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[REL/WIP/FF7] Fort Condor ReTexturing/ReModeling

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Fort Condor ReModeling/ReTexturing Project
Textures Release:

--- Quote --- new v1.02 - http://www.gamefront.com/files/20689255/condor_rmk_v1.02_18-08-2011-strayoff.zip
*fixed bugs in eunit01a,b,c,d*
v1.01 - included in complete compilation 1.00
v1.00 - ]http://www.gamefront.com/files/20636543/fcondor_rmk_v1.0_05-08-2011-strayoff.rar]
Alternative download:https://skydrive.live.com/#!/?cid=963954B82C17B88E&id=963954B82C17B88E%211534
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Models Release:
v1.00 - http://www.gamefront.com/files/20689252/condor_models_v1.00_18-08-2011-strayoff.zip

--- End quote ---

Complete Compilation Release:

--- Quote ---v1.00 - http://www.gamefront.com/files/20684117/compilation_v1.0_17-08-2011-strayoff.zip
--- End quote ---

actual models progress is 23,10% (70 of 303 models)!


* Barbarian
* Wyvern
* Beast
* Commander
* Stuff:

* Arrow
* Bomb
in progress:

* Weapons (Hammer of Defender, Sword of Attacker, Sword of Fighter)
1. copy battle model
2. find a good animation position you want to change
3. delete all previous positions in animation
4. import with biturn, make an export of this FRAME to Blitz 3D and export the Blitz 3D to 3DS (if not i get an p-export error in kimera)
5. open 3ds in kimera, rotate model 90 degrees in x dimension. Then resize the model to 4% or smaller (just look ingame). open it with internal kimera p-editor. export model

If the model can't be converted properly to Blitz 3D it's recommended to split the battle model into 2,3,4,... parts. You can put those parts to a one-bone skeleton. Do the same procedure with all parts seperately.I will write a detailed instruction for this later.

--- Quote ---Overview files showing current states can be found here:
--- End quote ---

I need some ideas for the condor forces. I have no idea which models i could use for them. I also need some save games with fort condor battles!

Good idea, i had started redoing the condor minigame a while back. It is about 90% completed, but it will good to have an alternative to mine.

Do you mind if I include this in the Menu Overhaul  Project when completed?  Looks good!

shure, you are free to put it in your installer when this thing is ready. i can save the work for an installer and you can add some options to your's :)
ps: i used some textures from the mods/dk/menu to create the condor texts, maybe you see  :mrgreen:. i'm pointing on golden thread with menu style

hmmmmmmn.. nobody wants to talk to me... :'(
.. so i had to go for my own.

i put my files into first release. got ready with it today. Known issues are listed in ReadMe. Please write here if you find something or have an idea to fix bugs.

here you'll get the shit:


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