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W-Summon should be in the Ancient Forest near Cosmo Canyon; you can access it either on foot after defeating Ultimate Weapon, or with a Green/Black/Gold chocobo.

Yeah i got Ruby now, i'll go for that W-Summon now hopefully i get it :D

I'm missing 1 magic materia, which one is it?? i see it as ???? after i sense an enemy in the crater, i got Ultima and FLARE also meteor so what is it??

where is Ruby weapon in this?

Also where's W-Summon?


Only one MP Plus and only HP Plus. But, if you complete the "soldier1/35" quest you´ll find a great support.

oh nice, welp i disabled new threat bought them from cosmos and renabled it :D

now to find the rest of the soldiers

whatever happened now fixed it, i have no idea how

i can't find a fix for that now

i get this error

these are my mods, i can't find HP/MP PLUS anywhere??

Troubleshooting / Progress issues in Mideel !!!
« on: 2024-04-10 22:52:24 »
can't get this passing !!!



SYW Unified FMV package won't finish the download using 7th Heaven app, all mods work as intended btw

here's the error log

05:42:01|INFO|SeventhHeavenUI.ViewModels.MainWindowViewModel|Starting download using URL:
05:42:02|INFO|SeventhHeavenUI.ViewModels.MainWindowViewModel|Error installing [Tsunamods] SYW Unified FMV - The mod is queued for install.
05:42:02|ERROR|SeventhHeavenUI.ViewModels.MainWindowViewModel|System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot determine compressed stream type. Supported Archive Formats: Zip, Rar, 7Zip, GZip, Tar

edit: nvm, fixed it by manually installing the iro

WIP / Re: Mazinger Fantasy 7
« on: 2022-09-22 19:40:49 »
wow super cool man

When there's a FMV scene the game skips it to the next in-game scene

EDIT: nvm it's working now

Amazing mods, the 60fps FMV mod breaks all the FMV scenes for me, even the 30fps does that, i'm using Steam version and 7H mod manager


amazing mod but it doesn't work for me

EDIT: nevermind it's working now


i signed up to ask what i wrong exactly with my setup, i followed the YT video (35minutes long) but it seems outdated since i have the FF8Remastered 1.0.3 which means the demaster mod isn't working with however i did get the menus Tech font/style working other than that everything looks the same !!!

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