.

By convention, you should need to hit OK to close the dialog box before being able to move around in the field again.

As a Canadian:

save me the speeches > spare me the lecture  (Cloud - at beginning)
Yep. 'Spare me the speech' would also work, and be closer to the original translation.

hundreds of meters > hundreds of feet/ thousands of feet / half a mile / almost a mile (Cloud - before climbing rope in wall market)
Eh. Not a fan of silly feet/fathoms/miles measurements

in their droves > in droves (Costa del Sol receptionist)

what a nerve > what nerve (icicle inn map owner)

Do whatever you like (positive response, IMO doesnt fit the situation nor Cid's personality) > Do whatever the hell you want (Cid - on tiny bronco when asked to use as a boat)
Makes sense, but I have no opinion either way.

Crime Hazard > Climb Hazard  or  Sword Skewer (the latter i just made up, it doesn't sound cool... but is quite literal, almost anything is better IMO)
I don't mind 'Crime Hazard' that much, but it does kinda stand out. Either of these suggestions would be better, IMO.

I can't find anything about this, or anyone else with this problem, but my Assist function (the big hand on Cloud and the door/ladder markers) doesn't seem to be working at all, is there a known fix?
The keybind has changed. It's now one of the shoulder buttons, R2 I think? See the helpfile if you don't have all your inputs setup.

I've also been unable to replicate :

Graphics   """Returning to md1_1 from md1_2 can cause Cloud's model to become huge and upside down. This happens more regularly after a battle. [This bug is confirmed to not be caused by field script. I think it might be some sort of weird memory issue - or something unique to this field compared to others.  Currently testing field scale value. - DLPB]

Note:  This happens at Mt Corel and in Bugenhagen's observatory also."""   Uprisen

So if you still get a crash when battle finishes or if you see the above, please let me know.
I'm able to reliably reproduce this issue.

Video capture, as well as save file, options.ini, and logfiles follow:

Interesting timestamps:
Troubled area reached with bug evidenced @2:43
Bug evident when fight started @3:45, but bug clear when combat finished

I've also confirmed the bug evidences the same, even with MOD_ID set to none.  Let me know if there's any other information I can provide that might help nail down the problem.

I was also wondering if I could request that more things be added to the Series Canon option of Beacause. Things like weapons (ex. Hardedge, Force Stealer) are present in other official English localizations of Final Fantasy titles, so I feel like they could be considered "Series Canon". If this isn't an option, is it possible to personally modify this with touphScript, and have the changes persist through different The Reunion versions, or would it require constant modification with each new release?
I think the logic there is less "Canon to FF7" and more "Canon to Final Fantasy as a whole". "Phoenix Down" has been "Phoenix Down" for forever, as opposed to the more literal "Phoenix Tail", for example.

Personally, I'm content with "Series Canon" as it is now. Maybe there could be an extra option "Incorrect item/weapon names" to go along with "Incorrect place/character names"?

As for looping - you'll need to google ogg LOOPSTART
On the subject of looping, I seem to recall running into other pieces of music that didn't work with Reunion, because they used 'LoopStart' instead of 'LOOPSTART'.

No longer an issue for me, but if you could tweak that [remove the case sensitivity] it might make music interoperability easier for some folks?

I've watched enough YouTube that unlike everyone else in Canada,  I now pronounce the 'l' in solder.

Programming this game is like chess v a grandmaster.  Always one step ahead.
It's almost like it's a painful, quirky, buggy mess that almost sank the original release, let alone years-after-the-fact modding without source code?

edit: In case it's not clear, I'm talking shit about the original game and it's development. This is in no way meant to detract from yourself or your excellent and painstaking work, DLPB.

I have the Steam version of FF VII, so I first applied the FFconverter, then installed (as an administrator) The Reunion mod.
Reunion works natively and directly with the Steam release of FF7. DO NOT apply any converter. Install Reunion directly into the Steam installation of FF7.

To correct your current situation, Uninstall and delete the game folder, then re-install from Steam, then install Reunion.

Disclaimer: I own the 1998 CD release, so this is not first-hand knowledge.

so what's best solution? reunion doesn't use steam so how's it affecting game?  is it a case of setting steam controller to none?  if so, is that for ff7 alone?
In my case, I use Steam to provide keyboard-emulation for FF7, so I can use my XBox controller.  [I've configured FF7 as a Non-Steam application so Steam can launch it for me] I don't have any other games that I use this functionality for.  I have the d-pad and buttons configured for Keyboard actions, and both sticks set to NONE.

Disclaimer - I haven't actually installed/played R06d yet, so my experiences may or may not be applicable to the currently most recent build.

I'm not sure how to remap the buttons to "none". There doesn't seem to be any way in-game to clear the bindings.
In the Steam UI where you configure the mappings, there's an option for NONE.

Like this

How to add/change music assets
Assume [DIR] is your FF7 installation directory. For me that's C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII\

Edit [DIR]\The_Reunion\Options.ini
set MOD_ID = mine [Pick any name you like, so long as it's not a variant of None]

Create [DIR]\The_Reunion\CUSTOM\mine

Any assets you place in here will override the base assets from The Reunion or the base game, whichever is applicable.

Music files go in mine\Music. You'll need to rename the files to comply with Reunions naming scheme. You can see the original file names in The_Reunion\BASE\Music. The new file names must start with the same three-digit number as the files you wish to override.

I've probably waffled on more than needed, as you say you already have the textures working. Good luck!

I can't replicate this bug at all.  Has anyone else seen it?
Assuming this is about the flickering help window, no I have not seen that myself.

1. During the Bugenhagen planetary machine event, after the elevator raises and the perspective/scene changes, the companion characters appear fine and Cloud seems to be missing. However, as the event proceeds, it appears that Cloud’s model is upside down and huge (like, 10 times larger than the other characters) so that only his boots are showing and moving around. After the event ends and the scene changes to when the elevator begins lowering back to the ground level, his model appears as normal again.

Interesting. This same fault has been observed intermittently happening at the Cloud/Barret naming field during the opening, as well as at the train tracks just beyond the Corel Reactor. In both cases it just randomly decides to happen sometimes.

I'd say it's pretty important you get yourself another save back at that point and see if this is repeatable?

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