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We would like to create a small custom story for the Q-gears project that we could distribute along with the engine so the user can get a feeling for what it can do already.  This shouldn't be longer than 20-30 minutes and should have plenty of action like field module puzzles like the mayor's library puzzle or push the button together puzzles. 

This kind of project requires field models, backgrounds, scripts and a storyline.  This means that you don't have to know C++ to help.

This is a collection of what we have so far of assets
Warning: Data heavy

Outdoor water scene

Elevator car scene (new version)

Elevator car scene (old version)

A power company logo (used in place of the shinra logo)

Midgar city outside scenes:

Midgar slums outside scenes:

Our very own debug room (startmap)

Reactor bridge from character's point of view

Reactor bridge (new and updated) from original and intended camera view

A random dining table scene (not found in game)

Pretty simple for now, just starting out.  Might need some help with textures

And yes, I did a test of the battle scene if anyone was wondering...

Well this thread is for the development of the Final Fantasy VII Installer Console Version.  Its the same as the other installers however also runs on Windows 10 and will also be compiled for Linux and Macintosh PPC and Intel.

Palette Editor module, part of the Developer's Tools and can be used to customize the theme of the installer by the user:

Compatibility Mode added to allow windows created for the classic console installer to work without modification:

Window limit removed, previously could only have 2 windows open on screen because windows were hardcoded, now they are dynamic!

Rough draft of the Developer's Tools window list used to add/remove windows to the installer (Used to make custom installers for mods like possibly a New Threat Installer)
Also the ability to move windows by clicking the titlebar was added and enabled

Graphics Mode tech test:

CLASSIC CONSOLE INSTALLER: This is the old display when you launch it.

EXEs will be released every now and then for your enjoyment (and probably amusement since there's a ton of unimplemented features of the GUI installer in it)  ;) .

Thats right, you heard it, a full FF7Inst.exe remake! Now released!

This is a completely new, non InstallShield based installer, yet remains 1:1 identical to the original installer.
Windows 10 users are able to *finnaly* install ff7 on their computers without having to downgrade to Windows 7 or 8!
And best of all, mod support can be included, however I need your opinions on this part.

- Compatible with Windows 10
- Install movies to hard drive automatically
- 1:1 Identical Emulation of original FF7Inst.exe
- Installs the game quite faster than the original installer
- Built in updater to easily update your game to 1.02 while installing, no hastle later trying to find files!
- Built in patcher to automatically Chocobo-Crash fix your game without the need for external patchers.
- Compatible with any Windows NT5 or higher OS capable or running the .NET framework 4.0

Update News! Massive update, 1.5.0 uses Installer Coordinator II and supports configs and install movies to hard drive automatically!
You can download the latest version (1.5.0) here:

IMPORTANT: Please open FF7Config AFTER installing and SET THE AUDIO DRIVER to something, the game will not start if the box is blank!
Support questions that have missed this critical step will be ignored!

You can still download the previous version (1.4.2) here if you encounter problems:

Requires Administrator permissions!
Requires .NET Framework 4.0
The ability to run 32 bit programs
Change the install path only if you know what you are doing what the consequences of doing so are! (Some mods won't work if you change it!)
If your Program Files directory is on D:\ or E:\ it WILL autodetect it, no need to change any settings.
When it starts up at first and asks your for a folder point it to your CD-ROM drive where you have your install disc! (Not game disc 1-3)
Keep both DLLs and Data ZIPs in the same folder as the installer .exe it is required!
Please do not remove discs from the CD tray unless instructed on the screen to do so.

Version 1.5.0 - Installer Coordinator II after about a year with no updates! (Last Edit: 2015-12-14 19:03:10)
+Installer Coordinator II
+CONFIG.INI configuration file lets you change the default options on your installer and create custom setup scripts that automatically install the game (Good for network installations?)
+Install Movies to hard drive option, called Maximum install! (Not selected by default)
+Variable Editor, lets you edit the variables of the program and create your own config.ini files
+If you select the wrong drive on a disc selection menu you can retry instead of being forced to quit
+A dialog before the final window asking you to restart or not was missing (forgotten perhaps?), it was added
*Graphical update, new graphical buttons and more exact text on the IC dialogs
*On the final window, clicking on the text next to the radio buttons changes the selection like in the original, previously you would have to click exactly on the radio button circle.
*Changes in internal code so less copy paste and more common shared modules
-Old style debug mode removed, its now a variable editor.

