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Releases / FF7 PC Sephiroth replaced vincent mod
« on: 2023-07-22 09:30:59 »
hi there guys. i have been looking for a full sephiroth replaces vincent mod, is there one out there? sephiroth with vincents all animation full playable

ohh i see...thanks a lot guys :) finally im able to load the game with my ff7.exe changes now.

hello guys, does anyone having an issue when you modified the ff7.exe app and when run the game with mods on 7th heaven and anything you modified does not take effect in game, it backs to original unmodified state. so i wonder how to get the modified data works with other mods running on 7th heaven? any help would be appriciate, thanks.

but how to? it always create a ff7.exe of the old pc game

hi. can i ask a bit of ff7 nx driver?

i downloaded the lastest ffnx driver to use because im not planning to use 7thheaven. 7th heaven only reconigze the old pc ff7.exe app as im playing with 2012 steam of the game.

i downloaded it and throw into my ff7 game folder, adjust my window size and it works but weirdly is the mod is not working at all. i create a folder 'mods/textures' and download the iro file, then unpack it and throw into the textures folder, i even create subfolder name follow like the name in the data folder such as char, battle and so on, but none seems working. im unsure how to make it work so hope u could help me.

i know now the latest 7th heaven also include ffnx in it but still prefer only ffnx use with my ff7 steam only. lazy to mount and unmount the ff7 disk and also i cant use the ff7 editor to modify cait sith/vincent initial data since it only supports ff7 steam not the old pc one

this is really excited, can't wait till you released this all in one mod pack :)

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.4.0)
« on: 2021-02-07 00:36:06 »
thanks a lot, ori for the link :) well i have v1.83 makou reactor and loveless 2.5 to do the text box resizing as certain text box can't be resize on makou reactor v1.83 not sure about the newest one as i did not use the latest vers. i wanted to download BoxFF7 and try it but the download link is already down, but thanks a lot to you for the new link, i am able to use BoxFF7 tool now. i will make sure to follow your advice on that, so thanks again ;)

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-02-06 12:14:06 »
well done Az for the transparent portrait, i am loving it. soon i finally get to play with your hd UI mod, Aavock. well done for the mod. combining with satsuki's texture mod, this will be superb :D

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.4.0)
« on: 2021-02-06 11:02:14 »
i really don't like using this tool, at least loveless text editor is much better than this one except can't auto resize all text box with a single click, but i can still resize some text box manually, just really time consuming to resize so many in game text box as i don't have much time everyday.
i have my ff7 steam install and add every full path for the files but can't dump at all, trying this for 2 days already but failed. why can't this tough script editor just open any file like flevel.lgp file and do the proper editing, after that save and done. easy unlike this one can't seem to get it work on either old 98 pc or the newer steam version.

No FFVII installation found
Error creating spacing table
Cannot read / error reading flevel
Couldn't dump world_us: basic_ios::clear: iostream error
Couldn't dump scene: converting to scene failed, basic_ios::clear: iostream error
Couldn't dump kernel: basic_ios::clear: iostream error
Couldn't dump kernel2: basic_ios::clear: iostream error
Couldn't dump exe: basic_ios::clear: iostream error

i only need a text editor to resize every text box in game automatically and fast, since the text box are all not scaled properly with the text, some missing text or the only a few text but the text box is so big, lmao

weird thing is i can download it fine 1 month ago but because my pc is down and i lost my imperis sephiroth mod so i need to redownload it again but i have been trying to download the mod for nearly 3 days but couldn't download. the download won't start at all when i click to start download. i am using firefox currently. i also tried using google chrome to download it, while the download could start but it does not download the file at all. i download some other mods from here and it download smoothly only certain file like imperis sephiroth mod. not sure what's wrong

looks like imperis v1.3 mediafire download link is down, unable to download it. does anyone have a working download link?

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-01-23 11:04:53 »
oh wow, such amazing update, aavock :D looks pretty neat and beautiful for view.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-01-21 11:16:57 »
this is so awesome, aavock! keep up the great work! with your hd UI mod, satsuki mod pack will be truly complete this time. i really want to be the first person to play with your mod lol ;D

@satsuki, you are right about ESUI mod, this one seems really complicated to adapt for FFNx, guess the only way to use the mod is to install 7th heaven and play with it. i am sorry if i misunderstood your words there when you say "Only need textures and one hext file
so can be used by root FFNx". did you meant by need having Aavock's menu texture mod and a hext file to make it somewhat similar to ESUI or reunion menu overhaul?

