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Redownloaded these FF7 modding tools to try my hands making a mod. But already running into issues just editing values, changing names in this program.

After doing what I want, creating kernel.bin, applying patch my FF7 runs into an error loading the game and basically I'm already demotivated and I haven't even started understanding ProudClod and MakouReactor  :-(

What causes this unhandled exception when loading the kernel.bin you've edited. I'm so bad trying to understand computer technicals

@Tirlititi guess I’ll leave that how it is, but by AI I meant enemy patterns and attacks. For example having the following script.

Turn 1: 50% Poison 50% Silence
Turn 2: Attack
Turn 3: 50% Flare, 40% Stop, 10% Doomsday
Turn 4: Attack
50% Counter Physical Attack w/ Stop

Something like that or editing existing enemies and replacing attacks or patterns.

This tool looks really cool just from browsing it for awhile but I want to ask; Will editing AI for someone who has no experience in coding whatsoever be a challenge for me and I guess a random question but am I able to make Protect, Shell, Haste and Regen last longer? Imo they don't last long enough in this game to make them useful.

Gameplay / Re: Disable Materia Menu (Job Class Mod)
« on: 2017-05-09 09:54:33 »
So i'm thinking of the following setup for each character.

Cloud: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Restore, Revive, Alexander, Chocobo Lure
Tifa: Counter Attack, Sense, Deathblow, Mime, Restore, Odin
Barret: Cover, HP Plus, Mystify, Seal, Transform, Barrier, Phoenix
Aerith: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Restore, Heal, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh
Red XIII: Enemy Skill, Manipulate, Kujata
Yuffie: Throw, Steal, Double Cut, Morph, Luck Plus, Exit, Leviathan, Pre-Emptive
Cait Sith: Restore, Revive, Heal, Barrier, Time, Destruct, Choco/Mog
Vincent: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Poison, Contain, Destruct, Hades
Cid: Time, Comet, Gravity, Slash-All, Bahamut, HP Plus

Honestly I don't know what Kaldarasha is talking about xD but it sounds complicated and if you want to do that then i'll leave it to you smart cookies :P

Gameplay / Re: Disable Materia Menu (Job Class Mod)
« on: 2017-05-08 14:06:51 »
Oh yeah, and I guess there needs to be a way to disable exchanging, clearing Materia.

ALSO, would this mean we take out the entire Yuffie sidequest since that obviously screws up your Materia?

Gameplay / Disable Materia Menu (Job Class Mod)
« on: 2017-05-08 10:58:14 »
I'd just like to know how to make it so you can't edit the Materia either by disabling the option in the menu (Like the first mission in the game) Or disallowing you to edit the Materia within the menu (Like Sephiroth's setup in the flashback.) Everyone will already have their Materia for their different classes and will learn via AP throughout the game, every weapon will have the same Materia slot layout and Materia found throughout the game I guess can just be sold (Don't feel like editing them out or changing them to something else.) So any help with how to accomplish this would be great.  ;D

Edit: I'm not TOTALLY new to modding this is a new account on this. (Still classify myself a noob tho :P)

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