Version 1.4.2 - Sweeping the mess under the rug...
*Fixes a registry bug that could prevent the game from running
*Path select dialog now lets you select folders outside of Program Files (x86)

Version 1.4.1 - The second biggest Installer Coordinator update! (I really gotta come up with some more creative titles...)
+Program Folder listing in the window with Yuffie on it
+Program Folder name changing (on the window with Yuffie on it)
+More error handling via Installer Coordinator engine.
*Changed methods ChangeBackgroundImage(id) and RefreshCoordinatorButtons() to Subs since they don't return values (Could prevent a crash or two maybe?)
*The progress bar on the Vincent Install screen is *always* in front of the window now. (Prevents it from being hidden without a way to get it back!)

Version 1.4.0 - The biggest coordinated release yet!
*Major Change: Installer now uses my new Installer Coordinator (IC) install engine!
+Installer Coordinator (Fixes all WINE bugs)
+First time users get access to the tools I use to make the installer (Installer Coordinator)
+Robust Kernel and Variable Manager (Installer Coordinator)
+Robust Error handling (With custom icons via Installer Coordinator)
+Debug Mode lets you ignore errors that would otherwise halt the installer (Very dangerous but useful for Power Users!)
+Custom icon sets for buttons (Look for that Ignore error button, its pretty funny!)
+InstallShield Emulation (Hooking into actual installer scripts and functions!)
*Fixed Font in buttons so it no longer smooths the edges of the text. (To mimic the original text feel)
*Fixed a path error that would cause a Win32 error (File Not Found)

Version 1.3.4 - Ghost buster
*Fixes ghost installers remaining in memory after exit

Version 1.3.3 - Fine Wine
+Adds suport to run on Wine
+Console output
*Fixes a bug in the autodetection

Version 1.3.0 - The stable one!
+Adds automatic 1.02 updating
+Adds automatic chocobo-crash patching
+Cait Sith's picture frame appears when patching/updating
+You can now install the Yamaha SoftSynth
*Fixes crash when installing on an already existing install
*Fixes issue on last frame where it would appear  on the taskbar

Version 1.2.0 - The professional one!
+Adds shortcuts to the Start menu!
+Standard and Maximum install work (Previously installed Max no matter what you selected)
*Fixes registry bugs
*UI has been polished
*Current Operation: While installing reports the correct operation

Version 1.1.0 - The amateur one!
+Ask for Administrator when run
+Working cancel buttons!
*Changing path now works however you do so at your own risk and some mods and other installers don't like altered paths!
*Closing the Setup window now closes the big window in the background
*Minor Changes to prevent DLL errors in the first place
*Changed version formatting to something more familiar and used by other tools

Version 1.01
*Fixes a CustomControls DLL error

Version 1.00
+Techicnal Test Release
+GUI,Installer,Registry modules added

Welcome Screen:

Select Components Screen:

Select Setup Type Screen:

(It does also have that progressbar/loader thingy on startup if you were wondering about that...)
(Also, the image in the background *does* change, as BackgroundID has been implemented)

Support - Questions: Moved to a next post, scroll down a bit!

Mod Compatibility:

All mods that work on 1998 version will work on this as the install is practically identical.

Aali's OpenGL Driver:
This is compatible with Aali's Mod however the driver must be installed AFTER you install the game using Tom's Installer and you MUST have update game to 1.02 selected on the components screen (Its selected by default).

NT Mod (New Threat):
If you changed the install path during setup the Installer for New Threat will have to be pointed to that path.  This also applies to any other mods with GUI installers.

Chocobo Patcher:
If you selected to install the chocobo races patch (Its selected by default), do not run the chocobo patcher as it is already installed.

FF7 1.02 Update:
If you selected to update your game to 1.02 don't use any other tools or methods to re update your game as they might break something.

I would like to hear any feedback about it, features you would want added or how your mod can work with this if you are a mod creator.

The Finishing Touch
Automagically fix Z-Index, LUA errors, savemap and dialogs

This program is aimed at fixing all those little bugs here and there that have plagued Q-Gears. It is meant to be applied OVER the data installer in a binary patch way.  You could say this is Q-Gears' first mod :)  It will fix up the Z-Index, meaning you won't walk above walls and obstacles anymore!  Implements a framework in order to add dialogue in a future revision,  it also adds Q-Gears' own custom main menu background that I designed in Blender.

