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7th Heaven / Converting my modification to .iro
« on: 2021-03-07 07:49:59 »

A long time ago now I have created a very small modification made of two edited game files: scene.bin and kernel.bin.

Is it possible to convert it to .iro format?

If so, where do I find instructions about it?


7th Heaven / How to convert a mod to .iro?
« on: 2019-02-23 15:34:23 »

I am probably asking a very silly/newbie question but I didn't seem to find a straight answer easily. I have authored a small modification for FF7 a long time ago and was wondering what needs to be done to make it compatible with the 7Heaven format.



I was wondering if there is a modification that allows two players (only during battles) local co-op or if there is anyone who might be interested in creating it.

This was very possible for FF V and FF VI games and it was lots of fun.

Team Avalanche / Project goals
« on: 2009-11-06 08:14:09 »
Hello guys!

My congratulations and sincere good luck to Team Avalanche, first of all.

When I read 2D OVERHAUL the first time, my heart skipped a bit because I thought it had to do with reworking the low-res background scenes (the real big graphical drawback of the PC version) but now I am not so sure.

Could you guys point out what goals the 2D OVERHAUL part of the project has?



At the end of each motorbike race at the Gold Sauce (just few second after passing the goal line), a black box that covers 1/4 more or less of the screen appears on the top left corner of my monitor.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

I am runnning the game with, among others, the Saint's Hi Res patch and Dziugo's YAMP.



I have had this annoying problem after installing newer Codecs packs.

In the FMV sequences where Cloud&C 3D animation would interact with the FMV played by ex. running on it (first FMV at sector 1) and instead would just not move at all and be clipped all through the FMV.

It is caused by the "AVI splitter" which needs to be DISABLED while it is automatically enabled by practically all Codecs packs I have tried.


Now this is really weird stuff. Everytime I go to the Beginner's Hall and start the tutorial, the game video becomes slower after some lines (like if the CPU was being busy by some other program - but I closed down everything to make sure it is not so) and eventually just stop completely. The sound would still be heard in background but the screen would freeze.

Has anyone got an advice about this? At first I thought that it was Windows Update interfering in the background but I made several tests after it and the problem is still there.

It happens when I speak to the guy next to the dog. It's not always happening on exactly the same line of the tutorial but it is usually sometimes during the "How do I cure my party?" sort of question.

I know that on this computer I played the game before without such a hassle. The only thing I did was changing drivers to newer ones.

I have an Athlon64 3000 and a nVidia Geforce 7800GS and I run the game on Windows XP (tried with both and without W95-compatibility mode).

Game is updated to version 1.02.


I was wondering if any of you might have a solution/suggestion about this problem of mine. I am using a very high quality MIDI card for playing the MIDI only (Yamaha SW1000XG) which does an excellent job and luckily works in-game.

The problem is that I can't seem to regulate its volume, no matter how low/high I regulate its sound output in the Audio mixer panel of Windows.

In the Configuration tab for MIDI, I can test it successfully but even there the Logarithmic Volume Control option is greyed out and I can't move the bar of the Volume Test.

This situation represents itself in-game where I have to have music at 100% volume level (way too much for my taste).

Can I do something about it? Is there a way to "force" the game to run the MIDI at lower audio level by tweaking some .ini file or something?

Thanks for your help!

Troubleshooting / ff7.exe still runs after quitting
« on: 2007-10-11 14:53:43 »

I would like to know if this happens to you too. On my game, there are few mods, among them The_Saint's High Res patch which, as you all know, modifies the .exe file.

Might this be the reason?

After quitting the game I must CTRL-ALT-DEL to have the ff7.exe closed manually.


Archive / [Release] Scene Redux v1.31
« on: 2007-10-09 08:43:14 »

Here I can finally announce the release of my mod Scene Redux. Now updated to version 1.31.

(download file


The Mod modifies the quality and number of items carried by ingame creatures, altering the success rate of stealing. There are no modifications whatsoever to the difficulty level of the game itself.

In the unmodded version, monsters often had different items as spoil of war and for stealing. This modification brings back a touch of realism and variation by making the player always have a chance to either win or steal the item(s) monsters carry. The winning rate has been considerably reduced and made uniform all through the game (the player has always the same chance of winning an item as it should be purely luck-based) while it's now generally a little easier to steal.

The original Scene.bin is vastly inconsistent in its arbitrary distribution of the stealth success percentage in the game, often bringing the player to the verge of frustration. This will no longer be the case.

Additionally, all monsters (with due exception for special ones) can now be morphed into an item while before they could not.