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-01-18 13:38:01 »
hey satsuki, really hope so for that ESUI mod to become compatible later lol xD. By combining your all in one mod pack + avarock hd UI + nino style model, this will surely create the most beautiful, faithful and definitive version of FF7 ;D

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-01-18 11:54:47 »
i really hope that enhanced stock UI can be used without 7th heaven, the mod manager crash quite often for me so i don't really like to play my FF7 steam with 7th heaven. the loading time for the game to launch using 7th heaven also is quite long sometimes.

better use FFNx driver with FF7 steam, smooth game launching, and can play many types of mod using FFNx. just that i want to use ESUI but the UI mod only can be used with 7th heaven, so i not sure how to make it compatible with FFNx driver.

i really love your work here, it looks hd, very clean and neat, also as you mentioned, keeping as real as the original vanilla game. hope to see more of your nice work later on :)

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-01-17 02:37:13 »
Hey, Aavock, your tifa's limit interface looks really nice and neat for view. Good job for the work!!
if you could somehow make the whole battle and menu interface to look a bit same(not entirely same) like the reunion menu overhaul or enhanced stock UI interface, that would be superb lol, by combining your hd Ui interfaced with satsuki's mod pack, that will be the best definitive FF7 ;D

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2020-12-27 02:37:04 »
this is really superb, well done in making this mod. makes the old nice FF7 game fully revive as a brand new HD one!! i am playing the steam version of FF7, so i hope this mod will be in english version and be used on FF7 steam.

yup i already asked him today and he says "You can't merge AF and the battle background mod as far as I know ; I guess Fraggoso will provide the modded files (and not the whole modded archive) once they are bugless."

hey fraggoso, want to ask you a bit about your hd battle background mod. how do you merge it with alternate fantasy mod? or the battle background v1.1 mod is already bugless when install with alternate fantasy mod?

it seems many people who play this game are quite obssesed with beatrix. to be honest i think its impossible to have her at early as start from outer continent due to game handling those characters. since you probably need to have those story character in your party or else the game might freeze/crash at some point, who knows? P.S. later on there are more problems will come to you when you try to hack beatrix into party.

me myself had tried before hack beatrix into party like you but failed due to the story handling those characters. there are too much freeze and even crash at some point made me give up upon getting beatrix into party. so i just play tirlititi's alternate fantasy mod and recruit her later in game.

maybe you should just stick to his mod and get beatrix later on in game(its optional here). its impossible to have beatrix in party at earlier point since there are many problem will occur.

for blank and amarant switch, probably its possible to do it but, it will be tons of jobs you need to do here. to me armarant is quite a good character here, cool and awesome character design and his skills are quite ok too. the character i hate the most here is quina since he's probably the most useless character being in the game. i dont really like this character compared to the other and also Zidane, the monkey boy. but his dyne skill is nice only.

i see you have done some work on your mod, nice. but if you can get the beatrix mod f yours done nicely, i will support you since i am the same as you hoping that she can be recruited automaticaly and at early point but i think thats not possible :-(

i think its impossible for this to happen because it will be too much buggy this way. also during the scene part where many freezes and probably crashes that happen, its very complicated to go about it. even one of my friend is a good modder for this game also say that its very complicated for beatrix to be playable in place of steiner.

oh okay. you are very busy with daily lifes i see. that's makes time not enough :(

hey there your mod looks so nice. great job on your hard work. i tried your mod on my FFIX steam and it works completely fine. can i ask about your the other worldmap mod? hows the progress of it? i cant see the comparison since there nothing there´╗┐.

FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2017-08-31 06:19:28 »
cool trainer, like it

FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2017-08-31 06:17:28 »
with this tool can i get the real sephiroth into party without game crash? i know theres lot of sephiroth mod out there but i want the real sephiroth not the skin replace one. how do i change the story script to include sephy into party?

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