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When will be other language for SeedReborn available?


I need help for this step please "C. Move the contents of the /pack folder (not the folder itself)". What does it mean? Where do I have to move it? Should I delete it?

Thanks for response

Hy everyone,

I will re-ask a question cuz I'm not sure if I good understood. Is the Lunatic pandora mod package first created for FFVIII 2013 updated for FFVIII remastered?


It looks like Tonberry don't work with the Remaster. I'm the only one? I wanted to change the Battle Backgrounds and the worldmap, but nothing happens.

Hope there will be mods soon available for remastered version

Good Morning everyone,

I'd like to know if I can download these hashmaps without downloading tonberry enhanced. Do I need the new directory system the topic is talking about? Whats more I'm beginner as for modding is concerned, so I'm trying to do things short and simple.

Thanks for responding and thanks for your hard work.


I'd like to know what is hashmaps exactly, cuz I just want Lunatic Pandora to be translated in French. I saw on the internet a graphical updated mod for ffviii remastered that must be used with tomberry and hashmaps.

Thanks in advance

Hello everyone

As you know, FFVIII remastered which was released a few days ago is not that beautiful. I would like to know if Lunatic Pandora package (i'm going to buy it to help the modders) is usable with FFVIII remastered. What's more i'd like to know exactly how to change the language of lunatic pandora mod into french (I'm french).

Thank you in advance and thanks to the modders for helping us make games look better.

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