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hello I would like to know. people who have a configuration similar to i5, windows 10, ssd disk and an nvidia gt 1030 card how does ffnx work with Cosmos Lighting shadows and advanced animations, are there problems or slowdowns or is it playable properly? thank you.
Lighting and animations don't work without recent FFNx.

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2021-07-29 00:45:50 »
Maybe I'm just dumb, but I've tried placing Jusete's mod at the top of the mod list and Satsuki's at the bottom with no success.
No matter what I do, Satsuki's is the one that gets loaded instead.
Any tips of how to get both working at the same time?
If you're using a new Satsuki in combination with directly-linked Jusete, then the problem you're running into is that DDS files will take precedence over PNG, regardless of mod load order.  Satsuki created a PNG2DDS conversion tool you can use on the Jusete fields to overcome this, and there may be pre-built IROs as well (I used to maintain a torrent of the converted pack, but took it down a couple months back as work went from "ridiculous speed" to "ludicrous speed" with every indication that we'll soon go plaid).

You'll want to stay updated on FFNx.  At some point in the future it will support 60fps.   Until then, you'll need to use Reunion found at if you want to use this mod.
FFNx already supports 60fps... it's the game engine and (especially) all the underlying animations that were created for 15/30 that need to be rewritten.

7th Heaven / Re: Speed mods
« on: 2021-04-10 00:59:21 »
If it's just grinding you're trying to avoid, Black Chocobo yourself the AP/XP ;)

Wait so the steam version doesn't mount the 98 iso in any way...How is it a wrapper?
That's correct; Steam doesn't load the 98 ISO.  That (among other things like cloud saves and achievements) is how it functions as a wrapper.

Is that the point of the admin access
No.  Admin access is required in order for 7H to intercept calls to the game's original code and allow mods to replace them without having to hack the exe file fifteen ways from Sunday.  It has nothing to do with the anti-piracy checks.

Damn that sucks.
Ahh... so in less whiny words, you want us to crack the game, piss in Square's cereal, and give every studio the excuse they want to lawyer up and be dicks to the modding community the way Nintendo does?  I don't think so.

tslojr:  You definitely need to fix your mod load order (click the "1^ v9" looking button), and check to make sure that "Qhimm - Animations" is not active.  If that fails, delete your "\7th workshop" so it's forced to re-load your paths and configuration, then try again.

Is there any way to run 7th heaven without admin privileges?
No. 7H relies on elevated privileges in order to work its magic.

I noticed you guys also mount the install disc from the 98 version using powershell. Any idea why?
Because the Steam version is just a wrapper around the disc version, and it's easier to work from a common root.

Does the exe run a disc check?

Can't you modify it for a no-cd bypass?
We could, but that would defeat a ton of the checks we do to discourage piracy. Steam puts it on sale so often, for so cheap, that there's no excuse for not being legit.

Any progress in 60fps battles for FFNX/7th Heaven?  I'm trying to avoid Reunion even though it has working 60fps interpolated.  I appreciate your work on this!
60fps is already possible with FFNx, it's the underlying game engine and (lack of) animation data that are in the way.  7H will not be the solution to the problem, either, as it's just a mod loader/manager.  There is work being done in this realm, but it'll be a completely separate mod, and won't be released until the animations are built for it (otherwise you'll see very janky motion and trying to hit Tifa's reels will be even worse).

So, are there any plans to support Japanese in the near future?
For example, if you plan to support it within a few months, I will wait. On the other hand, if the answer is more than a year away, I will try to do the mod in some other way.
The Japanese version is really weird... it isn't the original original (that is, fresh from the factory), but rather the original text laid on top the English executable.  Efforts are being made to figure this thing out, but there's no telling when it'll be solved.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] [7H] Enhanced Stock UI (2.0)
« on: 2021-03-23 13:28:27 »
and issues arising from my game folder being a default steam install inside of Program Files?

