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Hii tirlititi, I am curious to know if there will be a memory or hadesworkshop update in the coming months, greetings. I love your job

Thank you very much for this update, in an incredible job that you are doing, during Saturday and Sunday I will test

Hello tirlititi i have another question, its possible increase or delimit the max level of the characters?

what month aprox you think launch the next release? when you have time, you can help me about break the max stats of strengs, speed etc?

I  try do the change with memoria engine the max stats of dex, strengs, magic and spirit but i not found the form. And i try do your post about how do this changes but when i do and save change with hades, the games always freeze in the first screen. I tried many things but none worked for me

I already installed the memory, it was easy to install, I really appreciate the simplicity ^^ Fixed the problem with the weapon models, thank you very much! I have two questions now, one is about how to change the maximum speed, strength, magic and spirit. I know you have a section in the forum, but I wonder if it can be done with memory too. And I would like to break the limit of support skills that characters can learn.

Until now I did not use memory, these days I will try to install it and see what can be done with memory, to install it I only have to use the files from the post that you sent me?

I made the changes in the file and the changes were not made in the game, I tried to change many different weapon models, not only the ones with the rings and none of them took effect, I don't know the reason. Do I need to have memory engine installed for those changes?

After trying to edit I found two problems, the first is that if I try to edit the rings that Amarant throws to turn it into a usable weapon I cannot change the "Model id" and therefore when entering combat it crashes, I don't know if there is any way to unlock the "Model id" tab to put the model of another weapon.
The second problem is that the items that can be used as antidote etc. don't have armor values ​​and I can't put defensive stats on them. I understand that this last thing cannot be solved, but I think that the Enabling Model ID thing would allow the change of weapons.

excellent news!^^ meanwhile i edit consumable items and some accessories like garnet etc to be equipment

Hello tirlititi, i have another question, It is possible to add equipment somehow, I am looking to add new armor and weapons to the characters (only names and stats, not new images)

thanks so much! now i have my first difficult mod at 90% ^^

Now i have another problem with the attacks of enemy, for example i try the attack of kuja flare attack on the whole team and not just one, I tried to change it in the editor but it doesn't work, it keeps hitting only one enemy

Hello!Yes, I followed the instructions in your post but the problem kept happening but finally i fixed. this is the problem for the black screen. when i enter in group some enemies have the option "Link" selected. if i remove the option "link" the black screen is fixed :D

i use steam version

Hello @tirlititi! i have a problem, in the fights in terra with Garland, Kuja and Silver dragon, y try duplicate the enemy but only in this combat (and in a little more fight) the game only show me a black screen. you know how i can repair this problem? ty!

Hello to the whole community, I wanted to thank you Tirlititi for this incredible tool. I am creating a difficulty mod thanks to your tool and I am learning how to implement npcs. With the latter I have a big problem, when I try to add an npc. I don't know how to add the npc function, for example, if there is Man_A in a scenario and I want to introduce a second NPC called Man_B, I can't change the name of the functions. When you have time can you tell me how I can do it? Thanks in advance. (the english not is my native languaje sorry >.<)

7th Heaven / Re: [FF7 PC] Mod Manager - 7th Heaven 2.0
« on: 2020-05-05 04:57:36 »
Hi guys, I have a problem, the installation works perfectly for me, but how can I translate ff vii into Spanish? nice, and epic works guys!

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