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--- Quote from: WonderSquid on 2021-06-30 03:10:56 ---Unsure if this is being actively worked on, but I might as well report a bug I guess? When attempting to edit whether a weapon can be sold, used in battle, or used in the item menu, flags will be written to the wrong location. Checking those boxes will result in the flags instead being toggled for "Miss if not Dead", "Reflectable", and "Def Ignoring" in the weapon properties table, and will also show up as such in-game. Editing flags within the Weapon Properties works normally/correctly, but attempting to enable flags in the item/sell menu does not. It does however read all these flags correctly when simply viewing the weapons without making any changes, and this problem does not occur in the Armor or Accessory menus.

Apologies if this has been reported already, and thank you for making this program!

--- End quote ---
I've had this issue with Java.

So I guess the solution is to enforce atomic operations where needed (no idea where that is) and refresh the renderer at the end of every update. Though making the entire program as small as possible so more of it fits in the smallest applicable cache may help too and couldn't hurt. I only encountered this behavior when the editor got huge.


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