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General Discussion / FF8 leveling mod anywhere?
« on: 2012-01-03 18:06:28 »
Hey guys, i finally, after a nightmarish bath of anger and urge to murder square executives, got FF8 working right on my newer laptop.

However, the one thing i've never liked about the game is the whole "monsters level up with you" thing, i'm wondering if there is a mod to make monster levels static around, as i haven't seen one while searching.


this is very weird to me, as i've never experienced this before.

and it does not just happen to cloud, it happens to many characters, for example, when the shinra guards surround cloud right before he jumps on the train, it happens to every single one of them, and i can't figure out why.

has anyone experienced anything like this? if so did you ever find a fix?

let me know if you need anything more, information or otherwise, i'll give you what you need, this is weird...

Team Avalanche / question regarding resolution
« on: 2011-05-09 21:08:56 »
quick question regarding resolution, can help other people as well.

so i finally am reinstalling everything and realize i'm not sure which my res falls under, high res or low res, for the installers i mean.

what would be considered high, and what would be considered low?

my res is 1600x900

1600 wide, 900 tall. its a laptop :P. sorry if this was answered somewhere before, i did a search and didn't come up with much.

Completely Unrelated / surgery- clubbed foot
« on: 2011-04-19 02:29:02 »
alright, so this will probably my last topic i post in for a short while, as tomorrow morning i go in for yet my surgery on my leg.

has anyone ever heard of, been affected by, or known someone else affected by clubbed foot?

for thoughs who haven't, its a birth defect, its actually quite common but the problem lies in that there are huge variants in how bad it can be, i was one of the unfortunate bastards born with a very severe case of it, and while my left leg got repaired, my right one is still an issue, and has eventually led to me being told i'll need a bone fusion at some point in my life.

how it works is that i guess in the smallest terms, you could say my foot is sideways, for most that means walking on the sides of the feet and heels, mine was severe enough i was born with them ready to walk on the ankles.

anyway, wish me luck, post any stories relating to it, etcetera.

Completely Unrelated / firefox addon- Stylish
« on: 2011-04-06 02:57:03 »
has anyone here who uses firefox seen or used the addon called stylish? just found it today but i reaaaalllyyy enjoy it, i've always wanted to see different web pages in completely different colors, youtube, facebook, google. etc.

anyone got any good styles if so? i'm looking to expand my list.

i dunno if others have, but lately, i can't ever seem to use the search function, as well as at least half the time i can't use the "Show new replies to your posts." link either, the site tells me its under high stress and etc. etc.

its been happening for a while, at least for me and i'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing a similar or the same issue.

Completely Unrelated / Death in the Mushroom Kingdom
« on: 2011-02-17 14:05:15 »
"terror grips the mushroom kingdom today as a horrific murder shook the foundations of the continent. Mario McPlumberguy was found dead, empaled on a group of spikes under one of the pipes he was cleaning. the 42 year old life long Shroom Addict had not been in good relations with his friends lately, with his own brother stating "yeah, its a shame, but at least now I get to be the star, right?....right?". Mario's girlfriend of many years, one princess peach, had this to say "ever have someone high on shrooms burst into your friend Bowsers place and try to get you away from him, shouting something about cake? i'm glad he's dead". Mario was known for his friendly if disturbing catchphrase, of an elongated "ITTTSSAAA MEEEEEE" and distingctive outfit. a neighbor of mister McPlumberguy stated "when he wasn't high out of his mind he was a very friendly man, i can't believe he's gone.". Mario was well known for his rivalries with Bowser Spikeyback and Donkey Kong, with whom he eventually made up with and became good friends with. "Mario not smart, Mario not fast, Mario not have big muscles like Donkey Kong, but Mario jump very high when barrel rolling at him, Donkey Kong respect that" said Kong after he had heard of the tragic death. There are a few suspects to whom committed the crime, but as mister Bowser puts it "who the hell puts spike pits in a freakin sewer!!!" more on this as details become clearer"

thought you guys might get a bit of amusement out of that :P

Completely Unrelated / Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
« on: 2011-01-17 23:32:50 »
so the new Elder Scrolls game, titled Skyrim, was announced not to long ago, and involves some new systems, including the long awaited ability to dual wield (as well as dual cast, or so i've read). unfortunately it won't be released till november, but its nice to finally see a new one, i loved oblivion (hated Morrowind personally) and this one sounds to be just as good, if not better.

so, whats your thoughts?

