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Support / Questions on FF IX Audio Mods
« on: 2018-07-15 20:24:08 »
I recently downloaded two audio mods for FF IX.

1. This one restores the enemy death and PS1 SFX.

2. This one alters the way the game processes audio so it sounds better.

I want to use both of them, but have run into a problem. Both modify SdLib.dll. Is there some tool I could potentially use to "merge" both of the modded SdLib.dll files together? Are these two mods compatible with each other?

Also, I was wondering if anyone could please look into the following issue with the audio in FFIX. I posted about it before, but here it is again...

The first (Honestly by far the most annoying issue with the audio for me.) problem with the audio is the BGM resetting after a random encounter, rather than continuing from where it left off.

For example, lets say I'm running around the overworld. The overworld theme music keeps playing until about 0:25 into the track when I get into a random encounter. Now, in the PS1 version of the game, after I would finish the random encounter and return to the overworld, the overworld theme music would continue playing from where it left off at 0:25.

However, in the PC version, the overworld theme music resets back to 0:00 and continues playing like normal from there.

I would really, really, REALLY be appreciative to anyone who could fix this issue, and would even be willing to donate money to anyone who could get it fixed.

Final Fantasy VII

Apparently, in the original Black Label version of FF VII, the script contained more swear words in it than the later releases, including the PC release, did. I would like to request a mod that reverts the swear words that were censored in later releases.

Final Fantasy VIII

I realize already there is a topic below me that requests this, but it has not been posted in for a couple of months. Given this, I believe the OP gave up on the mod.

I would like a mod that reverts the censorship to GeroGero's 3d model, GeroGero's Triple Triad card, and the blood in Ultemecia's castle.

Apparently the Steam version did not fix this bug. Anyone out there in Qhimm land willing to do so?


I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a 60FPS mod for VIII, similarly to how DLPB made one for VII.

moved from the roses and wine thread due to off topic - EQ2Alyza

I wanted to possibly make the game look completely identical to the Steam "new mode" graphics + Linear Filtering option and use this mod to replace the battle backgrounds (I hear they are too blurry).

I would like to know what settings I would need to use in the OpenGl tab to achieve the above.


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