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If you see this page here you can find someone has ported new threat along side nino style models to the switch

The original download is NT1.5 but somewhere near the final pages of the thread you can find a link to NT 2.0 along with Nino Style field and battle models working.

MY ISSUE - I have no idea how this was done or how to do it. I would like to know so that I can make the conversions for my own use when Nino models are finished or when NT is updated. I've searched around and tried to find guidance on how to get it done but haven't found anything very useful. When I tried to convert the Ninostyle models myself the game crashed when taking the stairs after fighting the first 2 Shinra soldiers. The models did work though.

I only used LGP/UNLGP to add the unpacked IRO files to the game's original LGPs. The game crashed with this method so maybe I am missing a vital step.

Anyway my goal is simply to learn how to convert any of these mods to be playable on the Switch. No plans to reupload without mod authors permissions but I would like any guidance or information on modding ff7 with the switch's layerfs

So far what I know is...

Mods used on the Atmosphere CFW most up to date version must be in the file structure..
Nintendo SD CARD:\Atmosphere\Contents\00100A5B00BDC6000\romfs\ff7

Inside the ff7 directory you have the "resources" folder and the "workingdir" folder.

Inside resources you have .\ff7_1.02\ff7_en file

I'm guessing that is some sort of converted version of the 1.02 exe but I am not certain.

Inside workingdir you have .\data and inside appears to be your typical FF7 data file structure with folders for battle, cd, field, etc... and that is where you would put your LGP, OGG and BIN files.

The only way I have found this structure is by checking the structure of already made and released FF7 switch mods.

I am wondering if I were to use tifa's bootleg configurator and the big list of mods if the files created (LGP,BIN,etc) could be easily applied to the file structure. At least whatever is packed into each LGP possibly. I simply do not know enough to be sure but I'm willing to try it out

The  Switch, PS4, Xbox, IPhone and Android versions are all the PC (2012) version using the newer video driver (like what aali's / ffnx does) and in the case of the non windows deployments running under a layer of x86 windows emulation. Some may have data checks to detect any modified data so may break the install Always keep a backup copy. If you have to put files into LGPs be sure they are in the correct FF7 formats. exe mods might fail.

I extracted both LGPs and mixed the contents then packed them all back in. The game worked briefly just to crash when leaving the train at the very start. Not sure what other conversion process may need to happen to get them to work on switch correctly. I would be happy to do it if only I knew how that went. I guess at this point a lot more would need to be put into it rather than drag and drop. It would be AMAZING to get a custom driver to work properly on the switch.

Side note = I just discovered FFNX had replaced Aali's driver. I may just wipe my current PC install and start from the top in order to play around with that!


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