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What is and what isn't possbile.

I'm not sure if I should have posted this to the game-tweaking section instead but bear with me if I did a mistake.

First, is it possible to use L.Spiro's Memhack utility to test changes in real-time?
For example if I want to change Ice-spell to cost something else but 4MP, I would currently have to edit it with HEX editor, rebuild cd-image, start it with ePSXe (or some other emulator), wait until it loads and see if my changes work.
Would it be possible to just edit it with Memhack and test changes? That would speed balance testing a lot.

Secondly I would like to add some repeatable "secret bosses" to the game. Currently There's only Ruby an Emerald and they don't provide amusement for too long. I've been thinking that if there's no more elegant or better way to do it I'll propably just replace goblin or cactuar island from disk 3 with repeatable weapon encounters.

Also can I alter how ultimate weapons work or are calculations behind them hard coded? I think they are currently bit overpowered like 3x normal damage if at full hp, or underpowered like Tifa's (was it Premium Heart), though Vincent's overflow bug is simply hilarious.

Finally (final for now) I'd like to remove lucky 7777 fury. I'd like it more if every attack did just 7777 while their hp was at 7777. No "fury" part. I remember ARMs did that including Break Damage Limit for US version, but it didn't work for me since I have PAL version.

Archive / Help with spell and limit break editing
« on: 2007-12-16 08:50:39 »

I have used search function multiple hours in one sitting and since I couldn't find all the the information I was looking for I came into conclusion that I should just start a new topic about that matter.

For starters I'd like to change ultima do piercing damage and Vincent's Chaos Saber and Satan Slam as well.

Changing ultima should be easy
Code: [Select]
64 ff 02 ff 82 00 ff ff 1d 00 1d 00 07 34 22 69 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 00 00 fd ffto
Code: [Select]
64 ff 02 ff 82 00 ff ff 1d 00 1d 00 07 34 22 69 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 00 00 fd fbshould do it.

But changing those two limit attacks is harder since I can't even find them.

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