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One Gunblade, no ballistic functionality though.

So, dat demo, pretty bad.


Fights consist of holding a button, pressing RB/R1, holding a different button, Pressing RB/R1, pressing the guard/evade button, holding another button, pressing RB/R1 repeat to fade.

It's not fun.

The outfit designs are pretty bad too, I can see the Dragoon outfit is meant to look like Kain and the Thief outfit somewhat like Zidane but they're still pretty bad.

Does anybody play this rather addictive little timesink?

For those not in the know...

A little bit about the program.

Singleplayer creative mode.

Serverlist for the multiplayer creative mode.

Official forums for more light reading.

The Wiki pages for even more info on gameplay.

The game also has a "survival" mode (which is for paying customer only) and is the only version currently being updated as the others are designed as a sort of demo teaser, where you actually have to mine for resources like iron or coal, to be used in crafting the various tools for building, mining or farming, if playing on normal or above there are monster that spawn and roam around, these can drop some items to help you keep yourself alive too.

Various shots of my current build project, Lava Beacon, Lavafall, a couple of water features and a ruddy great minecart roller coaster too (video of that coming soon).

Noah "Spoony" Antwiler is probably known best for his somewhat epic review of Final Fantasy 8, I say review yet he basically just spends the time ripping it several new holes, now, he's back and at it again, this time he's having take out at at the expense of Tidus by "reviewing" Final Fantasy X.

Part 1

I'll edit this post with each part as he puts them up.

His FF8 videos can be found in reverse order starting here.

Unless you've followed the guy, many of his jokes will be a bit alien such as his Black Lantern Spoony and clone jokes at the start of the FFX vid as they're continued from older unrelated videos.

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