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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find your answer here, then please search the 7th Heaven forum section to see if someone else has asked/solved your problem already. If you do not find what you are looking for with a search, please post a New Topic in the 7th Heaven forum section for others to read and respond.

7th Heaven won't open at all.

Open your task manager and make sure to kill any instance of 7th Heaven, even if there's no 7th Heaven window actually visible.

The game runs but crashes shortly after I click Play.

Ensure your mods are in the correct load oder. Do this automatically by clicking the button.

The game immediately crashes when I hit Play or as soon as I get to the New Game/Continue screen.

I have an AMD GPU and the game is unstable or has black screens.

Please disable the anti lag feature as shown in the following screenshot, this has resulted in fixing the problem for many players.

I have an AMD GPU and see visual artefacts when playing.

Please use DirectX12 as your Graphics API under Game Driver settings in 7th Heaven.

Battle encounters are showing the wrong enemies.

Ensure your mods are in the correct load order. Do this automatically using the button.
Beyond, that ensure there are not conflicting mods. Particularly any difficulty mods and ESUI Controller Addon.
If all that fails, it's a good indication that you need to start modding with a fresh install (no previous FF7 modded installs). Follow the procedure above for setting up a fresh install.

How do I uninstall a mod?

Under the My Mods tab, click the mod you mean to delete and click the button.

How do I update a mod?

If a mod update is available, you will see the button next to that mod in the My Mods tab.

I get an "Error Downloading..." message when I download from the Catalog. Is something wrong?

Possibly, please report this as a download link may have died.

The spacing of the menu text is squished together or spaced too far apart.

Make sure you are using the correct ff7.exe
If you are using Reshade, try turning it off.

Every time I get in a battle, the screen goes black, but I can still hear the game.

This is a result of soft-resetting during battle. If you do this, the next battle you get in will be black. Never soft-reset during battle.

When I use the 60fps mod, I can't use speed hack.

Disable VSync.

I get significant slow downs on some screens.

Turn off animated textures within the SYW5 Fields mod.

Does this work with Steam achievements?

Yes. You only need to enable Steam Compatibility in the advanced tab of Game Driver settings. Steam will also need to be open while playing.

Can I launch the modded game directly through steam with one click?

Yes. add the 7th Heaven app to your steam library as a non-steam game

Open its properties

Add "/launch /quit" to the launch options

Now, when you hit play in steam, 7th Heaven will automatically launch the game and close down when you quit the game.

For whatever reasons, I need to start over with a fresh install.

If your install is screwed up and you need to start over or you're having trouble installing 7H for whatever reason, here is the quick, easy, fool-proof, no-nonsense installation process:
0. Don't omit or alter things. Actually follow the steps.
1. If you're starting over, completely uninstall and delete all traces of 7H and FF7 from your PC (you can back up your mods and save files) Otherwise, start at #3
2. Run this to clean FF7 registry keys:
3. Download FF7 from Steam, then copy and paste your fresh Final Fantasy VII folder from your steam folder to C:\Games\ (yes, literally copy and paste)
4. Download and run the installer from
5. Select C:\Games\7th Heaven as the install path. (This isn't totally necessary but is helpful to have everything in one place). If the installer never asks you where you want to install 7th Heaven, this is usually indicative of not having completely scrubbed all previous 7H installs on your PC or you just deleted 7H without running the uninstaller. You'll likely still run into issues. If so, return to step 1.
6. Run 7th Heaven.exe. Double check all the paths at the top of General Settings start with "C:\Games..."
7. Go ahead and run the game once without any mods so 7h can do some stuff in the background. This is important.
8. Download mods and play.

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