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                    Aali's Custom Driver FF7/FF8 Installer
               (Custom Driver (Version 0.8.1b) made by Aali, Installer made by Kompass63)

You must also download Aali's Custom graphics driver [v0.8.1b] from this page.
Put and Install_Aali-s_opengl_driver_0.8.1b.exe into the same Place and run the Installer.

  The graphics driver within the Windows installations DVD does not support OpenGL 2.0 or higher!
  If you see inside the app.log this Line:
         INFO: Microsoft Corporation GDI Generic 1.1.0
  Update your graphics driver!

This installer installs the Custom Driver for both FF7 (1998) as well as FF8 (2000).
The Custom Driver is not suitable for the newer versions (Rerelease or Steamrelease) of this games.
If you have a newer version of FF7, this can be converted using a converter into the old version.

This installer installs also "FF7Config.exe" together with "RunFFVIIConfig.exe" (for FF7 only).
The latter ensures that the Custom Driver is again entered into the Registry after FF7Config was executed.

Many errors in the installation of FF7Music are generated by Bootleg040.
This Patch fixes (all?) the Errors that occur when installing FF7Music via Bootleg040.


The patch rescues the music folders, uninstall FF7Music and created a new folder "Ficedula" where now all the necessary data to be integrated. (Including a new "FF7Music.ini")

NOTE: If you have created your own profile, then this must be created again.  :P

UPDATE (!) 24-Oct-2013:
  Default profile now exists (shit happens :P )
  Added Profile "Rerelease"

FF7 Tools / [FF7] REMOVE Regitstry Keys (2013-07-08)
« on: 2013-07-08 15:53:21 »
This tool REMOVE the registry keys that were created by some kind of "new to old patch" (eg BootLeg, Kranmers one or my FF7GameConverter).
This is useful if you want to uninstall the patched Game and start that sort of patch a second time.

Unfortunately, when the Game is uninstalling, some of this keys are not removed. This tool takes care of this.
It will only remove the keys that were created for the old FF7, the keys of the rerelease are not affected.

Please only use after you've uninstalled the game.

RedXell has kindly made ​​a few mirror, thanks for that  :-*

Google Docs:

General Discussion / How much VRAM you need...
« on: 2013-06-02 01:29:45 »
... minimum, to play a bootleg (Profile 'FULL') version of FF7?

For the 1998 version 4 MB of VRAM is specified as a minimum.
For the 2012 version no information on the amount of VRAM is specified as a minimum.
Pitbrat requires a GPU with 512 MB, but that seems exaggerated to me a lot.
GPU with OpenGL and Shader 2.0 support and at least 512MB (recommended Geforce 8800 or better) (Intel GPU's not supported)

I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 equipped with an ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series (128 MB VRAM).
The game works with it.

That it runs very slowly I attribute of the Singel Core CPU and not to the graphics card.

What hardware are you taking the game to run?

Troubleshooting / Error in AMD Catalyst 13.4
« on: 2013-05-18 10:02:10 »
To all who have an AMD graphics card!

The AMD Catalyst 13.4 does not work with shaders!
There appear large red triangles on the screen or something like that:

You better install the AMD Catalyst 13.8 BETA
or the AMD Catalyst 13.5 BETA2, so it seems to work again.
Correction: Catalyst 13.x seems no longer to integrate shaders.
The last version 12.8 used by me compiles the shaders ...

Shaders are usable again (in Catalyst 13.8 BETA & Catalyst 13.5 BETA2), the message in the app.log is not displayed if it works correctly.

EDIT: Before you install the 13.8 Beta, it may be necessary to uninstall the current display driver. The 13.8 may not overwrite the current driver.
The Catalyst 13.8 Beta   contains the display driver version from 23-Jul-2013
The Catalyst 13.5 Beta2 contains the display driver version from April-16-2013.
You can determine your version by using Device Manager.
Do you have a different version, the 13.8 the previous version has not overwritten.
In this case, please uninstall the display driver separately before you install the 13.8 again.

Kranmers "convert new to old" Patch, which is integrated into bootleg 040, sets too few registry keys, I think.

This patch adds the missing registry keys.
This patch also checks that the presence of "battle.lgp" that has come away to me during the installation with bootleg.
The "multi.dll" will also be replaced with that from DLPB, with kranmers there were problems.

Before starting this patch necessarily need a Volume with the name "FF7DISC1" (or "FF7DISC2" or "FF7DISC3") are inserted or mounted.
To do that you can
a) navigate to [Gamedir]\MountDisc an double click onto "MountFF7DISC1.bat" (is only available if that was bootleg set)
b) plug in a USB stick and rename this
c) Format a Floppydisc and rename this  :evil:
d) ...

Then run this Patch
After this patch, when first starting the game automatically should open the configuration window (FF7Config.exe). If not, then start itself is necessarily!
Make all the settings again, especially Sound and MIDI.

EDIT: important Troubleshooting at 2013-05-05

Recognized no disk in Spanish Windows, hopefully solved ...(Thanks to Cloud15)


Do NOT use this older version with 7th Heaven.
Download the 7th Heaven version from STEP 1 of the Tutorial.

