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Can I got a background field mod without 7th heaven

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Hi all, excuse if is not the right place, but im looking for new textures for my background files, but i want to edit my own .exe, so I cant use 7th heaven, but all backgrounds mods looklike to need 7th, so are there any background filed mod without 7th heaven? Thx.


error. Dont need publish.


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Oh, ty, this mod is really nice, but... can works with te 1998 game converter? I need to edit the .exe for edit edit shops or limit, for example.

no, it's for the steam version only
the only way to do it the way you want is
-install steam ff7
-convert to 1998 version
-install manualy lastest FFNx driver
-unpack the iro texture mod you want
-install manualy the extracted files


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