Currently after you run the Q-Gears data installer you get the data in order to run the game however some basic things like a main menu or a level selection menu are not added, meaning that the game will crash upon starting.  This adds the special sauce is needed to get it all going :)

Heres what your game will look like once you have installed it:
(Minus a few menu options because those are debug options.)

How to install (Revision 3)
0. Make sure you don't have previous q-gears installs in your program files directory!
1. Download and install *this version* of Q-Gears from:
2. Open your Q-Gears directory in C:\Program Files\q-gears 0.22.0
3. Run q-gears-launcher and switch to the data installer tab
4.1 In the Import Data Source point it to Final Fantasy 7's /data/ folder (Not the actual Final Fantasy folder but the data folder inside it!)
4.2 In the Q-Gears data path point it to your q-gears/data folder Example: C:/Program Files/q-gears 0.22.0/data
5. Click the "Install data" button and let it finish. Don't worry if windows says it is not responding, give it some time to do its job!
6. Download the latest Finishing Touch patch and install it.
7. Run q-gears.exe and enjoy the game  ;)

Now on to the real deal:
Revision 3: We enter the reactor
Fixes bug in nmkin_1 where you would crash when you talked to Barret
Script now correctly executes in nmkin_1
Added extensive documentation and commenting in nmkin_1 to make it easy to read/modify

Download Revision 3:
Revision 3 works with this Q-Gears:

Revision 2: C'mon newcomer
Fixes the 2 guards that get killed, they now have on_interact scripts and drop potions when they are killed
Dialog implementation
Field background animations re-added
Fixed hang bug in nmkin_1
Added doors in nmkin_1
Works with a more updated q-gears

Download Revision 2A:
Revision 2A works with this Q-Gears:

Download Revision 2B: Replaced by Revision 3, scroll up to download
Revision 2B works with this Q-Gears:
(Revision 2A and 2B are the same except they are compiled against 2 different versions of Q-Gears)

Revision 1: Hide and Seek
Fixes tiles Z-Index allowing you to walk behind stuff and not over it!

Download Revision 1:
Revision 1 works with this Q-Gears:

So you have downloaded qgears and you are trying to get it running and you encounter the dreaded DLL errors!?

Well fear no more as this thread is dedicated to finding the DLLs and packages required to run the game.

0. The most important question of them all: Where can I download Q-Gears!?
Once you have downloaded it, run the launcher/data-installer and install your game data, more info on getting the game to run is here:

1. The program can't start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer.
Download these Visual C++ runtime components:

2. The program can't start because OgreMain.dll is missing from your computer.
If you are playing the compiled binaries from the installer, please re install the program.

If you are compiling from source, goto your OgreSDK folder and copy OgreMain.dll OIS.dll and OGREOVERLAY.DLL into your game folder.

3. The program can't start because lua.dll is missing from your computer.
If you are playing the compiled binaries from the installer, please re install the program.

If you are compiling from source, goto your LuaJIT folder and find the compiled lua.dll file and copy it into your game folder.

4. There are no renderers to chose from!.
If you are playing the compiled binaries from the installer, please re install the program.  If you want to run the game with DirectX then you must download OgreSDK from the github page and copy the RenderSystem_DX9.dll file.
If you are compiling from source, goto your OgreSDK folder and find the RenderSYstem_GL.dll file and paste it into your game folder, then open up the plugins.cfg folder with any test editor and remove the hash key ("#") from the line that says Plugin=RenderSystem_GL

5. The game runs, a black window opens and then closes!.
Run the q-gears-launcher program and use the "Data Installer" to import your data.  You must select a folder in the "Import Data Source:" box, select your FinalFantasy7 folder in your program files directory.  Proceed to Install Data afterwards.

After a long night of work at trying to figure out how the source works I have pulled together some info on the FF7Config.exe.  So here we go:
First of all, FF7Config.exe's boxes (the little ones that say "Primary Display Driver") are not some kind of native windows form and were MANUALLY drawn by the original programmers at EIDOS.  They consist of 4 lines with coordinates.  The first box's top line coordinates are:
X1:2820 X2:6090 Y1:240 Y2:240

The FF7Config only recognizes Intel Pentium CPUs because it does not read the processor environment variable.  Im working on a fix for that.  On the graphics tab menu there appears to be a bug where it only detects 1 graphics driver but I'm fixing that too

Hopefully this project will replace the default ff7configs (and provide them for newer versions that don't have them built in)