This mod convert FF7 (all Versions) that it works with the English FF7.exe V1.02 (including all the needed registry entries).
This makes it possible to install other mod's (eg DLPB&Kranmer's Menu Overhaul or gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod), which manipulate the FF7.exe.
English, German, French and Spanish are supported! 1
NOW WORKS WITH XP, WIN 7 AND WIN 8, 32 or 64 Bit, with or without UAC :-D
Now also work with Steam Release 2013 (see EDIT 2013-07-07)

Please report if it works for you!

Special thanks goes to  EQ2Alyza, who has corrected many English sentences and other things has inserted.

I uploadet the two files in a mirror too. The links:
(Version 0.10)
So have fun with this awesome creation :D
Great  thanks for that :)

You will lose Achievements, Cloud Saves, and the Trainer after it is converted.

(Updated on 05-may-2013 07:50 GMT)
(Updated on 21-jun-2013 15:45 GMT)
(Updated on 07-jul-2013 02:32 GMT)
(Updated on 09-jul-2013 06:53 GMT)
(Updated on 31-jul-2013 05:20 GMT)
(Updated on 01-feb-2014 07:36 GMT)
(Updated on 13-feb-2014 03:12 GMT)
(Updated on 11-apr-2014 17:58 GMT)

FF7 Game Converter is still BETA, using at your own risk.

FF7 Game Converter requires an unmodified version of FF7 (new or old release).
If you have a Re- or Steam-Release and have used Bootleg before, it is maybe necessary to rid the registry of unnecessary keys.
Before using FF7 Game Converter you need a volume labeled "FF7DISC1", "FF7DISC2" or "FF7DISC3" (for the Re- or Steam-Release it is enough to relabel a USB stick)

Start the FF7 Game Converter with an unmodified FF7 installation.
You don't need to install the Patch 1.02
DO NOT USE Kranmers NewToOld patch! (A better version is already included)
UNZIP NOT Aalis driver 0.8.1b into the game folder. (already included)
also included:
DLPB's Multi.DLL 2
Kranmer's FF7anyCDv2.DLL

After installing the FF7_GameConverter you should run the game at least once before you install other mod's or Bootleg040 3.

Note: Some mod's use English words. If the game will show up English words that is (probably) the cause.

The Menu Overhaul from DLPB&Kranmer may spend some error messages during installation.
The reason is that MO uses old touphscript and this program is absolutely unfit for exotic data.
Nevertheless, the main point of MO seems to be working  :-D
We (Red Xell, Kaldarasha and I) have for MO already translated some things back into German.
Extract and copy useful into the game folder. Also included are pictures of the Battle of Fort Condor.
(The images Kaldarasha reworked, thanks a lot)

Thanks to DLPB and Kranmer for their DLLs and for MO
Also Thank to Aali for his OpenGL-Driver
Thanks to EQ2Alyza for working on the Script

VERY VERY special thanks goes to Red Xell and Kaldarasha, they were so brave FF7 Game Converter to test first.

Edit 2013-05-05    BugFix:
         don't recognized FF7-Disk on spanish Windows, fixed (hopefully for all languages ::)) (thanks to cloud15)
         Floppydisk now also accept as FF7-Disc :evil:
         little Registrykeys fixing

Edit 2013-06-21    BugFix:
         major Registrykeys fixing
         Detection integrated, under which environment the script works
         integrated compatibility for XP and Win8 (!!!!)
         Disk recognition modified

EDIT 2013-07-07 :
         Added possibility to manually enter the path to FF7, if he was not found in the registry.
         This now allows the Steam version, but it works only if no old registry keys are there!
         Was a bootleg or "new to old converter" previously used before, it is necessary to rid the registry of thereby created keys.
         Thanks for the testing goes to EQ2Alyza :-D

EDIT 2013-07-09 :
          Added automatic recognition of the Steam release

EDIT 2013-07-31:
          Added possibility to manually enter the path to FF7 (again!) for moved FF7-Folder.
          Fixed some errors.
          Fixed languagedetection for Steam Release, thanks Template for reporting

EDIT 2014-02-01:
          If Destination is inside a Systemfolder GC will copy all to "C:\Games\FF7"
          FF7Config is now calling up.
          Fixes some small issues.

EDIT 2014-02-13:
          If Destination is inside a Systemfolder GC will ask to copy all to "C:\Games\FF7"
          Instert small Piracy protection.
          Laptop Key Patch added if needed.
          Fixes some small issues.

EDIT 2014-04-11:
          Update Aali's Custom Driver Version 0.8.1b
          Create a Batch for FF7Config
          Fix an error with Icons

1 The French and Spanish version of the file "FF7exe-[lang]-translation.txt" probably contains some errors.
   Since I can not these languages​​, I can not change it much.
   If someone can do better, I'll add this here. :-D

2 Kranmers Multi.dll seems to cause mistakes in connection with FF7Music.
   Unfortunately, this DLL is re-installed by Bootleg.
   If you want to use DLPBs Multi.dll, remember to copy all the DLLs out of the sub-folder "LOADR" into the sub-folder "DLL_in".

3 Bootleg040 is not designed for XP, but can still be used.
   After the Bootleg040 Omzy's FFVII Field Pack should be manually inserted into the mods\Bootleg folder.
   You must also edit the "Run FFVII-Bootleg.bat", remove all "/AFFINITY F" (XP dont know about this).

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