Is this correct? If so, does that mean I need to change my steam install path to a non system folder, such as e:/Games?
If your game install is inside a system-protected folder, all bets are off.  Until it's in a non-system folder (like E:\Games), you're on your own.

Hi again

Will 60 fps battle be added to the mod?
This is a graphics mod, not an engine mod.  So no.

Animations has been removed from the catalog.

Troubleshooting / Re: Animations Mod no longer available?
« on: 2021-03-03 18:11:19 »
It's incompatible with 7H v2.2 / FFNx.  Don't use it.

Ooooh... welcome to the club brother lol Also dig the new Avatar looks so... "refreshiiiing" :P
Dunno... I think it's important to remind people they wouldn't go downloading missiles.

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2021-02-16 15:08:12 »
Man, I really dig this mod. Is there any way I can use both these field textures and SWY's upscales? I think it'd be jarring to have these beautiful recreations one second and then the low-res official backgrounds for areas that haven't been completed in this mod. Can I make it so that my default field textures are this mod, and then any other ones are the SWY upscale? Thanks.
Yes, just have them both active, with Project Edge above SYW in the load order.

Is there a way to do it without opening the program, as it just crashes on startup due to the old  filepath
If you delete \7th Heaven\7thWorkshop\settings.xml, it should force a re-initialization of all your settings.

I don't think I have and am not sure how to exactly
It's under the \Settings\General Settings\ menu option

basically G was my old drive but my new Drive is E
Have you updated your paths in the 7H config?

7th Heaven / Re: Can't see button prompts
« on: 2020-12-21 15:21:03 »
Hop on the Discord, where both Chrysalis (ESUI) and SegaChief (NT) hang out more.  Odds are it's a load order or option selection issue, but they're both in a better position to figure out what it is.

However, when will this be fixed so we can do 60fps battles?
It won't.  The old-style 60fps animations mod is incompatible with FFNx, and FFNx supplies far too many new/good/useful/insert_whatever_positive_adjective_you_like things to look back.  Sister Ray will have native 60fps with it's released, but that's a long way off (all the animations need to be reworked so that they're actual bone displacements, and not best-guess graphical interpolations)

Troubleshooting / Re: game wont load with any mods loaded
« on: 2020-12-03 20:17:40 »
What are your game and data directories?  If any of them refer to a system protected folder like "\Program Files (x86)" or similar, that would also cause 7H to fail

Troubleshooting / Re: game wont load with any mods loaded
« on: 2020-12-01 18:26:46 »
Can't say 100% that it's the reason, but NT should be above world textures in your mod load order.

Does 7th heaven 2.2.3 have any in game retranslation?  i researched everywhere and a lot of names came up that im not familiar with, like reunion and beacause i think. Im playing the game again and i think a good retranslation is the most important thing to me so i can understand the story better, since i only finished the game once years ago on a original PSX, which had a very rough translation.
No, 7H is a modding framework/loader, and Reunion has been moving in that direction for quite some time as well (particularly with the R06 release).  Beacause (the re-translation) is part of the Reunion ecosystem, and 7H and Reunion are incompatible with each other on both technical and philosophical levels, so the importation of Beacause into 7H isn't something that could be easily accomplished (or condoned under Reunion's license). A couple of us will be starting on our own re-translation, but such a project is an immense undertaking, and real life always takes priority so it'll be a good while before anything playable gets released.

7th Heaven / Re: Media - Qhimm Catalog - Music Option
« on: 2020-11-16 14:09:33 »
Unpack the IRO (there's a tool built into 7h), then use your favorite audio player to sample the results.

7H should have offered to convert your Steam install to a traditional... many of 7H's functions won't work correctly when the game is installed in a system-protected folder like \Program Files\ or \Program Files (x86)\

Troubleshooting / Re: Cant start FF7 via 7. Heaven
« on: 2020-11-08 18:46:12 »
There have been reports that the updated easyhook library in v2.2 has been choking because of some windows update between release and now.  Are you able to run with 7h v2.0?

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