Woohooo! Tooltips so you don't always wonder "Now what did this thing do?"  ;)

Been playing around with the ff7config files

Very old development version of ff7config

Ill update this post as more is discovered and fixed

Team Avalanche / Midgar City Information
« on: 2015-02-12 07:19:45 »
I have been looking around for information about the characteristics of Midgar but haven't found much.  From ingame text, we know that the plate is 50meters from the ground but what is the radius of the plate? 100m? 1km?  Also what is the "Thickness" of the pizza? I was guessing 7.5m based on the North Mako Reactor bridge but can't be sure.  And also are there any good reference images available? 
I am trying to properly scale my North Mako Reactor Bridge to fit nicely into a real scale Midgar then "Spin" it for the other 7 sectors

Any information would be helpful   :D

Team Avalanche / [HD Remake] Startmap Debug Room (Q-Gears)
« on: 2015-01-27 19:39:28 »
Since I'm making a debug room for Q-Gears I figured I might as well HD-Remake the FFVII one!

Version 0.2 (Fixed scaling, lighting and glossy issues):
Version 0.1 (Initial Render):

Would be nice if you could find me a nice FFVII logo with a black/transparent background like the one in:
Thanks SpooX for the logo :D

Here is the original scene:

Team Avalanche / North Mako Reactor Bridge (Q-Gears)
« on: 2015-01-18 07:56:12 »
I have been making the nrthmk scene in blender for use as a simple scene for Q-Gears field, possibly a debug area.  Here is where I have gotten so far

However I am having a slight problem with materials, the materials are stretched on the side of the bridge as seen here.  I'm using a procedural Musgrave texture that should not need UV unwrapping and should simply apply everywhere like it does on the rails

I have double checked the normals and recalculated them but the textures are still stretched, here is how the wireframe and normals looks like:

Any idea on what might be causing this?

When I first downloaded Q-Gears 0.21 I was slightly disappointed that only the first 3 fields are playable, so I'm converting ff7 fields to Q-Gears fields so theres more to do in Q-Gears other than run around the train station and the bombing mission starting fields.

New Notice: The replacement project for this is Finishing Touch which you can find here:
You can even download whatever progress is made and play it yourself, not just look at screenshots I upload :)

Notice: This project has been abandoned in favor of SUDM, the automatic Field Script decompiler you can find here: If you want to see the fields that were done up to this point you should download the Q-Gears repository and it will be in the output folder.  (Or download the q-gears-data repository and find them in maps/ffvii/ )

=[ Conversion Progress ]=
(Debug Room) startmap: Complete!
md1stin: Q-Gears
md1_1: Q-Gears
md1_2: Q-Gears
nrthmk: Complete!
nmkin_1: Imported, partial scripts
elevtr1: Complete!
nmkin_2: Complete!
nmkin_3: Imported, partial scripts
nmkin_4: Imported, no scripts
nmkin_5: Imported, no scripts
tin_3: Imported, no scripts

Here is what I got so far:
Images are 5000KB bitmaps so you might have to wait a while if you are on a slow line.
Start menu with shortcuts to the new fields

North Mako Reactor outside

Now were inside the reactor, without even having to hack the gate codes.

Looks like Cloud and Barret are stuck in the elevator!

Cloud and Jessie head deeper into the reactor!

The train leaves at 00:00 Midgar Standard Time!

I hear you asking, how do we get these fields ingame!?
You can get them by downloading the github q-gears and compiling it.

Q-Gears / Compiling QGears
« on: 2014-11-10 20:24:57 »
I'm interested in compiling Q-Gears but I'm kind of lost at how to get everything working.  Have not done this in ages and have forgotten stuff.  I have downloaded the sources and installed the ogre without visual C++ but I can not seem to get CMake and Code::Blocks to work

Q-Gears / Level Format
« on: 2014-09-19 20:20:16 »
How can I import fields into Q-Gears from ffvii field backgrounds?  I see the ones in the folder are tiled in a weird format, is there some sort of converter?  Im using 0.21 run wild

I have recently switched to 2003 as I like its interface more and it allows me to have more then 4GB ram, however after I re formatted and was re installing my programs and final fantasy VII I couldn't get the game running, it crashes after i hit new game and refuses to start up again unless i reboot the computer.  I installed 1.02 and OpenGL drivers but still it crashes when pressing new game.

Is 64 bit causing problems  :|

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