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FF7 ReLife Psx Mod - Forge
« on: 2019-10-13 23:36:08 »
Hello everybody, how are you? I've been learning a lot from some gameplay mods, played a lot of LostWing, ventured into NewThreat and some hardcores seen here in the forum.
I'm modifying my own version, based on these mods, balancing and tweaking some of my new bosses (using the same models because the PSX can't handle anything new).

I would like you to support me in this video I made.
I created a kind of forge, following SegaChief's advice, using the items earned in GoldSaucer, giving them some value: D
Yes ..... It is possible to make mods to revive Aerith. : D
I'm thinking of making a video about it.
I was wondering if there is any modder on the Psx charts to improve them at all.
Credits: Creator of WallMarket and ProudClod Tools
SegaChief: Tips (many).
Other modders by the varied mods that served as inspiration.