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I tried to use the Scaled Battle UI mod, but with Moguri 8 Beta V5, and it seems to cause some issues....

Can anyone confirm whether the battle UI mod only works with the 8.0 release? That would be a bummer if that's the case, since it looks like the game HAS to be install on C: with that version of Moguri.

As this was always the case, at least for me, I needed to download the optional manual files and do what is written in the read me (it's really easy).

And I can confirm that it works. :)

Wow, just Wow!
It really eliminates most things that Remake AI via Gigapixel didn't get right. Great release!

I could load them in Maya without any problems but it's also a dead end there.
I also had a discussion with Al (the creator of Memoria) and he said, that UV maps and placement seems to be hardcoded into the Engine, which, if true, means that only an engine rewrite would solve that problem... :/

Keep up the work! :D

What kind of Program do you use to open the fbx to look into the code?
If I open it with Notepad++ I only get garbage.

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-09-08 08:41:27 »
It would be great if there's a way to have high res fields and those insane new models in one package.
Please don't be discouraged!

After going back and forth, the quality between ESRGAN and my old one, at least for the very low res FFIX textures, aren't that big...
So no release but again, as there's no really quality improvement, that shouldn't be that big a deal.

Well, everything is ready but I didn't uploaded as of now as I want to improve the textures a bit more.
Shouldn't take that long (hopefully).

This mod, its listed right at the top. part of the default catalog.

Read this, from step 3 onwards.

It's soo easy...?
I thought it would repair animations that uses the new modells. I never imagined that also 60 FPS was checkable... ;D
I did try it out yesterday and it seems to work as intended, but I'll find that out when I receive Tifa. ;)

What animation mod are you referring to?
Can you please redirect me into that direction?

60fps mod is broken and will be until R06.

Thanks a bunch!
Do you've an ETA for R06 and will we be able to use 60 FPS without any additional tweaks coming with Reunion?

Thanks again for all of the effort DLPB!

Maximilian Dood is playing FFVII with some Mods and he is running Mods in 7th Heaven as well as 60 FPS Battle.
I tried to replicate it but couldn't.
Reunion isn't running 60 FPS (even though it says it's part of Reunion...?).

I could manage to run 60 FPS Battle once (patching LGP and copy pasting all files I need). I could even start it once via 7th Heaven after I patched everything, although it was very woobly as the Camera wasn't as fast to catch up to certain animations like Braver or Big Shot but at least it was running 60 FPS for Camera and 30 FPS for Motion.
Now the Game refuses to start whatsoever... *lol* I think it broke completely afterwards. xD

Is it even possible to get 60 FPS Battle and use 7th Heaven for only minor Mods like Music Replacement, Background switching as well as Charactermodel replacements?
Should I wait for Catalog 3.0 which should be coming out this month?

Every help is appreciated!

Bets of luck on that one. Making masks by hand is crazy and that is what we're, right? ;)

I'm so baffled as it works now without any problems! >_<
Thank you so much, Manakaiser! You made my day. :)

I really can't solve the problem...
It also doesn't seem to copy the tiles from one folder to another, if I copy the tiles afterwards to merged folder and hit merge they merge at last but still, without alpha it's useless...

Everytime I receive this error:
Code: [Select]
'D:\ESRGAN\LR' is cleared

All images within that folder than vanishes.

I'm too stupid I think! >_<

because you are using new esrgan and as i mentioned already its not advised and has no benefit for the end user.

use this then auto should work.


Thanks, now at least it works with the models but still, alpha isn't preserved. :(

Afterwards all images within my LR folder are erased.


this test file preserves alpha; use with old esrgan version (new one is useless for the end user anyway it has no effect on quality so i advise against using it in general). Gonna warn you though doing alpha wiht esrgan is always relatively bad;

Also using tool handles alpha better than the test i posted you and the tool is pretty much perfect regarding esrgan (and regarding what it does) anyway so I suggest just using it in general; Just configure settings and it will automatically split alpha and merge after upscaling, and as a bonus it has a really nice GUI and makes using many different models in quick succession easy and quick (for ex dedither followed by whatever model you want).

