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General Discussion / Re: PS4/5 Upgrade Q - Help…
« on: 2021-11-18 22:29:28 »
Visit the Final Fantasy 7 Remake page on the PlayStation Store by searching for it.
Find the "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE upgrade for PS4 version owners" Add-On to download and install

Should do it.

Releases / Re: FF7 Crisis Core Upscale Project
« on: 2021-09-25 21:26:18 »
Should be Settings > Tools > Developer Tools then scroll down.

General Discussion / Re: So FF7 Remake Music is fantasic
« on: 2020-04-17 17:04:46 »
Yeah the Ska/hip hop/glitch number that plays after you leave Aerith's the first time is a bit of a missed swing on the OST.

It's odd with Biggs because Gideon Emery is a decent VA but it's more the script for Biggs, it really doesn't have much to it with no real chance to stand out.

I'm on chapter 9, 15 hours in and loving it, even the changes I've seen so far. A few of the music tracks are interesting remixes, like the Ska/hip hop mix at the start of chapter 9.

General Discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-25 10:55:33 »
There are fetishes for many, many things. There's folk who have a sneeze fetish, uploading compilations of sneezing Twitch streamers to youtube.

General Discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-22 11:34:34 »
This is a take I've seen around a lot, from a lot of people.

Am I the only one that finds it weird?

Just like I found Final Fantasy XV's Cindy to be weird... Like... I mean... To each their own but damn... lol

He's got the thirst. I quite like with the new Tifa design. And she still has big boobs without looking silly, still has the belly showing now with some ab detail and still has the barely there skirt.

General Discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 04.2020 - News
« on: 2020-03-07 12:47:27 »
That Double Crossing line is because Barret maybe thinks Cloud might have just betrayed him by not setting the bomb and could be getting ambushed.

Completely Unrelated / Re: RIP Diablo
« on: 2018-11-09 17:17:59 »
I mean, if you make an announcement to a room full of the PC Master Race and expect them to give you a standing ovation when you announce a mobile game, I'd take you out back and shoot you like Old Yeller.

PS:Because we already stopped caring about FF15 a couple of months after it came out, at least it's still getting some content, one last episode, standalone co-op and a FF14 crossover mission.

No FF sale on the UK store, all still normal price.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Trump president now!
« on: 2017-01-31 16:10:56 »
Bearing in mind that nationals of the seven countries banned by Trump have killed exactly zero people in US based terror attacks between 1975 and 2015, compared to the 4323 deaths caused by terrorists from other countries in the same timeframe

Completely Unrelated / Re: Trump president now!
« on: 2017-01-30 19:07:52 »
Well now, Washington State is suing Trump for putting out the order for the ban.

At least they backed down on Green Card holders being denied entry.

He still thinks Nieto's gonna pay for the wall though, what's he gonna do, mail him the invoice for the construction work?

Completely Unrelated / Re: Trump president now!
« on: 2017-01-29 18:13:16 »
I'm not even convinced it's real. The cynic in me thinks it's a ruse to make people think he supports democracy and the will of the people. But I have no evidence of that.  I don't trust him as far as I can throw him though.

Most of the people who were advocating it like Boris and Farage are the same, and behold as soon as the vote passed they buggered off, left everyone else to deal with the aftermath.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Trump president now!
« on: 2017-01-29 17:57:21 »
Side note, Labour supporters are turning on Jeremy Corbyn for his supportive stance on Article 50 (AKA leaving Europe ASAP) where was that mindset during the referendum in the first place since he's always been anti-EU?

Completely Unrelated / Re: Trump president now!
« on: 2017-01-29 08:07:38 »
It also applies to green card holders though, but on a case by case basis and yet a few folk who are out of the country on holiday or for work can't get back in despite being card carrying citizens.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Trump president now!
« on: 2017-01-26 15:53:06 »
It's almost as if he was trying to silence political dissidence.  You know, the sort of thing a ferning Fascist would do.

No, that's what the media gag was for.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Trump president now!
« on: 2017-01-26 05:33:36 »
And apparently his investigation into all of those "illegal" voters will only be happening in states he lost.

Can't say much more than "It's OK, nothing special".

Finished it after 41:17:17 at level 50, once you work out how to use wait mode properly the game became a bit more fun and a little easier, the story is obviously unfinished and missing chunks despite the 10 years it's been worked on, I assume a couple of things will be touched on in the DLC but they are things that shouldn't be DLC because they just leave the handful of plotholes the game trips over in a few places, especially if you haven't watched the Kingsglaive movie(Ravus for example).

Decent amount of stuff to do outside and even after the story (That big bastard is on my hitlist) that's only hampered by terrible enemy placement like dropping a level 54 enemy smack dab in the middle of the only walkable path on the way to a level 12 area or level 7 enemies in a level 50 area or the constant imperial drop ships that can't make up their mind if they're just gonna be full of assassins or only 2 assassins and the rest all being snipers.

I knew the magic system could be used to really fudge up some enemies once you get the multicast and added effect traits crafted in but it's a lot of work to have to keep going back in to craft the spells again because you only get 3 or 4 uses and extra storage slots are only found as you progress.

Looks good, even on an Xbox One, handful of aliasing issues with the hair and very few frame drops even during some of the busy fights.

At least they're going to keep working on stuff post release beyond the DLC.

He could be mistaking him for Zack, similar height and build, spikey hair and the bright blue eyes which he does mention.

Duke Nukem: Forever was developed for 15 years. :D

DNF was 14 years over all, announced in 97 released in June of 2011, it had however been 15 years since Duke3D was released when DNF finally came out. Doesn't make it any less ridiculous though, 4 years is more than enough, most only take 2 to 3 years for a AAA title.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-07-04 16:22:01 »
Hey look, Farage just quit.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-06-27 19:18:16 »
Meanwhile people had been worried that Brexit would mean the end of the Euromillions lottery. It won't.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-06-24 16:51:36 »
Scottish and N. Irish folks and MPs are asking for independence votes and it's looking likely, many Scots, myself included, voted to stay in the UK in order to continue being part of the EU in the first place and now a difference of 1.4 million people has shat all over that plan.

As a side note, the current UK immigration issue is a problem regardless of us being in the EU or not, so using it as a reason for voting leave is plain stupid, we'll still get literal truckloads of them coming in for years to come.

It's on Google Drive or there's a torrent, both links work just fine.

This smells to me like licensing problems.

Pretty much this, it's also why the Kingdom Hearts games and even Crisis Core aren't available digitally, some KH music was only licensed for physical distribution and Gackt's likeness can't be used anymore preventing digital sales of CC.

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