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The methods required to obtain the information in this thread are (in most cases) already available somewhere in old forum posts.  However, the actual information itself may not be - or might be exceedingly difficult to locate.  I'm working on a personal FFVII PSX Mod {*possibility of releasing publicly [**possibility of adapting a PC version of the mod once the PSX version is complete]}.  For my own purposes - and potentially for anyone looking to utilize Proud Clod and Wallmarket when developing PSX mods - my intent is to post some helpful information here.

Use "Enemy Skill" Animations for Player Spells - PSX

Below you'll find links and images of an attack animation index table to use enemy attacks for player spells (PSX), player spells (PC), and "Enemy Skills" (PSX and possibly PC?  I think they might be the same).  This was adapted from Bosola's .pdf file about animation indexes found here:

Additional Information found here:

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