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FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.12.0b)
« on: 2023-11-16 03:35:45 »
Hello everyone

How is extract FF8DISC1 ?, I want edit in file rom to change events data ?

I found some sciprt commands

Code: [Select]
First You Get Cards From NPC Modifier:0x000EACD1

Get Card GM ??00-0007-3601-DA01
Create Character But Lock 2E00-0007-5601-0000-??00-0007-8C00-0000-??00
Add Character To Party 2E00-0007-5601-0000-??00-0007-8C00-0000-??00-0007-8600-0000
Delete Character From Party  2E00-0007-5601-0000-??00-0007-8D00-0000-??00-0007-8600-0000
Remove Character From Party 2E00-0007-5601-0000-??00-0007-8D00-0000-??00-0007-8700-0000
Empty Party 0300-0007-0901-0000
Out World 0100-0007-0D01-0000
Move ID Field Model ??00-0007-1401-0000
Move ID Field Model ??00-0007-1501-0000
Swich Member 0100-0007-1B01-0000
Show Save Game 0100-0007-2E01-0000
ON Save Game 0100-0007-2F01-0000
Add Gil ????-??07-5101-0000

Show Shop City ??00-0007-1E01-0000
00 Timber Pet Shop
01 Balamb Shop
02 Dollet Shop
03 Timber Shop
04 Deling City Shop
05 Winhill Shop
06 FH Shop
07 Trabia Shop
08 Esthar Shop
09 Balamb Shop
0A Dollet Shop
0B Timber Shop
0C Deling City Shop
0D Winhill Shop
0E FH Shop
0F Trabia Shop
10 Man from Garden
11 Esthar Pet Shop
12 Esthar Book Store
13 Esthar Shop!!!
14 Unknow Shop - Empty
15 Unknow Shop
Show Name ??00-0007-2901-0000
00 Squall
01 Rinoa
02 Angelo
Add GF By Vaule Digits ??00-0007-2901-0000
03 Quezacotl
04 Shiva
05 Ifrit
06 Siren
07 Brothers
08 Carbuncle
09 Diablos
0A Leviathan
0B Pandemona
0C Cerberus
0D Alexander
0E Bahamut
0F Doomtrain
10 Cactuar
11 Tonberry
12 Eden
13 Boko
14 Griever
15 Griever
16 Griever

Can I add new model in any map or not available yet in last version?

Support / Makou Reactor 2.0 ?
« on: 2023-09-24 13:29:27 »
Please delete post..........................................


I tried change font but the game not running, and I cannot add any letters or sybmole because the file size....?

I can export bin,png.jpg...etc but when I want import only I can upload bin, my ask how can I upload png or jpg because import only open (bin) file...?

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] DelingScript
« on: 2021-11-20 15:35:55 »
I cannot edit file game iso like Makou Reactor Tool, I wonder when will make this is tool like Makou Reactor ?

Can I change Cloud to Sephiroth in filed from start game?
Can I countrol Sephiroth in battle?
Can I edit file bin/iso and saved work without problems?

Can I change any characters in field?

Best regards

FF7 Tools / Re: WPN State Modifier...
« on: 2021-03-26 18:33:30 »
Great, Thanks!

FF7 Tools / WPN State Modifier...
« on: 2021-03-25 18:46:58 »

I'm search for Tool for change WPN State, I search in ISO file by hex edit but I don't found anything, Just I can change in RAM memory only, Ultima Weapon :0x00073B38

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Can I save my change direct in ISO without black screen after start new game ?

Good job Tirlitit,i  you have team members... I envy you, I wonder which program use for found Offset address ? :)

General Discussion / Re: Legend of Dragoon Hacking
« on: 2015-11-15 18:12:04 »
That's a never ending story ^^"

I think you will not found anything if you try hacking Lod ^_^

I need people know about debugger/disassembler...

General Discussion / Re: Legend of Dragoon Hacking
« on: 2015-11-14 14:41:28 »
Or with hacking other games ^^'
I care about LoD, but since I'm already on FF9, I can't help.

