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Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Xylomod Overhaul
« on: 2023-05-22 10:03:11 »

Glad you enjoyed the new cards.

Yes I agree. Some statuses are too OP to be left as is. I'll ask on the discord where to change them. That'll allow to tweak many things and to put a duration for status that are too strong.
Your example of the silence status is very relevant as it is hard to deal with early game for the player and harder for the enemies to deal with, which makes it too strong. I was thinking that a simple duration, short preferably, would mitigate it's usefulness on each side.
Plus I wouldn't be sorry to change protect, shell, etc... for them to last forever, until you die or are hit by dispel. And some status effect display, especially the Zombie effect which is performing very badly with the costume change feature.

The other point you made about the game being a grind fest is true too. I noticed the first thing I do when starting a new game is stacking 100 spells of every one I can find on balamb island. I wanted to give a good headstart in the early game by giving Squall some spells to split with Quistis. But it is still insuficient. I'll probably go for a more drastic solution by giving every SeeD the same treatment as Squall benefited of. And add some Esuna along with it. The early game should feel "finger in the nose" easy. At least until you beat Ifrit.

For end game I don't know how to fix it in any way, I'm afraid. It depends too much on the player to do side quests, grind for level and stack magic. I can only envision speedrunners having a hard time beating the end game.
That's a problem, but it is too much linked to how FFVIII works to be tweaked. They tried to remedy that in Ultimecia's Citadel by locking your abilities but it is still present. I'm not sure anything can be done about it unless giving incentive to the player to speedrun.

Thank you for taking the time to give me your thoughts on it. I'll get back to it.

Releases / [FF8PC-Steam] Xylomod Overhaul
« on: 2023-04-26 20:44:31 »

Hello, I'd like to introduce this overhaul I uploaded on Nexus Mods
Xylomod Overhaul, and its Modboro Update

The overhaul description is available there so I'll avoid copy pasting it here. But to summerize : It's a gameplay overhaul that focuses on quality of life improvements and rewards good use of the status junctions.

Here is the FF8_EN.exe file that changes the cards' names in the menus. It really is not mandatory. Feel free not to use it if it's preventing you from using another file
Other link just in case the first one didn't work :

I hope everyone's work has been credited. Tell me if it's not the case or you want your work removed from the mod.

Note : Xylomid is the name of Malboro in french.
A huge thank you to all the people who made the tools and mods I found on this forum.

Artwork Triple Triad overview :
Spoiler: show

Artworked Triple Triad - Card Replacement


Dressing overview :
Spoiler: show

General Discussion / Re: Help with some modding ideas
« on: 2023-04-23 13:16:56 »
Does anyone know how to change World map Scripts ?

I'm trying to allow going back to cities/BGU in Disk 4, and maybe allow Lunatic Pandora as well.

Thanks in advance.

Dude these are stunning, i would play triad for days with those cards. must of been a lot of work already, the costume changes are fascinating i have always wanted different outfits, very curious as to how that would actually work in field and battle for example.

Thanks. I'd be interested in it as well. But for now I could only figure out a way to do the in-combat models.
I don't know how to make it work for fields.

These look fantastic! I can't wait to see how the mod turns out.

Thank you. Sorry, I didn't see your reply earlier. Probably because you need confirmation from a moderator.  It's released here : Give me your feedback anytime.

Another part of this overall in graphical changes is the costumes.

What I did was use Tonberry's tool and edited Mcindus' weapons and character .png to make variants for every characters.
Each weapon comes with a different costume and you have various save points in the game (e.g. BGU dormitory for Squall) that allows you to switch between your normal (called casual for now) and alternate (called Dressed-up) outfit set. It only works for Squall, Zell, Selphie, Laguna, Kiros and Ward.

I'm well aware all costume are not of the same quality and I'll be glad to hear what you think about them. So here they are :

Troubleshooting :
By doing tests I noticed that Selphie's morning star costume is bugged (Her face is different from the uniform file)
Irvine's costume (except Exeter for some reason) are all showing a default costume from another file when (and only when) you use magic with him. That's weird.
And his Valiant costume loads his Exeter's costume except for the weapon...
Rinoa's Cardinal loads the rising sun costume except for the weapon just like Irvine.

The overall will feature a modded version of the Weapons monthly now called Adventurer's guide to Dollet, Timber, etc.... You'll have the junk shop ability from the start (now called dressing) allowing you to change outfit anytime anywhere.
You get no bonus for changing outfit and Squall has all his finishers from the get go. That means that you can do lionheart from scratch. And while I understand it can feel like a big cheat I nerfed it (a lot) so that you'll not be able to do massive damage with it until late in the game.

I'll add more later. I'd like to know how to debug the issues I pointed out. So if you have a piece of advice, please let me know.

WIP / [FF8PC-Steam] Xylomod - Overhaul Project (Released)
« on: 2023-04-05 15:31:27 »
Topic discontinued. See the release page for info and discussing the mod :


I'm almost finished with an overall mod and wanted to ask here for Mcindus' permission to use parts of his mods I've been using. (Tripod and SeeDReborn)
Xylomod - Overall Project (gameplay, graphics and some other stuff)

One part of this overall is the Triple Triad.
I've used artworks of FF8 and some others to make new cards. A picture is worth a thousand words :

Artworked Triple Triad - Card Replacement

As you can see some monsters were removed and some characters like Biggs or Xu were added. Sorceress 1 and 3 were recolored to match with their new battle texture. So I'll need to make a patch of the FF8_EN.exe. I may or may not need help for this. I didn't look into it yet.
This uses Mcindus' Card backs. And I've also been using Mcindus' SeeDReborn's elemental symbols :

General Discussion / Help with some modding ideas
« on: 2022-11-19 12:33:28 »
I'm trying to make a Gameplay mod inspired Ragnarok Rebalancing Mod, Martial Law, International GF Job System, and FFVIII Crystal.

I changed many aspects already, using the tools found on this forum.

Thank you people for these.

Now to the point : I need to find the file (.bin or I don't know) that contains the tutorials messages.
I use Delling Field Editor and MnGrpEditor tools.

But now I must edit the tutorials that are misleading, not telling enough or simply wrong. (e.g. : Quistis Training Center tutorial about status saying you can't assign Fire.)

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