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New Discord for The Reunion

New Discord for The Reunion.

Brand new site for The Reunion

For general support and all things FF7.

No delay.  The migration is complete and I've got 2 people testing R06g.  I've got to make sure textures and so on loading as before, but given the vast bulk of FFNx is the same as Aali dll code - it wasn't too difficult.

Going forward, The Reunion will have all the benefits of FFNx and of my own code / bug fixes / packages.

I was never against you submitting issues.. just drip feeding lines when some of them Americans themselves disagreed were issues.  When R07 is out, they'll be reviewed. ;)

To everyone: These people are all on my ignore list.  I live rent free in their heads and that's enough for me. 

We'll just move on without them.  If they're bothering you with their sabotage, add them to ignore.

And the desperate sabotage continues.  Not unhinged at all. Honest. Give someone enough rope....  That GPL licence is being added to for R06g.  Thoroughly deserved.

If you want to pursue this American thing then after R07 is released, go through the game/text and document everything - and I'll supply to Covarr to review.   That's reasonable but the window will not be months - as translation changes will be locked not long after.

I did work with Covarr with Americanisms and when one is clearly wrong it is changed.  The problem is that bringing line after line to this thread is not a good idea.  We'll never stop. So if it is a case of something clearly being wrong - then I am all ears - but not when no Google search has been done and when it turns out 10 States in the US actually use the phrase /word.

Let's also remember that the American option is a kindness I added.  I did not have to do it.

I am also not sure what this idiom argument is as British English shares almost all of them with American.

The link to the code is in the help file - where the credits are.  The new link will also be in main credits on first post here.  But I'll also be making it crystal clear how much work is actually Aali's - because it seems to me he's being erased when the vast bulk is actually his work.


At this point, I'd much rather work on the code fork Luksy made and port to VS2019 but only one man is trying to help with that and my original plea for help led to the nonsense you see around you.

So the solution is to migrate the graphical side to FFNx which is actually done.  My gripe there is shader support is broken and the file I used in R06f really makes a good difference.  And it can't work with FFNx due to it using BGFX.  Which is a massive shame.

Basically - I'd work with someone with Luksy fork (with Maki fixes and my own code) if I could - but no one can or will help - so we're stuck with FFNx.

I urge everyone to ignore these people and let the modding do the talking.  The very fact they feel the need to continually harrass this thread should tell you they know they've lost.

And I think anyone with any sense can see the sabotage agenda going on here.  It's quite clearly a nasty little vendetta going on -  The initial and laughable attempt to close me down failed - so the new tactic is to come on here and hound me.  Well, it won't work.  You're all just going on ignore forever.

In the end, it's not you or that rabble who will decide - it's the fans.  They'll decide what to use.  Not you.  And I honestly think that people should take a long hard look at how True Odin and QP and the rest of his project have behaved and ask one question:  Can they be trusted?  Is this someone you can really support?  I don't think so.

Also, please quit pretending True Odin is a saint.  No one believes it.

Quote from: DLPB on Today at 00:10:07
I commend you on the bug fixes and joypad support in case that isn't clear.  All i asked for when i came to you 2 years ago was that kind of thing.  Despite the fact im never going to work with you from this point on nor acknowledge your existence again after this post, i want you to know i believe in full credit and people will know exactly what additions in reunion come from you.  I'll also continue to supply bug reports as that aids my project as well.

True Odin:
There's no need as I'll never support Reunion. Simple as that.

It also doesn't concern me if people do or don't use The Reunion.  See, here's the thing:  A lot of what I do is for my own growth.  To have a solution that my friends (who keep asking when this will be complete) can play.  To allow for people to choose to play it and have an alternative.  To have the game to a standard it never had in 1997.  That's my drive.

It's not for fame.  It's not for money.  It's partly ego, I will grant you that.  But not like TO and QP.  Nearly entirely for ego and fame.  So go to their project.  It doesn't bother me.  Even if only 1 person ended up using The Reunion - it would still be 1 person.  It wouldn't undo what I've done or the learning and satisfaction I've had. 

I am not like True Odin.  I never want to be.   :)

I am drawing a line under this now.  There's no point in asking, you'll get no reply.

Firstly, nobody needs your help, satsuki.  We're all capable of placing your packs into the game.

Secondly, does anyone else around here see the problem?

I am criticized for having closed source project (and it's still closed precisely because of how QP and TO behaved).

I offered full source 60fps battles (which is largely coded by me AND has many fixes not in the Hext release)...  and now I'm criticized for that too haha.  I just can't win with you people, can I?   :-D :-D :-D

Did anyone go after Aali when he had his source closed for years - until he retired?
 Just think about how demented you sound...  Without him working on his dll in private, there wouldn't even be a discussion here.  QP and TO wouldn't be here.  FFNx wouldn't be here.

Let's cut to the meat of it.  Everyone should know you've made it clear you're on Team Odin side.  Your conversations with me in Discord have all been biased. You've even made claims that I was unwilling to help you with Reunion modification - which simply isn't true.

And why are you getting involved again?  What has this got to do with you?  It's because you're simply friends with the guy and doing his bidding.

And why are we even talking about this again?  It's because your pals won't let it go. You, Sithlord, and True Odin have continued to come onto my thread to bait me - despite the mods saying repeatedly that it wouldn't be allowed to happen.

