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Converting battle to field models

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Where can I find an in-depth tutorial on how to convert a battle model into a field model, I have only found a few brief explanations on the forums but they weren't enough for me to quite understand. Im not at all good at modding so please dont get at me for asking. If I am allowed by the original creator of the models to release them I will do it so others can use it. Thanks in advanced.

I would like this as well, I have searched but not found anything conclusive so far :(

FAQs seems like a good place to start looking... hint hint

FF7 Documentation and Tutorials

Mike recently released a series of video tutorials discussing model conversions and other topics.
Conversion Tutorials.7z                                         How to Convert Battle Models                  FILE
Tutorials by Mike Part 1: Detach, Fill holes    Mike.S.N_310-X  Video on Model Editing                  Qhimm VIDEO
Tutorials by Mike Part 2: How to use FF7 Tools  Mike.S.N_310-X  Video on FF7 Tools                            VIDEO
Tutorials by Mike Part 3: Convert to Battle     Mike.S.N_310-X  Video on Converting Field Models              VIDEO
Tutorials by Mike Part 4: Convert to World      Mike.S.N_310-X  Video on Converting Models to World           VIDEO


Search Fail on my part  :-\


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