General Discussion / Tifa's weapon shop comment
« on: 2010-12-20 19:15:02 »
you know that comment she makes before starting the second reactor blowing up mission, about a weapon shop owner upstairs wanting to give cloud something. i have never been able to figure out what she means, as far as i can see, there IS no upstairs to the 7th heaven

Completely Unrelated / Leslie Nielsen... is dead
« on: 2010-11-30 02:19:51 »
well ladies and gentlemen... one of the greatest actors ever, died yesterday (or was it today, i know it was on the 28th) from complications of phnemonia. in a hospital bed near his home. you might remember him from some of the scary movie's, and the Airplane! movie. as well as naked gun. to tell you the truth i loved this mans acting and me and my family are quite devistated.

Completely Unrelated / Fallout New Vegas?
« on: 2010-11-07 03:23:24 »
i'm thinking of getting this sinse i am a big fan of Fallout 3, but i wanna be sure its worth it (AKA i'm not just getting a rehashed Fallout 3, i mean i know the battle system and such is almost the same but is it good :P). i would just look up a review but i have read so many bloody biased reviews i don't really trust em anymore, but i know i can trust most, if not all, of you. so if anyone has gotten it.

Is it worth Getting?

Is the Storyline and good?

is the "gambling" thing mandatory at any point? i hate playing stuff like that in a game.

also if anyone cares, Fable 3 is pretty decent, don't go out of your way and go nuts to get it but pick it up if you got the cash, its basically Fable 2 done better.

Completely Unrelated / Fable III and SvR 2011
« on: 2010-10-26 12:21:06 »
with these two new games out today i was wondering if anyone plans on getting them?

i plan to get both tonight and stay up playing em all night. now i know few are wrestling fans here so i suspect more would be interested in Fable III.

what are your thoughts, opinions, upsets and highs about all of this?

i've been using this battery for a long time now, so naturally its charge doesn't hold as long, however the battery for this laptop costs an arm, a leg, and several other body parts i'd rather not discuss (you knowz) so i'd rather try and fix the charge on this battery so that it has its full strength again rather then let it get to a point where it barely lasts 30 minutes without charging. if anyone knows the trade secret lemme know, and thou shalt be considered thy god... or at least i'll thank you :P

Completely Unrelated / Final Fantasy 7 font request
« on: 2010-10-03 17:17:36 »
anyone got the font for final fantasy 7? all the downloads i find for it give me reaaaalllyy crappy ones with pretty much just the t e a and f showing up, if anyone knows where i can find a full good one, i'd appreciate it

Completely Unrelated / sephiroth vs kefka thread
« on: 2010-09-18 21:22:07 »
to try and stop all the other topics from getting overrun by the hole "kefka is better then sephiroth" and "sephiroth is better then kefka' thing, lets just direct it all here.

i'll start by restating the obvious, Kefka is strong yes, kefka is freakin evil, yes, but kefka also has little to no background history, no given reason for being a psycho, and of course, he's a clown (tis unforgivable)

people argue that kefka is stronger and annialated the world pretty much, this is kinda true, but sephiroth would've done the same with meteor given enough time, in fact, the only reason the world didn't turn out like kefka's is simply put: the heroes of VII were quicker then the heroes of VI.

these are my views, you may now begin :P *bows*

Completely Unrelated / My Shameful Advertisement
« on: 2010-09-07 00:25:05 »
well, i don't wanna get in trouble, but i trust ya guys so... ADVERTISEMENT

^_^ my new site for videos and junk, got a hole bunch of neat little video intros up i made.

sorry for advertising that :P, continue with kicking some sephiroth ass

Completely Unrelated / how do you watch your DVDs?
« on: 2010-08-19 21:39:43 »
i personally when i buy a dvd, will use software to rip it to my computer then copy it over my network to my PS3. thatway i can watch the movie even if the disc gets damaged.

how do YOU watch dvds? do you just shove em in a player or do you watch em on your computer, rip to ps3 like me, watch on 360, or what?

i just got home from a day at the family cottage, on my way to the door, i find a friendly little black kitten following me, one of my neighbors walks over to me and explains that my other neighbor just moved out and abandoned the cat here, right now my good neighbor is looking after this cat, but i made it clear i'm more than willing to take it in myself (it got inside my house during this and is the first cat i've ever seen get along with my two other cats). i make just enough money every week from babysitting to look after the little guy.

what sickens me is that someone could do this, this kitten is young, its not so young its got a bigger head than its body, but its very small, and when i picked it up, it's skin was extremely soft and tender, it was also skinny, people that would abandon an animal they initially took responsibility for sicken me to the point where i get physically ill to my stomach. i truly wish i could understand the mindset of a person like this, because i spent ten long and frustrating minutes just swearing to myself about this.

what are your guys thoughts, am i doing the right thing, and what are your thoughts on people like this.

