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"BeatrixMod\StreamingAssets\Data\Items\Items.csv" file exists.
Save The Queen does teach her some white magic.
But none of the other swords she can equip (the same Steiner can) teach her any skills.
Here's a video:

So there's nothing wrong?
She's supposed to be a blank slate?
Both when temporarily a party member and after official recruitment?

Recently came across this and I'm on my third visit to Alexandria, so I loaded the "Beatrix only" mod (set as first in FolderNames in Memoria.ini) in in order to recruit her.
However, as a result, she now has no learnt seiken skills and she can't seem to learn them from equipment either.
If I remove the mod and load the game again, she's back to having them.
Any idea what might be going wrong?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ZomiPlayFont UI
« on: 2021-12-24 11:38:55 »
Great mod, looks wonderful.

One issue I had was the button images, as I use X to accept and O to cancel, so I had to manually swap the buttons on the images.
If anyone wants to save themselves some time; I uploaded the updated files here, just drop them in the menu folder and overwrite when prompted.

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