I only remember having hacked the memory card files for LoD. It was quiet simple and I think you'll find some things about the statistics by looking at those files first (they're always simpler to understand since there is only a limited amount of information and you can figure the meaning of most of them).
For instance, it is quiet possible to equip whatever combo you wanted to whatever character, resulting in weird animations of the 3D models. You can then figure how animations are coded, directly moving the model's few bones and allowing a great variety of animations (the same animation is never used twice in the post-battle cutscenes).

In short, I'd recommend you to first look at memory card datas ; you'll surely find several things and, with any luck, you'll then be able to link some of them with whatever you're searching.

I found everything in memory/quick save, Like state Dart and shopkeeper...etc then I search in rom iso/bin file but I don't found anything I tired...I think that is  game protected by compressor files but you can found some gaps little like what I found we need tool for uncompressor file s game..When will you finish from ff9 Tirlititi  ?

I wounder if anyone know team members for hacking Lod ?

General Discussion / Re: Legend of Dragoon Hacking
« on: 2015-11-11 08:46:30 »
If you want to modify non-FF playstation games, you'll likely have better luck finding help at

I added subject before I post here but no one care about this game :(

General Discussion / Re: Legend of Dragoon Hacking
« on: 2015-11-10 16:55:51 »
That game's not Final Fantasy or even Squaresoft. So you'll likely not find a lot of support here especially considering this is the Final Fantasy sub-forum.

I hope open new section for other games.

General Discussion / Legend of Dragoon Hacking
« on: 2015-11-09 01:16:52 »
Hello guys

Does anyone have offset rom for change value HP/MP and STR DEF...etc, I'm search but I don't found it..?

I found only modifier treasure items

Burn Out: Ch.1 Serdian War Seles Item Box Modifier:0C4F7ED8

Charm Potion: Ch.1 Serdian War Forest Item Box Modifier:0C1F8818

Spark Net: Ch.1 Serdian War Hellena Item Box Modifier:0DB4770C

Lether Jacket: Ch.1 Serdian War Hellena Prison Item Box Modifier:0CBB98F0

Angel Prayer: Ch.1 Serdian War Hellena Prison Item Box Modifier:0CBB8DC8

Is that game protected by compressor files or something else ?

Next new version can I save PSX ISO/BIN after edited without any problem or error ?

Yeah this problem will be resolved too.

When I edit then saved same problem file BIN/ISO corrupt not start game  :o :|

Thanks a lot !!! :)

Completely Unrelated / Suikoden Mod
« on: 2015-07-07 04:56:28 »
Here's something for the Suikoden fun... something I cooked up quite a few years

For now I'm too busy with the Néo-Midgar project.
My last changes are in the github, on the "develop" branch.

Then what about Makou Reactor update ? you told me before, you are fixed missing save as ISO/bin.....

Yes? In that mod, Sephiroth has been placed in another character's slot. A character that also has a PHS slot. What I'm saying is the original Sephiroth character slot doesn't have a PHS slot at all, that's why he always vanishes. The only way is to replace another character with Sephiroth.

Ok then can I replace monster  like jenova without missing ? and how replace it with same size ?

Sephiroth will always vanish from the PHS menu because he doesn't have a slot there to begin with. That really can't be helped.

Watch this video then you will change your mind  :|

Remember that Vincent and Sephiroth share the same data and character slot.  You will have to replace Sephiroth with someone else or him to make him show up with or without Vincent.

Thanks for reply :), but how without him ?, I want let Sephiroth Available in PHS party, I add Sephiroth in PHS and when I out then back to take him with me he is Removed from PHS...I wonder how I can let him not remove from PHS...I want Sephiroth original  without replace him by Vincent, I have question can I change Vincent by Sephiroth in coffin ?

I wonder why no anyone reply to my request?...If that is impossible to available Sephiroth  in PHS party, why not tell me that to close my mouth and not add double posts. :(

 I add Sephiroth available, But not added in my PHS party?

Troubleshooting / Re: LZS ?
« on: 2015-06-06 17:09:16 »
Thanks a lot guys

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