>.< was getting into save editing on my 360, so i thought i'd give it a try on the PS3 for ff7, ff10, and ff10-2, turns out its a lot more difficult (go figure), all was going great till i came to finishing the saves, different problems but a big one was the save editor i used for ff10 and ff10-2 (after converting the files to use them int he first place from psv) would save them as a raw ps2 save file (without a clear extension like psu, psv or max), and from there i went through hell to get em converted to max and to psu, then i find out i can't convert it back to psv, meaning i can't use it on my ps3 without that.. memory card converter thingy, something i haven't got the money for... they really need to warn people more on other sites in their readme's and tutorials. else i gotta start caps Yuna style.  :-D ︻┳テ=一

Completely Unrelated / Nickname Thread
« on: 2010-07-27 06:08:02 »
some people get called by nicknames by others in here, but i think its time to spread the fun ^_^

so, tell some nicknames that you've been called in the past, here or in other places, then let others choose to call you one or come up with a new one :P

don't gotta participate if ya don't wanna of course.

shall i go first?

i've been called, on the internet (sinse i use Jaitsu almost all the time) Jai, big J, Japanese Jaitsu (done by people who think i completely based the name off a japanese anime character, which i did not). and in real life, (sinse my name is Brandon) i've been called B, Brandog, Brando, Brand-Cereal, and ..... Rustywurm (makes fun of my last name, Russwurm)

Completely Unrelated / to much FFVII hate
« on: 2010-07-27 04:25:19 »
had some time to kill and so just for fun, looked up final fantasy 7 on google.

my god theres so many idiotic haters out there.

people seem to hate on it just because its one of the mainstream games, i found it rather stupid to be honest, if it wasn't people complaining about cloud being "emo" then it was them saying the storyline didn't make sense. i had to stop myself from signing up on forums just to tell them off.

i can respect someone not liking the game, but the needless hate is idiotic, one guy had this huge monalogue about how the entire game of FFVII blows because of cait sith.

i will admit, other than the idea of a remake (i'm one of the guys who supports a remake on certain conditions) that i think that FFVII has had trouble given to it by its "compilation" mostly due to the huge changes (such as Clouds personality in advent) but i also know, that this game was a big thing that helped open the way for 3D (not saying it was the only thing, but it definately is in the list). the really funny thing was people trying to make an arguement about FF12 being better, at that point i had to stop to laugh.

ok, one unfixable laptop, one laptop with a fried battery, a desktop i had to whipe yesterday due to it being stuck in a strange booting loop.


i never expected my xbox 360 to outlive 2 laptops

Completely Unrelated / bestbuy delivery
« on: 2010-06-15 22:21:47 »
well, i couldn't get the game i wanted thanks to walmart nearby not refilling when they were supposed to, so i ordered from bestbuy to deliver my game to me.

the nearest bestbuy is only about 45 minutes away, so it makes me wonder.

is it not kinda stupid that we're so close yet they still feel the need to send the game to various places before sending to me and etc. when they coulda had the game to me the next day. its rather annoying as i'd like to have the game by thursday and i doupt i'll be able to.

anyone got any idea how long it'll actually take?

oh, the reason i don't just go down and get it is time, the only driver in my house has no time whatsoever to go anywhere, so im stuck in this lil town.

well, now that im done being stupid :P whatup

Completely Unrelated / Red Dead Redemption
« on: 2010-06-12 22:16:35 »
im getting it tonight and want some feedback from anyone who's played red dead redemption

is it good at all??

i've head its similar to GUN in some ways

Completely Unrelated / your view on internet dating
« on: 2010-06-05 05:16:36 »
im curious

whats everyones views on internet dating?

my relationship with my girl is mostly internet and online, sinse i only get to see her once maybe every other summer (she's in carolina, im in ontario canada) but i've had this relationship for about 4 years now, and it with it working, it makes me wonder how everyone else see's it.

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