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after a few days testing, i have found that all of the mods are a result of other mods interacting weirdly or outright not at all with code. nothing to do with New Threat.

so with a bit more testing, the Tea cutscene was a result of a completely different mod that got a recent update and allows you to change party mid-battle. didn't notice that it disabled a specific code regarding party characters in cutscenes

Support / list of bugs found in New Threat's Route A.
« on: 2023-12-02 20:58:32 »
Not entirely sure where else to go for this but it seems like the best place to look for it. I've come across a couple very problematic bugs in my New Threat 2.0 Route A playthrough. i've never watched/played this game before but found it a bit too easy unmodded so i decided to throw on this in order to challenge myself. after restarting, i chose to do Route A seeing as that was the "vanilla-ish" route and have come across two major bugs and a minor one that i have not scene anywhere when trying to look up errors. The first of these and the minor bug in all this is that, upon visiting nibelhiem for the first time, Tifa just does not spawn and causes Cloud to look like he's having a Deadpool-esque conversation with himself. The other two i have come across are rather problematic because they just perma softlock you unless you disable the mod before hand. The first is the cutscene where Cid yells at Shera about tea and kicking the group out of the house and then going out back to mess with the Bronco. for whatever reason, after Cid leaves, Cloud just stays facing the door and Shera goes through the animation of making tea but no dialogue ever commences. The second Major Bug occurs when deciding who gets to hold the Black Materia. Tifa just does not spawn at all, not even invisibile, and you cant really interact with anyone else until you talk to her to decide who holds it

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