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[FF3PC-Steam] Menu Replacement Mod + New Font (v2.0)

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great stuff, usually I use psp emulator to play this game, now with this mod I guess the pc version may be the best.

would it take much effort to do the same thing with Final Fantasy IV?

I love this mod. You've improved the PC remake tenfold. Thanks alot for your work.

Would something like this work for FF4 and FF4: After Years as well?

actually the pc version is a waste of time as it has no auto battle, so I'll be sticking to the psp version, also the psp version is in 16:9, pc version is the android port which is 16:10

anyway, yeah if this can be done for ffIV, and if there could be a FoV hack for ffIV that would be great as the same is super zoomy.

It looks like FFV that is coming out this month, will sadly need the same treatment. FFIV, FFIV - After Years, and FFV.

IcePenguin, you are our only hope! :D

This is beautiful. I just came across this mod on Steam's FF Modding community. You are awesome, Mr. Penguin.


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