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Thank you very much! So as to what you said, if I were to replace one of Garnets spells with Holy for example, how would she learn it ingame exactly? Does it just ungrey the ability and she can then gain the AP for it or how does that work?

Was wondering how that would work from starting a new file. Like if she has Holy in her list unlike normal, then how exactly does she go about being able to learn it ingame?

When editing the spells or summons a character has, I've read you said it shows in combat. But does it show in the menu out of combat too? Say I change one of Garnet's summons to be one only Eiko has. Does it show Garnet has that summon if I press Triangle and look at her summons or only in combat?

Thank you very much! The mod is wonderful so far.

By chance has editing damage values in this topic been discussed and if so could you point me towards it if you are able? I want to edit Freya's trance jump damage because I always felt it was lackluster. Unless of course you fixed it, I just always wished it did more damage against bosses haha. Otherwise have a good day and thank you for your time.

Hi new here, is it possible to change the name and visual spell affect of an ability or spell? Say I want to rename the non trance use of Free Energy and make its visual different, is that possible? It atleast just renaming spells for customization purposes?

Btw great mod I love it.

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