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[FF8] Monster stats and level formulas

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There are a few enemies with different HPs in the Ultimania guide to what I calculated. These enemies are Torama, Elnoyle, Iron Giant, and Behemoth. I think that's it.

I believe I determined their (simplified) formula myself. On their FFWiki pages I list them.

So I figured Behemoth's Japanese formula was 3*lv*lv + 260*lv + 35000. Which I woud assume is [60, 0, 2, 35] in the data. Unless the Ultimania is just plain wrong. It might be worth mentioning that the English guides also use the same HP values as the Ultimania, but then again, they also use images of red Gerogero so I assume they were just given the Japanese information when writing the guides.

Hi Mystere,

I try to calculate the characters Stats by formul but I don't have the right formul. By example for the Strenght of Squall at Level 7 (starting level in game) I have 6 in STR but in game this is 17.

Do you have the right formuls? STR, VIT, MAG,etc.



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