Which brings up an interesting point.... does anyone here think I'd get away with what you and Sithlord and True Odin have been doing lately?  Please, leave my thread and don't come back.

To the mods:  Why don't you start pretending to actually be impartial.

and TO took time and effort in solving it

Initially had no intention of fixing it - and 3 other bug reports left on github have been left with message "this is bgfx - nothing to do with me"  - One of them "Well, no one else has complained yet"  LOL

It doesn't matter what you and Sithlord and True Odin say or do.  The Reunion is going to win out over time.  Call my project selfish.  Lie to people that what happened 2 years ago didn't happen.  Whinge.  Stamp.  Moan.  This project isn't going anywhere.  It was here before you.  It will be here after you.  And it's goal is one that's achievable and one tat I believe people will ultimately use long term - it's  easier to use and it's one solution.  And it has all the benefits of FFNx anyway.  So what exactly does his project have that mine does not? 

Think about it.

as i said on your thread, unlike you i respect other people's work and don't need to be forced into adding credit.  You will be credited but folks will know exactly what i think of you. Good day, sir.    "my users" know exactly what they're going to use because there's an option file and a help file, genius.  You've got a very good way of alienating support.  You may recall a few weeka back i offered to supply all my work on 60fps mod to be added to your dll as a good will gesture and olive branch, which you threw right back in my face in our discord chat and left no doubt in my mind you only understand action and ruthless arrogance.  Well, dude.... anyone who knows me could tell you making an enemy out of me isn't smart and that im ruthless and vindictive and utterly without remorse to people who do what you have done.  I'm not your average intellect nor your average snivelling coward either.  Boo hoo.

Finally, let's look at the net result of TO's betrayal 2 year's ago....  the reunion has simply added all benefits from ffnx anyway meaning it was pointless.  everything i wanted i got anyway in the end.  My ddraw source is closed because of the kind of behaviour you displayed 2 years ago.  You must have a short memory as only 2 weeks ago we argued about this and your response was "lol.  so?"  I'll provide screen shots as evidence in the next gpl license

I was planning on doing that - you're right.  But now I ain't.  In fact, I am going to elaborate on it.

Can someone please keep these unhinged lunatics away from my thread?  Even the capital letters thing is really juvenile and yesteryear.  If you want respect - that - and you're horrible conversation with me on Discord the other day - ain't it.

Also, no one is going to come asking you for help TO.  Don't worry.  But don't come to me asking for any help either.  Trust me, you'll need me a whole lot more.  I gave up asking you for help a while back when you made it clear you want your project to be the only game in town and took great efforts in saying repeatedly "I am only supporting ffnx now".  Well, when you forked from the source I supplied you, you forgot just one thing, didn't you...?  I can fork back at a later date.  That's your fault for being so short sighted.

And for anyone else here, let me make it clear.  In 1 month, had TO worked with me, we'd have accomplished more than TO did alone for 2 years.  Even now, they're trying to add SFX and music into the game and it will never match what I've done.  A waste of effort because they refused absolutely to work with me on The Reunion.

The Reunion will outlast you, and so will I. 

your selfish framework

That I asked you to work with me on.  That you agreed to help me with.  That I would have opened source to you with. 

You didn't want that.  Your way doesn't work because you're adding bells, whistles, silly gimmicks, and trying to do way too much instead of concentrating on the essentials.  Your shader support is knackered by using bgfx and that's one of many things you need to fix.

I've already stripped out 95% of the nonsense in my fork.

Ah well if it's let you past let me know what happens when you get back to Cosmo later and I'll fix then.

i can probably fix your save.  pass over.   need to get R06g out.


21.May.2020   mph8er   New Translation   Progression at Cosmo Canyon is broken.  It may be impossible to pass with New Translation on.   Fixed as of R06g.

Is it that one? 

Why it would happen with it off is beyond me... may be that you have the field file somewhere else.  Do you have a screen shot of exact place?

Link is in the help file.  And I released it from day 1- True Odin's ffnx is here from that release.

update:  one of the reasons i wanted to work as one project from aalis code was because it already had pretty much everything graphically resolved but a few bugs were there that needed fixing.    we're in a bit of a bad spot here because ffnx fixes quite a few bugs but due to migrating to bgfx which it uses, post processing filters and any other shader won't work without recoding and complying with bgfx format.  and the documentation is crap.  other things like font placement which worked fine have now also been degraded. and png support is totally broken. surrendering your code to a 3rd party software isnt really a good idea and ffnx illustrates why.  The way forward is either to stick with ffnx if someone can help resolve these issues  or for someone well versed in C and opengl to work with me on aalis original code. id prefer the latter at this point but without help, we'll be forced to use ffnx as random crashes in battle is clearly not something i can allow to continue. At the least if anyone feels they can migrate my vscode to vs2019 let me know

probably but id go 44100

Anyone know enough about bgfx (which ffnx uses) and shaders to compile the file into something we can use?

Or is there another way to load it?

Overall, FFNx is a good solution but control has been given on a few fronts to bgfx which means we're at the mercy of that 3rd party package.

I've tried compiling using the correct inputs from ffnx compiler but it's having none of it.

no.  It goes off number ID. see the existing files

Also the creators take down the original link because having outdated installers is silly and most of the time there's a game breaker in there.

No to mention I am largely just ignoring such posts as they tend to be totally illogical.  Asking me to look at a "bug report" from a release years ago is just too absurd tbh.

great stuff!

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