A file called NewTable.txt is included in the archive with details about each change made to the single encounter: modifications done are reported by two numbers in parenthesis (the first indicating the winning rate and the second the stealing rate) and after the letter M indicating the item a specific monster will be morphed into. The casual player is not recommended (and does not really need) to go through the list of specific changes as it could spoil the game by knowing in advance what kind of new items the player will be rewarded with.

The Mod introduces also some items that before were not carried by any enemy thus trying to rebalance the underrepresentation and uniformity of the number of stealable items.


Make a backup of the original Scene.bin found in the directory C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\data\battle\ by renaming it Scene.bak

Make a backup of the original kernel.bin found in the directory C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\data\kernel\ by renaming it kernel.bak

Now unzip the new scene.bin and kernel.bin and replace the original ones in the above mentioned directories.

Start the game normally.


Just cancel the modified Scene.bin and kernel.bin and rename Scene.bak Scene.bin and kernel.bak kernel.bin.


Thanks to the authors of Scenester (Lord Ramza) and Scene Reader and every other modder at Quimm's messageboard (

Thanks to kruci for creating his tool FF7Stok.exe

Thanks to Squaresoft for producing my favourite episode ever of the Final Fantasy Saga

Thanks to Eidos for porting this game to PC thus giving us a chance to improve some aspects



Some time ago, I prepared a series of changes to the single scenes of FF7 (SCENE REDUX) that affected items carried by monsters and introduced the chance to practically morph any monster into some item.

The goal was to rebalance the representation of items in the game, add more realism by setting a fixed chance (1%) of winning an item and by always being able to steal an item that is winnable plus more.

Unfortunately some bug present in the scene editor used makes it so that, upon recompressing the files into a SCENE.BIN, would lead to corrupting the encounters in the game.

I am asking if any of you is capable of safely decompress and recompress the scenes modified into a valid SCENE.BIN file.

I would either welcome being taught or a more direct collaboration. The modifications' list is already ready and what needs to be done is just to apply those changes to the single scenes and then recompress them into a valid SCENE.BIN file.

Thank you very much!


After reading this,
I just wonder: is filtering the background just a lot of work but technically very possible or is it something that we are not even sure yet that can be accomplished ? In the first case, then why not try and build up common resources in order to help The SaiNt in this ? I read that Borde had already tried before an approach with some encouraging results...

A filtered background is the last step (in my opinion) to ultimate enhancements in the game as we have already all we need save that. Q-Gear is still at its earliest stage and it will support (at least initially) only the PSX version of the game so I just think a common attempt at tackling this 2D backgrounds might be taken...

I am no programmer but if I can be of help with anything that doesn't require specific knowledge, I am of course available!

Thanks for your attention!


In order to tweak items carried by monsters, I used Scene Explorer and first Scenester and then Scene Edit with the same buggy results.

If I change items carreid, the encounters will all become screwed up as reported here:

A quick way to see this is to change Tonadu, scene 59 by deleting one of the two items he carries. Doing that, the first fight scene at the very beginning of the game becomes against a Hell Hound instead of the two Shinra Soldiers like it should be.

Can anybody be of help here ?

First, I thought it was a bug in Scenester. I repeated the experiment with another Scene Editor and the result is the same. Now I might start suspecting the Scene Reader program itself unpacking and packing again the Scene.bin file.

If anybody has any idea about how to check this or if anybody has had successful experiences tweaking the monsters' items, I would love to hear from him.

Thanks for your patience!


Archive / Enhancing backgrounds: is it possible ?
« on: 2006-03-29 05:48:47 »
Hello people!

After applying with some success fitlers to the low resolution ingame movies, I was just thinking that now FF VII PC version is in even greater need of making the static background look less pixelated and rough.

I have extracted the background files (flevel.lgp) using LGP tools but the files - uncompressed by the same program - come with no file extension.

Is it possible to open such files in some way and retouch them and then compress them back into a new flevel.lgp ?

Before you say "Gast" let me tell you that it crashes as I try opening any of those files...  :(

Thanks for reading this!  :wink:

Archive / Stealing Rates
« on: 2006-01-02 17:24:07 »

I am curious to know how many of you, like me, find that the most frustrating part of the game is to prolong - and sometimes it becomes unbearable - fights in order to steal something from en enemy...

Well...I believe that it's possible, through an editor, to change the stealing rate for monsters and I wonder if anybody who would know how to do it, would not mind making a mod like this.

If nobody is interested, can perhaps somebody tell me if I could do it myself despite my absolute ignorance about computers ?  :oops:

Archive / Mods compatibility
« on: 2005-07-22 07:30:15 »

Forgive my perhaps silly question but being a newbie I think I'd like your opinions about this.

Are the Hands Patch, the Battle->Field Patch, the FFVII High Resolution patch all compatible one with the others ?

Also: does it matter the order such patches are installed ?

Thanks for your replies!

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