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Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2021-01-05 04:31:00 »
Hello to all, I have to ask for some pro tips with Master Fist and Tifa max damage, I have curse ring equipped but I don't know if the penalty of nulling restorative make it worth, so I want to know some tips for Tifa, please (besides using Hero Drink II, I don't have a lot of them), thanks.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-12-30 21:40:01 »
Can I ask something else... someone may tell me where is the MP absorb materia??? I am in 1.5 version and I can't find it.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-12-30 03:44:56 »
Hello, can someone please tell me in the 1.5 version, what are the enemy skill list? Thanks.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-12-18 03:27:12 »
Hello to all, can I ask some questions please? sorry it has some SPOILERS...
Spoiler: show
1.- In Vincent's lv 4 limit break sidequest, if I understand well, Lucrecia turns into a monster because of the Jenova cells, Vincent kills her and he finishes with a silent sentence ".........." and that is all? Could it has more words or a little more plot? just curious Chief hehe
2.- Would there be a new threat 2.1 ? Or this version 2.0 is the last one?
3.- I am after the cutscene when Cloud asks the party to visit their homes and before entering North Crater, I can now do the lv 4 limits sidequests, what order do you recommend me to play? Visit North Crater then the lv 4 limits then gold saucer, etc... or what order you recommend me? Thanks

Team Avalanche / Re: Faulked's backgrounds
« on: 2020-07-21 19:17:36 »
Thank you LordUrQuan, will try it.

Team Avalanche / Re: Faulked's backgrounds
« on: 2020-07-20 20:13:12 »
All finished scenes are in the package!

It does not depends on me, but on the user "Shampignon". "Faulked" usually completes his scenes completely by himself. For example, Jusete doesn't. Cutting and editing (made up for the game) makes "Shampignon" for all Jusete scenes.

I can only add finished scenes.  ;) If they are not in the package => They are not finished yet. As simple as that.  ;D

Hello SoulEvan, sorry, your package have all the 3d scenes from Jusetes, Shampignon, Faulked, etc...?

And can you please share me the link of it? Thanks.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-06-17 19:09:04 »
It is 25%, but flying enemies take double damage from it (so 25% becomes 50%). Bosses that are able to take Gravity damage typically have 50% resistance to it as a balancing thing (so 12.5% instead of 25%). I've dropped weakness from the new build and replaced it with 'cannot miss' which is how I think Demi was originally supposed to be balanced up, considering its base 75% accuracy in vanilla.

Thank you, so I have to understand that some enemies will have resistance and others weakness to gravity so it would change the % factor of the "demi/gravity" spell.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-06-17 05:28:00 »
Can someone explain me how the gravity/demi spell functions? It doesn't cut by 1/4 the current HP of the monsters, it makes random cuts but never consistent. What is its mechanistic now?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-06-13 18:55:45 »
Hello to all, sorry but can anyone tell me why the Osmose materia does not work in stealing the MP, I use and it says it does for example 27 MP "damage" (?) but that MP is not recovered in my character... why is that?

Forget what I said, just for someone who has the same question, not all enemies has MP, so you have to use "sense" in them and osmose only work with the ones has MP.

Hello, excuse me but can I ask someone to teach me how to modify the camera view of the dynamic camera for battles? Please

7th Heaven / Re: Prioritizing IRO above Direct files
« on: 2020-06-09 04:13:28 »
Hey! I was planning to do the inverse, unpack an IRO mod and replace the files in the folder I just extract BUT your idea is way better than mine haha, thank you.

If someone else knows another way to prioritize IRO please let me know.


7th Heaven / Prioritizing IRO above Direct files
« on: 2020-06-09 03:33:46 »
Hello, I was wondering if someone could lend me a hand and tell me how can I do to make IRO files from 7th Heaven to be at 1st priority upon the files I have extracted in the Direct/battle folder.

I have downloaded some good models and place them in Direct/battle folder but it seems that in the files there was characters models too, and I don't want them. So, I want the 7th Heaven to prioritize my IRO Battle Models above the files I extract in the Direct folder.

Is that possible? Thank you in advance.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-06-08 18:03:52 »
Thank you for the answer, maybe I need to finish the game until I make an opinion, it seems this mod is going to be harder later, hope it does.

If you're using FFNx, then DDS all the way, and never look back :)

Thank you LordUrQuan but I tried it and all the mods I have activated before stopped working, am I doing something wrong?? Or the FFNx doesn't work with certain mods???

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-06-08 16:37:12 »
Hello again, sorry to ask Sega, but I was wondering if you could please make the enemies harder in terms of stats, can you increase their stats? I just have many easy battles, can you agree that please?

If not, is this mod compatible with the Hardcore to match in a same playthrough?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Kela's magics mod
« on: 2020-06-08 15:00:07 »
I have used it but the issue still persists, just like Derek, and I saw you post that a fixed file, and it works for Derek, don't you have that same file? Please.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-06-08 04:15:34 »
Thank you so much Chief, and keep the good work, thanks again.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Kela's magics mod
« on: 2020-06-08 04:10:52 »
Hello to all, sorry to post but, Satsuki can you upload again your IRO file with the spell textures please? I have the same bug iDerek759 had and I see you fix it but the link don't have the file no more. Thanks in advance.

Sorry to make a a dumb question but is there a link to the IRO file to download? Not the manually pack. Thanks in advance.

I have found how to use the tool, don't put attention to the above sentence, please.

I have a question, does anyone know if is better to make an IRO file with the DDS files (FFNX driver) OR is it better to make the IRO from PNG files?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-06-08 01:37:54 »
Not sure what you mean. The process to save is the same between vanilla and NT, taking the same amount of time. When you bump into a save point just open the menu and save the game.

I was meant by the design, I just don't like a lot of pop ups messages to invade the screen everytime I touch a save icon, but as Emperor says it is necessary to make my characters stronger later in the game so it is good :)
By any means if you don't bother about a comment or request, if you could make an alternative save mechanism in the term of pop up messages I would really appreciate it. Like only pop up the upgrade characters and delete the ones that modify random battles, tent, and music preferences. But it is just an opinion, in any case thank you for this awesome work.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-06-07 04:28:41 »
Oh I didn't know that, then I will keep as it is, thank you Emperor for the tip.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-06-07 03:51:12 »
Hello Sega Chief, thank you for this awesome project, it is the best in gameplay. Can I ask you if you can tell me, please, if there is a form to delete de Enhanced Save File? I like to play with the normal save mechanic, can it be possible?

Team Avalanche / Re: New Project: Bombing Mission!
« on: 2012-06-11 03:10:17 »
Sorry for the ignorance but that redo would be packed with this project? Or it is apart from what this project is trying to do?

Team Avalanche / Re: New Project: Bombing Mission!
« on: 2012-05-22 01:49:14 »
We are with you TA, please keep it up, but I have a question: Do you plan to redo all the textures? Even the animation ones? Or only the textures of the buildings and that things. Thanks in advance. Good luck.

Team Avalanche / Re: New Project: Bombing Mission!
« on: 2012-01-03 18:27:16 »
Hey all, this project will be a big bang hehe.. please keep it up, we all are waiting for it because this will revolutionize ffVII xD. Excellent work TA. Good luck and thanks for all your work.

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