I already tried Auto crop but it doesn't work with the dedither Modell.
The error log reads:

Code: [Select]
[10.07.2019 22:17:59] Traceback (most recent call last):
[10.07.2019 22:17:59]   File "", line 7, in <module>
[10.07.2019 22:17:59]     import architecture as arch
[10.07.2019 22:17:59] ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'architecture'
[10.07.2019 22:18:00] Error ocured during ESRGAN work!

If I run it normally or with Satsukis GUI, it works, but not with Auto crop, sadly. :/

As I wanted to improve on my FFIX and X/X-2 HD Remake Texture Mods, I searched for a way to preserve alpha channels within an image using ESRGAN and asked Xinntao (from the original ESRGAN Team) in one of the bug reports if there's a way to do so.
He tweaked the script so that now we can also upscale and preserves alpha channels: Sadly he never came back to the community on other questions, that's why I'm shouting help to you all. :)

Here goes my first two questions:

1. Would it be possible to tweak the alpha so it can detect alpha in an image and preserve the alpha?
2. If no alpha is in the image then it should just skip the alpha scaling?
Right now if there's no alpha, the script will stop working and ask you to use the normal that comes with ESRGAN which is a bit tedious to use.

On the other hand, I found a model that works wonder on dithered images which can be found quite a lot in PSX Games.

I made a quick comparison.

The problem with this script is, that it sadly also eliminates alpha completely...
So here's my last question:
3. With a hopefully tweaked alpha py, I also would need to have this working with the dedither model

Every help is very much appreciated! :)

Hopefully you can resolve the issue.
It seams at least quite useful. :) and also maybe it fares better than the normal esrgan upscale picture by picture.

The squares oft logo with a lot of chocobos look horrible with esrgan. xD

How does it fare for pictures that don't get distortions?

Hi Forum, maybe you can help adressing a problem/bug with FFIX.

As soon as a textures for characters that have an eye blink animation (which is a second texture sheet with only the closed eyes) gets upsized in width and height, the animation doesn't play at all.
So all blinking is gone (which isn't that bad) as well as closed eyes (Garnet sleeps in the train or if a team member is wounded in battle).

This is only happening if the standard size isn't matching the original format. As long as it's preserved, the animation plays normally.
Also the same thing happenes to all Enemy Modell that are vissible in the Fields like the bandersnatches that chase you. In Battle they look normally, but in Field...oh lord they're messed up.

I can't figure out what's going on as in FFX I never had problems with different UV Maps with animations.

FYI: An update to the textures will come.
I applied ESRGAN to all textures so they look way more crips and do contain a whole lot more details than ever.

I'll have it ready till the end of the week.
@Dclem You didn't overcome the UV map problem with the blinking, correct? This is such a stupid "bug"... -.-°

I didn't had the time to test this yet, but it seems promising for uprezsing Videos. It's also from some of the main contributors of ESRGAN.

Someone already had time to test this with Final Fantasy Movies?

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-02-14 13:25:02 »
Why don't you just "ignore" it. I mean, nothing is perfect right?
As long as the baseline is better than it was before or the rest, go for it and don't stress yourself about a bunch of Fields. ;)

I'll show you that the pc alpha is way more of because of the resizing they did (weird algorithm or something like that).
You can't take the psx 1:1 of course but with some filtering they look way better and more organic than the pc.

I'll post a comparison later. :)

Edit: (Zoom in max and look over the masks)
Ingame it looks better because most of the Fields are also zoomed in.
Round objects have a rounder masks opposed to the tooth saw approach of the PC or blocky approach of the PSX masks.

I also uploaded a psd file. zoom in and you notice the difference.

I've all the scripts ready, if you want to give them a shot (Gimp though).

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