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Cloud's 6 Blades

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hi i'm a final fantasy fan i have played final fantasy 7-9 on psx before, and one day it come's to my mind im gonna play ff on pc and buy it on my nearest game store, i noticed the team avalanche make's the game better and making their mods to fit as the original and it's awesome and i want to be part of that project  ;D but also AC version is great i hope you like this

My Mod start's here

this mod replace cloud's original sword to ac blades for ex. mithril - vendetta, nail bat - ascalon

I have a basic knowledge about 3d modelling to texturing im using 3dsmax, photoshop


i dont know how to put the models into the game so i hope there is anyone that can help me or by posting a tutorial.

Did you make CUSTOM models?


--- Quote from: Vgr on 2011-05-08 12:12:42 ---Did you make CUSTOM models?

--- End quote ---

yup, of course i make it custom :)

Will all Cloud's weapons be changed? Even so, I'm for this project. Cloud has 16 swords, so here's how I see this :

- Buster Sword enhanced, but still Buster Sword. Same for Ultimate Weapon. That makes 2.
- The Main Blade, Normal Mode (the first one) and the Battle Mode. That makes 4.
- The Vigilante one, the Merciless and Avenger, the Ascalon and Sidewinder too. That makes 9.
- The First Tsurugi, complete. That makes 10.
- The Main Blade + Vigilante (Bonus F1). That makes 11.
- The Main Blade/Vigilante/Merciless/Avenger together (Bonus F3). That makes 12.
- Some kind of remastered Sephiroth's Masamune as the Murasama. That makes 13.
- Brand new model based on "Shinra Sword" from Crisis Core, replacing the Mythril Saber. That makes 14.
- Again from Crisis Core, a based-model on Genesis' sword, the Loveless (someone already made it, but it was removed becaused it was ripped. If you make it from scratch, it'll be ok). That makes 15
- Try to make a completly-from-scratch model for Ragnarok, as it's one of the best swords and having it look like the original but sligthly modified will look good.

Swords : http://www.freewebs.com/finalfantasylast7/First%20Tsurugi.jpg

To summarize :

Buster Sword > Enhanced Buster Sword (look like Crisis Core maybe)
Mythril Saber > Shinra Sword (inspired from Crisis Core)
Hardedge > Main Blade (Normal Mode)
Butterfly Edge > Main Blade (Battle Mode)
Enhance Sword > Vigilante
Organics > Merciless
Crystal Sword > Avenger (Try to make it look different from the Merciless)
Force Stealer > Ascalon
Rune Blade > Sidewinder (Try to make it look different from the Ascalon)
Murasame > Remastered Sephiroth's Masamune
Nail Bat > Loveless-inspired sword
Yoshiyuki > Main Blade & Vigilante together
Apocalypse > Main Blade/Vigilante/Merciless/Avenger all together
Heaven's Cloud > Some kind of remastered Ragnarok but a little bigger
Ragnarok > A remade version of the Ultimate Weapon
Ultimate Weapon > The First Tsurugi, all in one

Please, make it by PNGs that can be loaded via Aali's driver... I don't want to alter my battle.lgp another time...

Arsirus UK:
How do you tell the Game which PNG is which??


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